School Code

-=[Chapter 1]=-

“Kim Jaeduk! After school again?” Lee Jaejin tsked, sneaking up to his best friend from behind.

“Lemme alone!” Jaeduk shrieked, cupping his face with his hands.

“Wuddid you do this time?” Jaejin asked, taking a seat next to Jaeduk.

“It’s not sumthin I did. It’s sumthin I didn’t do!”

“Uh-oh. Homework again?”

Jaeduk nodded.

“Well, have fun reminiscing. You’ll be at practice, right?”

“I guess,” Jaeduk sighed. Dance practice didn’t matter to him anymore. More or less, he didn’t care if he got kicked out of Quicksilver.

“Well, try and make it. We need someone to laugh at. And practices haven’t been going well, it’s falling apart.”

“Well, so am I. I hate school,”

“Don’t. We need you. You’re our ‘Stupid Mascot.’ ”

“Ack! Now I really feel stupid.”

“C’mon. Ask for help if you don’t understand sumthin. I’ll even lend you my homework to you.”

“That is if I see you before Jiwon catches you.”

“I’ll drop it off your house when I’m done.”

“How about moving in with me?”

“You’re funny. Try and come, okay?”

“Out, Jaejin,” Jaeduk’s math teacher barked upon entering the classroom.

“Going!” Jaejin saluted. To Jaeduk, “Remember, Dukee!”

-= [ C h a p t e r 2 ] =-

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