Murderous Love
Chapter 1

“Hey, man! Breathe!” Heejun chortled, giving Kangta a sound slap on the back.

Kangta let out a shaky sigh and attempted in giving his friend a smile.

“I know! There’s nothing to worry about,” Jaewon said assuringly.

“Yadiyadiyaaaaa!” Seonghoon shrilled, rushing into the room. He combed a hand through his blonde streaks and smiled brightly.

“Hey, hey! Congrats!” Jiwon yelled, entering after Seonghoon.

“Thanks,” Kangta managed nervously.

“It’s okay! Calm down. There’s nothing to be scared of,” Jiwon said warmly. “I was like that too on my own wedding day.”

“He was so petrified he even peed in his pants!” Seonghoon whispered loudly, winking.

The guys around Kangta roared with laughter as colorful expressions bathed Jiwon’s face.

“Just kidding, but you shouldn’t worry about. I heard you got quite a chick there,” Seonghoon smirked, nudging Kangta.

Kangta was paralyzed, his voice caught. He could only nod while his friends continued soothing him, telling him to loosen up. Never in his life had he felt this way. Not even when he first met Nikki.

Nikki, only two years younger than him, bore big, humongous eyes. Charismatic, warm and open, her tiny dimples curve with every smile, every laugh. He remember he met her at the school library when he bumped into her, spilling coffee all over her assignments and sending them into frenzy, wiping the scorching liquid off. She was only a freshman then, but he knew he was already hopelessly in love. He wasn’t the type that believed in those corny lines, ‘love at first sight,’ and all that bull. Not until he experienced it, now he believes there is such a thing.

Every time he saw her, his mind would freeze up and his body boiling over five hundred degrees. He started stuttering terribly until Heejun shocked him by asking Nikki out for him. He was rather unprepared for the sudden proposal and couldn’t resist rejecting. Surprisingly, Nikki agreed. Ever since then, they have been together. He loved her. Still do. More than anything and anyone else.

“Oh, baby! Come and gimme a smooch,” Seonghoon cooed, taking Kangta’s arm forcefully. He threw himself at the to-be-wed and puckered his lips. He tried suppressing the bubbles of laughter forcing their way up his throat, but with no avail. Kangta, breaking out of his trance, pushed Seonghoon away, shocked to find the boy clinging to him. Seonghoon stumbled backwards, choking his lungs out. “Told you I could get his attention.”

“He’s still the best,” Jiwon chuckled, stealing a glance at Kangta’s bewildered face. “Are you alright?”

“He will be if Seonghoon gives him the kiss,” Heejun laughed.

“Nah, Seonghoon’s not Nikki. Nikki got the nice lips, not chapped like Seonghoonie, right?” Woohyuk jumped in.

“Haha,” Kangta said dryly.

“Speaking of honey, are you ready?” Jaewon asked, snaking his arm around Kangta’s shoulders.

“I hope so,” Kangta breathed.

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