:: Chapter 1::

“Beep, beep, beep…beep, beep, beep…beep, beep…” beeped Josie’s alarm clock. It read six-thirty. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this,” she mumbled to herself, “New school, new people, new home, and heck! Even new time zone! As Josie got out of bed someone knocked on her door, “Josie? Are you up yet?” came the voice on the other side. “Yes daddy! I’m up,” replied Josie as she walked to open her door. “Your school’s not going to start until eight-thirty, but I heard that schools here are very strict and they punish whoever is late.” Her father said to her. “I know, I know, you already told me this yesterday about twelve-hundred and eighty-four times daddy.” Josie said with a grin on her face. “Well anyway, I have to go now, and again I’m really sorry that I can’t take you to school on your first day, but I’m sure the boy next door will welcome you, his mother was pretty nice, so I’m sure he shouldn’t be any different.” Said her father. He then gave her a peck on her cheek and left the apartment. “Ugh! I don’t think I’m going to like this,” Josie said, and she had no idea how right she was.

Josie glanced at the clock on the living room wall as she quickly put her hair in a ponytail. It was already 8:14, and she was still at home. “Am I supposed to meet him at his house? But daddy said that he’d come get me when it’s time. Maybe I should go check.” Josie started getting nervous. She didn’t want to be late for her first day. Not especially after hearing about the punishment that they gave to students that were late. Josie grabbed her knapsack and headed towards the door. As she neared the door there came a pounding on it. She jumped at the sound. She peeked in the peephole, and saw a boy about her age, maybe older. “Who is it?” she asked just wanting to be sure. “It’s Ji Won! From next door” he yelled back. Josie quickly opened the door. “Hurry and get ready or we’re gonna be late!” Ji Won yelled. “I’m ready,” she said. “Well what you waiting for then let’s go!” and with that he was already halfway down the hall.

“Wait! I have to lock my door!” shouted Josie. When she finished she met up with him in the elevator. “Umm, how far is the school?” she asked. “About fifteen minutes away.” He answered. Josie raised her wrist to look at the watch; it was already 8:17. “If we run we’ll make it.” Ji Won said when he saw her looking at her watch. The elevator finally came to a stop. When the doors slid open they both started running.

“Wait! Not so fast! I can’t run very fast with these shoes!” Josie yelled after Ji Won. “Yah! Hurry, I already have one week of detention as is!” Ji Won yelled back, “Besides were almost there, we have to make it before the gate closes or we’ll both be in deep shit!” As the two neared the school’s gate they saw that it was starting to close as a couple of students tried to squeeze in. ‘I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna make it!’ Ji Won thought as he ran. Then suddenly a voice interrupted his thoughts, “Hey! Your shoelaces are untied! Shouldn’t you tie them before you trip or something?” Josie yelled out from behind as she was running. Just as Ji Won was about to squeeze through the gate he looked down at his feet and realized that his shoes were indeed untied, and at that moment the he lost his balance and “SPLAT!!” fell flat on his face. Josie couldn’t stop herself on time, ended up tripping over Ji Won’s legs, and fell on top of him. Ji Won lifted his head up just in time to see the gatekeeper walk away as the principle came to take over. “Fuck! Shit! Ahhh! I was so close, so close! DAMN IT! This is all your fault! Get the hell off me now!!!” shouted Ji Won. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fall on you,” said Josie, “does this mean we’re late?” “NO! THIS MEANS WE’RE FUCKED!” Ji Won replied angrily.

