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"Hey, punk! Why you hiding?!"

Jaejin froze at the familiar snicker.

“I’m talking to you!” Jiwon yelled angrily.

Jaejin turned at the angry cry and looked fearfully at the school’s infamous bully, Eun Jiwon, who was leaning against the wall with his two other friends, Soowon and Jiyong.

“You deaf?! Wut you looking at?!” Jiwon thundered.

Jaejin winced as Jiwon’s loud voice bounced off the walls of the silent corridor.

“Why you standing there like a fool for?! You stupid?!” Jiwon bellowed. Behind him, Jiyong chuckled to himself as he watched Jiwon torment Jaejin.

“N-N-No,” Jaejin stuttered, pushing his glasses up to the bridge of his nose.

“Den gimme all your money!”

Jaejin fumbled through his pocket, fishing out a ten dollar bill and nervously shoved it in Jiwon’s face.

“Aww...ish dish all Mommy gave you?” Jiwon sneered.

Jaejin shrank back, afraid Jiwon would strike him.

“Well, lemme tell you two things. One, you’re ugly! Two, you’re STUPID!!”

Jiyong doubled over with laughter. Soowon gave Jaejin a look of sympathy but didn’t say anything to help defend him. Jiwon threw his arms across his chest with a smug look pasted on his face.

“H-H-Here,” Jaejin squeaked, waving the money in Jiwon’s face.

“Oh! He’s offering me to take the money!” Jiwon whooped.

“Jes take it and leave him alone,” Soowon said uncomfortably.

“Okay. Only cuz you said so, my dear,” Jiwon told Soowon. He snatched the money out of Jaejin’s hand and dismissed him.

Jaejin threw a thankful glance at Soowon and hurried away.

“Dun forgetta come to class! We gotta test today!” Jiwon called after him.

Jaejin raced through the hallway, anxious to get away from Jiwon. He glanced back to see if Jiwon or Jiyong followed and was glad he only saw his shadow trailing behind. His breathing began to slow as he suddenly realized he was late for class. He moped the sweat that sprouted on his forehead and yanked off his glasses, desperately wiping them before any further embarassing Kodak moments are to occur.

“Why, Soo Yudee!” the principal exlaimed, delighted to see the child.

“Ahnyonghaseyo?” Yudee greeted just as warmly.

“My, my! You certainly have grown! You’re not the same little baby anymore!”

Yudee blushed at the subtle compliment and nodded, eager to get away from the cheesy old man. “No, I’m not, although Appa and Oma still thinks of me that way. They say I can never grow out of my childish ways.”

“Ah, yes! But you have indeed grown over the past few years! Please send my best regards to your parents.”

“Of course. I think I should be off to class?” Yudee suggested, hoping the Headmaster would get the idea she doesn’t like milling around in his office acting sweet and courteous to his every word.

“From your previous records from England, I can see you are a very talented lady. Very artistic, quite tasteful. Quite’re far advanced compared to the students here - ”

“I didn’t choose to come here. My parents did. As always, they make my choices for me. If I was told to attend school here, then I come. Otherwise, you won’t see me here,” Yudee interrupted with an edge in her voice.

“Apparently,” the principal agreed, sighing. “Well, here’s your schedule. If anything should happen, threats, trouble, can always come to me.”

“Thank you. I’m sure I can manage.”

“Would you like an escort?”

“I’ll find my way,” Yudee repeated firmly. “And one more thing.”

The Headmaster turned his eyes to watch Yudee. “Yes?”

“Please do not mention to the whole entire student body I’m Soo Yudee, daughter of Soo Kangjae and Yang Yoona. You wouldn’t like to hear from my parents when the case of harrassment does come up?”

The man seemed to have shrunk at Yudee’s silent warning, his eyes wide as he nodded cautiously.

Yudee returned his nod with a smile. “Take care. I’m sure my parents will approve of me staying here.”

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{     Chapter 2    }

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