Murderous Love
Chapter 2

“Stop! You’re making me mess up!” Lynsee squealed.

“I’m sorry,” Nikki mumbled, squaring her shoulders.

“Forget it. I was never good with makeup,” Lynsee sighed, throwing down the compact mirror.

“Aww! Unni! C’mon! Just finish this, I’m sorry!” Nikki wailed, tugging on Lynsee’s hanging hands.

“Oh, fine. But you have to stop moving,” said Lynsee, picking up the mirror again and the eye liner.

Nikki nodded and willed herself to freeze while her sister applied finishing touches of makeup on her. Her eyes darted from side to side, watching the bridesmaids run around in their gowns, fretting over themselves. She sighed as her mind wandered to thinking of how Kangta is at the moment. She pictured him in his midnight black tuxedo, silky and smooth. She reminded herself he hated tuxedos, the shirt and the tie, to him, always wanting to swallow him up. She giggled mentally to herself as the flashback of when he first told her that phrase zapped before her. It was so funny and the most adorable thing that came out of his mouth. He preferred suits, she remember him saying they weren’t as stiff and she laughed her head off when he went on to explain the difference between the two.

“What’s so funny?” Lynsee probed, tilting her head.

“Huh? Oh, nothing. Just reminiscing a bit there,” Nikki replied lightly.

“Hmm,” Lynsee grunted. “The first kiss?”

“No, our talk about suits and tux,” Nikki smiled.

“Okay, I’m all finished!” Lynsee announced, stepping away from her sister.

Nikki snatched the mirror out of Lynsee’s hands and examined herself. Indeed, her sister was right. She was terribly bad with makeup. So bad she could turn a burnt corpse into a live princess. She was amazed with her sister’s skills and how she coordinates colors so easily. A pleasing smile crept upon her lips as Lynsee began to clean up. She got up out of her chair and started waltzing around the room. “Can you believe it? In just a few minutes...Kangta...”

“Yes, it’s realistic, not magical. I believe every inch of it,” Lynsee interrupted.

“Why are you being so...dead about it?” Nikki asked as she ended her dance to face Lynsee.

“Not dead. You should have listened to me and consulted - ”

“No, Lyns. It’s my turn to live my life - ”

“But - ”

“No, listen. I know Mom told me to obey you after her unfortunate death and to love you and value you more than just a sister and I do. But don’t you think just this once? Don’t you think I should be able to do something on my own for once?”

“Nikki...” Lynsee started. “You’ll get your chances of doing everything later on in life. When you become a mother, become the lawyer that you wanna be, but just that time when you decided on your wedding day...I still think you should have consulted a...”

“I’m not hearing it,” Nikki said in a huff. She clapped her hands over her ears and turned away. “You were always against everything I do! Why? Why?!”

“Nikki, I was never against. I’ve always supported you and I’m proud. All those times we argued were to challenge you, test you. I never detested your thoughts or opinions. Nikki...”

“Whatever! Don’t gimme that crap! Don’t ruin the best night of my life!”

Lynsee reached over and pulled down Nikki’s arms. “Listen. You’ll regret this day. Not because of Kangta. But because you didn’t listen to me.”

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