“Well, well, well, Mr. Eun, why am I not surprised to see you on the other side of this gate. And look, you brought a friend with you,” said the principle as he allowed the two late students in while eyeing Josie. “And what is your name miss? I guess today must be your first time being late, because I don’t remember seeing you before. This should teach you to never walk to school Mr. Eun.” “Umm, my name is Josephine Li and today is my first day. I’m new here and he was kind enough to show me the way to school.” Josie told the Principle, hoping to loosen the punishment for both her and Ji Won. “Is that so? Well then, considering this is your first day, I’ll let you off the hook miss Li. As for Mr. Eun, your punishment shall double,” said the Principle as he turned to look at Ji Won. “WHAT THE F…” before Ji Won could finish, the Principle cut him off. “You shall run your usual ten laps as well as Miss Li’s ten laps, thus making it twenty laps.” “BUT! …” Josie started, but was only to be cut off by the Principle “I’m pretty sure Mr. Eun was the cause of you two being late. With or without you he would’ve been late anyways” said the principle, “Now, Miss Li, if you’ll follow me to my office we’ll have a look at your transcript and try to get you in class ASAP. Well, what are you waiting for Mr. Eun, you’d better start your laps before you waste anymore valuable educational time.” Then he started walking into the school with Josie. Josie turned to face Ji Won and whispered the words “I’m sorry.” Ji Won gave Josie a cold look, and with that he started his and Josie’s ten laps.

Josie felt bad for Ji Won. She couldn’t help but feel that she was partially responsible for the both of them being late. ‘Urgh! Josie, you're such an idiot. First day at a new school and you already caused trouble.’ She thought to herself as she entered the school following behind the principle.

“Well, Miss. Li, it seems as though you’re an excellent student. You speak Korean very well, so I don’t have to put you in a KSL class (Korean as a Second Language, made it up),” said the principal. “Here you go, take this, your first class is biology, room 208. OK, you’re all set now you may report to class,” he continued, “Oh! Another thing, if you want to show up to school on time, I advise you better find someone else to show you around. Mr. Eun has never once been on time to school since the beginning to the year.”

“Yes sir” bowed Josie as she turned around and left the room. As she tried to find her class, she caught a glimpse of Ji Won. He was running around the track. It didn’t seem as if he was in a hurry to finish though. For he was dragging his legs while he was running. Then suddenly he saw her looking at him. For a couple of seconds they just stared at each other. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, he flipped her the bird. Josie did not expect such a reaction from him and the sight of his doings startled her. She decided to mind her own business and leave the poor boy alone. She figured that it wasn’t her fault for them being late. After all, the principle did say that it wasn’t Ji Won’s first time being late and it was actually a daily routine for him by now. So she continued on her quest to find her class.

:: Chapter 2 ::

Josie finally found room 208. She knocked on the open door and shyly walked into the room. “Yes, may I help you?” ask the teacher. Josie gave her the note and waited for the teacher to giver her orders. The teacher turned to her students that were watching her. “Class, we have a new student. Her name is Josephine Li,” stated the teacher as she then turned her attention back to Josie, “Josephine, why don’t you tell us something about yourself.” Josie hated being put out in the spotlight and really didn’t know what to say.

“Well, there really isn’t much to say. Everyone can just call me Josie. It’s much shorter and … and…” Josie couldn’t think of anything else other than that. The teacher decided to help her out, “Well, you can call me Ms. Young. So where are you from?” she asked.

Replied Josie “I just moved from the states. I used to live in a small town in the state of North Dakota.”

“Ahh, that’s interesting. Most new student that we get here are usually from California, Hawaii, or Canada” said Ms. Young as she turned to face her class again, “Alright, we should probably continue on with our lesson now. Why don’t you sit, let’s see, over there by May Lin. May Lin can you please raise your hand so Josie can know were to sit?” A hand from the back went up and it belonged to a very pretty girl. ‘She seems nice’ thought Josie as she walked to her seat. When she got to her seat she looked down and gave May Lin a smile. May Lin looked up and gave her one back. As Ms. Young continued with her lessons Josie realized that she had already learned this stuff in her old school. Actually she had already gone through it this since the seventh grade, so she figured that she was going to have no trouble with acing biology.

The bell finally rang to indicate that first period was over. Josie took her schedule out to see what she had next. “Hi! My name is May Lin; you can just call me Lin. So what do you have next?” Lin asked.

“My next class is math. Then I have homeroom in room 304. How about you?” Asked Josie.

