School Code

-=[Chapter 2]=-

“No, no. You cancel that and bring this down. Square this.”

“Now what?”

“Now...hmm...wait. Maybe I did this wrong.”

“Aiya, unni!”

“Wait, wait! Do this.” Soojin snatched the pencil out of the younger girl’s hand and did the math out herself. “There!”

“Wuddid you do, unni? I don’t understand!”

“Kim Soojin!”

“Yes?” Soojin prompted, standing at attention.

“Go down to Room 310. I’m leaving. You, too, Jiyang.”

“Uh, I have to go pick up my dongseng.”

“Don’t tell me! Go do what you gotta do. Hurry! I need to go!” the teacher rushed.

Soojin collected her belongings and left before the teacher started throwing things. She ran down the hall and halted upon Jiyang’s shrill voice.

“Unni!” Jiyang cried.

Soojin turned around. “Call me!”

Jiyang nodded vehemently and disappeared down the other end of the hall. Soojin continued to Room 310 and found someone already there. Doing detention.

“Ah! Soojin...our little teacher.”

“Hi,” Soojin smiled. She dumped her stuff on the table next to which Jaeduk’s occupying and sat down.

“I’ll be back,” the teacher chirped, tossing his pen aside.

Soojin pulled out her homework and started answering the questions when she heard Jaeduk’s squeaky voice asking, “Wuddid you do?”

Soojin sighed. “It’s not sumthin I did. It’s sumthin I didn’t do.”

“Homework?” Jaeduk guessed, the conversation he had with Jaejin earlier replaying in his head.

“Hmm,” Soojin replied, staring at the worksheet. “What are you in for?”


“Stupidity?” Soojin blinked in confusion.

“I’m stupid.”

“That’s a cute name. I’m Soojin,” Soojin said, looking up from her paper.

“You’re funny,” Jaeduk commented, smiling.

“No, honey. It’s Soojin, not funny,” Soojin said jokingly, returning the smile.

“I’m Jaeduk.”

“You’re the lead breaker from Quicksilver?!” Soojin gasped.

“Nah. That’s Jaejin.”

“Oh...Then...what’s your position?”

“Second. Mascot.”

“Oh! So, you’re the funny, goofy one! You know! I’m sucha BIG fan of yours! Can I have your autograph?!”

Jaeduk was amazed to hear this girl praise him. In fact! She even asked for his autograph! “Uh...”

“I’m just kidding. But that’s great! I never thought I would meet a member from Quicksilver! And you’re my other favorite! Ahhh! Life is so beautiful!” Soojin gushed.

“Who’s the other favorite?”

“Jaejin, of course! He’s so good! But I like your accent better!”

Jaeduk blushed at the compliment.

“So, you must have a busy schedule, balancing school and dance,” Soojin reckoned.

“Very. Which is why I’m here. I didn’t do my homework.”

“Aww...poor poopsy.”

“I hate school,” Jaeduk pouted, making a face.

“I do, too,” Soojin agreed. “Aren’t you gonna do anything now?”

“I dunno nuthin,” Jaeduk continued in his whiny voice.

“Ah! You’re a jock, huh? Well...I dunno...wuteva you wanna call it.”


“AH! My Inky Gayo!” Soojin suddenly shrieked.


“My time here’s up! I’m done and over with! I’m going home! Wish ya good luck. Hope I’ll see ya sometime! Bye!” Soojin babbled, pulling on her jacket as she shuffled to the door.


“Ah?” Soojin stopped at the door, still gathering herself together.

“Are you gonna do your homework tonight?”

“Don’t worry. You won’t be by yourself tomorrow,” Soojin winked, leaping out the door.

-= [ C h a p t e r 3 ] =-

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