Submission Details

Email :


   1) Must be a SechsKies fic.
   2) Must be in English! Korean or foreign vocabulary/phrases could be used, but the overall content
        must be in English!
   3) Doesn't have to be a straight fic, I accept g-fics too.
   4) Minimum length has to be at least two chapters. Or if you have two very, very short stories and
       wouldn't mind me combining them together, you may submit them.
   5) Must be proofread. I'm going to post the fics exactly the way how I receive it.
       Typos, misspelled words, grammatical errors, etc. are all accounted for.
        I nor Sechs Kies Productions are responsible for ANY mistakes/typos made in your fanfics!
       Please look them over before sending it to me. Thank you.

   Submission Process

   1) Please send two separate emails.
       The first one, please state in the SUBJECT area : the main SechsKies member's name,
       if it's a g-fic and the title of your fic.
       In the BODY of the email, state the following : 1) your name, the one you would like to go by
       2) your email, one you don't mind the public knowing 3) a summary to go with your fic
       4) whether you've completed the fic or not
       The second one, your fanfic. Again in the SUBJECT area, follow the same format as email #1.
       If possible, please send your fic altogether in one BIG email. If not, please send at least
       five chapters per email.

EXAMPLE of the FIRST email (g-fic) : EXAMPLE of the FIRST email (straight fic) :
SUBJECT : [g-fic] Eun Jiwon - Guys are Easy SUBJECT : Ko Jiyong - My Summer in Love
BODY : By : your name BODY :By : your name
Email : your email Email : your email
Summary : blah blah blah Summary : blah blah blah
not completed not completed

   2) Please allow up to two weeks for publications.
       It takes me a while to sort emails out and have the fics posted. Please be patient.
   3) Upon request, we can add a little "novelty" to your fic. By novelty, we mean we can change the
       background of your fic to something you want. If you want it a different color other than black,
       please email me with the color code for the background, font, and links. Or send me the address
       to the image you would like to serve as your background.
       ***Please note, the default background color is black with white Arial font!
   4) Once your work has been submitted, they're properties of Sechs Kies Productions.
       No portion of this work may be reproduced, in whole or part, without prior consent of the
       publisher and/or the author(s) of the individual works.
   5) If you, the author, would like to link readers to your fic, please DO NOT link to individual works.
       Please use the address provided and link to the site :
       Thank you.

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