“Hey! My homeroom is 304 too, but my next class is Korean Lit. So I guess I’ll see you later, bye.” After the girls finished their conversation they took their separate ways. As Josie turned the corner she caught a glimpse of a familiar face. It was Ji Won. He seemed to be busy with a group of girls. Josie wanted to confront him and tell him that she was sorry, but the moment started for him the bell for second period rang which startled her causing her to look up at it. By the time she continued her attention, she could only see the back of his head as he hurriedly walked to class with one of the girls that he was talking with. Seeing that it was no use following him she walked to her next class. As she hurried to her class she heard heavy footsteps. They sounded nowhere near her. Not knowing from which direction they were coming from she decided to ignore it. Then the sound seemed to get louder and louder. She was about to turn the corner when “WHAMM!!” She had collided with something or rather someone. She gasped when she realized whom she had run into.


“Ji Won!” They both yelled out in unison.

“Argh! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS MAKING ME LATE!! Now I’m gonna get punished again.” Said Ji Won.

“I thought your class was on the other side. I saw you go that way.” Josie said pointing in the direction that she had seen him go earlier.

“My class is this way,” he said pointing in the opposite direction, “I was walking my girlfriend to class.”

“Oh,” was all Josie could say.

“Why am I even wasting my time?” he asked no one in particular. Josie was about to respond, but it was too late. Ji Won was already half way down the hall. This time Josie knew better than to blame herself again. She was sure that it wasn’t her fault for him being late. Then she realized that she herself was also late. Without another minute to lose she continued in search for her next class.

Her introduction in math class was no different from her first period class. Again she was asked to introduce herself, and again she had nothing to say. This time she was assigned to sit next to a guy with great hair. His hair seemed so healthy and shiny. It seemed to have a life of its own. She just wanted to reach out and stroke it. When she reached her assigned seat she saw him look up at her and flashed her a perfect smile. ‘Wow! Not only does he have great hair, but he also has a killer smile.’ Josie couldn’t help but think to herself. “Hi! My name is Kang Sung Hoon. What’s yours again?” Sung Hoon asked her.

“My name is Josie Li, nice to meet you.” She replied while thinking to herself, ‘hmm, great hair, great smile, and cute, must have the personality of a brick’. Josie was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard the teacher say, “Sung Hoon, why don’t you come up to the board and show us how you worked problem fifty-six.” Sung Hoon was already halfway towards the board before the teacher could even finish his sentence. Josie watched Sung Hoon walk to the board. ‘Let’s see how smart you are pretty boy’ Josie thought to herself. Sung Hoon solved the math problem without breaking a sweat. ‘Hmm, not bad, cute and not stupid’ thought Josie, ‘but there must be something wrong with him, no one is this perfect’. Sung Hoon returned to his seat and flash her another perfect smile and she returned it back.

As Mr. Kim continued on with the lesson, Josie again, realized that she had already learned it in junior high. Math was not one of her favorite subjects, so she was glad that she had already learned it. As the class dragged on, she couldn’t help but think of Ji Won. ‘That guy is such a jerk! I can’t believe he blamed me for him being late to class. It wasn’t my fault. He should have never been fooling around in the hallway, trying to be a ladies man, well that’s what you get.’ The bell rang pulling Josie back to reality. “Where’s your homeroom?” Sung Hoon asked Josie as they left the room. “My homeroom is 304,” answered Josie. “So is mine,” said Sung Hoon, “Lets go, we can walk together.” As Josie walked and talked with Sung Hoon she realized that Sung Hoon did not have the personality of a brick. As a matter of fact he was really sweet and understanding. Josie found out that Sung Hoon had moved from Hawaii. So he understood what she was going through. He told her that he really missed his friends and planned on going to college there. Josie felt attracted to him, but could help thinking that there was something wrong with him. Something about him just didn’t seem right.

As the two neared homeroom, they could hear students talking and laughing loudly. Josie entered with Sung Hoon following behind her. She gave the teacher her program. This teacher didn’t make her give an introduction; instead she said, “We don’t have seating arrangements here so you can sit wherever you like.” Josie looked up and saw some familiar faces. She saw Lin, she sitting and talking to a group of girls that seem to be really interested in what she had to say. Then suddenly she felt someone take hold of her arm. It was Sung Hoon. This for some reason seemed to get everyone’s attention. The students had their eyes fixed on the Sung Hoon and the new girl. “We can sit here,” Sung Hoon said as he led Josie to two empty seats by he window. Before they could even sit down some of the girls approached them. Josie looked up and saw Lin with a couple of other girls. “Josie, let me introduce you to some friends of mine. This is Hyori, Eugene, Bada, Yuri, Ji Hyun, and Jin. Everyone, this is Josie, she’s new,” said Lin, “I see you’ve already met Sung Hoon.” Josie noticed that the girls were staring at her up and down. They didn’t seem to really like her. As for Lin, her attention was on Sung Hoon. “So Sung Hoon oppa, you showing Josie around.” Asked Lin. ‘Is Lin his girlfriend? Or is it one of the other girls? Should have known that someone like him wouldn’t be single. Oh well.’ Thought Josie to herself, feeling a little disappointed, but not too much, as she looked at the girls and gave them a smile.

:: Chapter 3 ::

As the time in homeroom went by Josie met more people. Sung Hoon and Lin had introduced her to everyone in the class. As she went around meeting new people she noticed that Sung Hoon never once talk Lin. Lin would always ask him questions talk to him in a very sweet manor, but Sung Hoon would either just nod or shake his head and sometimes wouldn’t even respond. He didn’t seem to feel really comfortable with her though. She was kinda clingy. Josie also noticed that Sung Hoon seemed to be really shy around the guys. For some reason he didn’t seem to really fit in with them. ‘Must be a momma boy,’ thought Josie, ‘he must spend hours in front of the mirror in order to look this good’. Sung Hoon was well dressed, although they were all wearing uniforms, he seemed to stand out from the rest of the guys. His uniform was wrinkled free and neatly tucked in; nothing was out of place. The other guys had their shirt hanging out and all over, and the tie that they had to wear was hung loosely around their neck. “Hey Sung Hoon, you gonna try out for basketball? Me and Ji Young is,” said a tall guy named Jae Won. “Are you kiddn’, with my height? I don’t think so. I’m gonna go for football.” Replied Sung Hoon. “FOOTBALL?!” yelled everyone at the same time, “Are ya sure man, I don’t really see you as a football guy.” Said a guy named Suwon. “Golf maybe, but then again even that would be too dirty for ya.” Everyone laughed at the comment that Suwon made. It was the truth; Sung Hoon was the neatest person in the whole school. It seemed as if the boy had never met with dirt before. The look on Sung Hoon’s face showed that he was serious though. “I think that’s a great idea though!” cried Lin. “We’ll finally get to see how tough you are oppa” Sung Hoon just ignored her comment and turned to Josie, “Well what do you think Josie? Do I look like the football type?” he asked. Lin glared at Josie, ‘why is he paying so much attention to her? She’s just another girl. I don’t get it. He’s never said more than three words to me, or any of the girls here. Who’s she to get so much attention from him or anybody else. Is this how she repays my kindness towards her, by stealing my man,’ she thought furiously. “I don’t know much about sports, especially football, so don’t ask me,” Josie told them. The bell finally rang ending homeroom. The students all gathered their stuff and hurried to their next class.

Josie’s next class was English. Lin, Sung Hoon, Jae Won, and a couple of other kids from homeroom also had this class next. English class was taught by an American teacher, so Josie knew that she was going to have no trouble in this field; after all it was her favorite subject. Again she was asked to introduce herself, but in English this time. She told them the same thing before expecting it to be enough. Instead Mr. Walsh asked, “What city in North Dakota did you live in?” She answered, “I lived in Fargo.” “Were there many Koreans living there?” He continued to ask. “Not really, in fact I never really met any other Koreans there.” She replied. By this time Josie really wanted to go sit down, but the teacher refused to let her go. Mr. Walsh asked more questions, “Were there a lot of Asians living there?” “Not really,” she answered. “Do you consider English as your first language or Korean?” he asked again. “I uh…uh…” Josie didn’t know how to answer his question. She never really thought of which language she used most. At school she would speak English and at home she would speak Korean. Sometimes she would mix Korean with English and at other times the other English with Korean. Then suddenly a hand went up and someone spoke, “Mr. Walsh, I have a question about the essay assignment you gave us yesterday.” Josie looked to see whom her savior was, it was Sung Hoon.

English class had no assigned seats so students were to sit wherever they wanted. Josie wanted to sit next to Sung Hoon, but Lin already took the seat next to him. Josie looked around and spotted an empty seat next to a girl with her head buried in her books. She started to walk towards it and sat down. The girl didn’t seem to really notice Josie, in fact, it seemed as though she was in a world of her own and had shut everyone else out. Josie tried to get a good look at the book that the girl was reading. She couldn’t really see the title so decide to give up. Josie wasn’t the only one who noticed that the girl next to her wasn’t paying attention to the world around her. “Sung Hoon, would you mind repeating your question, I don’t think SHOO heard you yet.” Mr. Walsh said interrupting Shoo from her storybook world. Shoo look up and finally noticed a new girl sitting next to her. Her face immediately turned beet red when she saw that the whole class was looking at her. Josie noticed that Shoo was beautiful. She didn’t have much make up on just like the rest of the girls here. Other than the usual lip gloss and some light eye shadow. She seemed really natural though. As if she didn’t have anything on at all. (o.k. this is where I describe some character. sorry that I didn’t do so earlier, cause I’m not really that good at it. my cousin said I should) Josie compared Lin and Shoo. They were each beautiful in their own way. Lin had golden brown hair (dyed of course) that went past her shoulders, and it was layered. While Shoo’s light brown even cut hair, barely touched her slender shoulders. Shoo was small and petite. Lin, was a little built for she worked out. You could tell she had muscles from looking at her legs. (told ya I wasn’t good at this) Shoo had large almond shaped eyes while Lin had small chinky ones. (can’t really think of anything else to describe) As for Josie, she was more like Shoo. She had large round eyes and her brown hair went a little past her shoulder as well, but it wasn’t layered like Lin's (lets just say she looked like a Japanese anime character). The three girls were each unique in their own way. Lin was beautiful, Shoo was cute, and Josie was pretty (I am sooo bad at this).

Mr. Walsh was about to continue when a voice boomed over the intercom, “Mr. Walsh,” said the voice, “you have an emergency phone call for you in your office.” “I’ll only take a minute, try to keep the noise at four.” Said the teacher. The moment he exited the class the students started talking all at once. Josie and Shoo just sat there with silence between the two. Then finally Shoo spoke up, “You new here? What’s your name? Mine is Shoo.” “My name’s Josie,” she said, “Must be a real interesting story you got there” said Josie looking at the book “Oh this,” Shoo said picking up the book. Josie was a little surprise at what Shoo was reading. It was a comic book, “The Adventures of Sailor Moon and Friends? That’s what you were reading?” Asked Josie. “Yeah, I’m kind of a big fan.” She confessed. Then again they just sat there in silence. Sung Hoon approached the two girls. “MOON PRISM POWER!” Sung Hoon yelled out loud enough to tear the two girls from their trance. Sung Hoon knew that Shoo was a fan of Sailor Moon. Shoo was the only girl in the school that he would usually have a conversation with. Shoo smiled and looked up at him, “You’re so silly Hoonie,” she said, “Hey, have you met Josie? She’s new here.” Sung Hoon and Josie burst out laughing. “Every ones met Josie, if you were paying attention in class you would have met her earlier as well.” Said Sung Hoon. The three started chatting unaware of the person staring at them with envy.

:: Chapter 4 ::

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