*~*~» L o v e · i s · B l i n d «~*~*

Chapter 39

           Mrs. Ko paced around the hospital room, enraged. "You idiots!"
           Miyoung stuck her tongue out at Susan, who in return rolled her eyes. Everybody was silent as their eyes wandered through the room. Jaejin and Jaeduk had left already in search of food while Miyoung and Soowon stayed behind, hoping Jiyong and Chomee would return soon.
           However, Seonghoon and Jiyong's driver returned with the tow truck and Mrs. Ko paid off the services while Susan sat by herself, fuming at the failed plan.
           Seonghoon pulled on Miyoung's hair and motioned for her to get up out of her seat. She looked up and gently kicked Soowon's leg, motioning for the door. All three of them exchanged glances and slowly looked towards the Ko household.
           Mrs. Ko was livid, while Susan was making funny faces and everybody was just sitting around. Miyoung quietly got to her feet just as Soowon rose to his. Together, the three of them tiptoed to the door and slipped outside. They leaned against the wall and sighed. They stood around for a few minutes before Seonghoon broke the silence.
           "What now?"
           "I say we leave. I doubt Jiyong'll be back anytime soon," Miyoung replied, checking her watch. "On top of it, he doesn't know how she look like."
           Seonghoon shook his head. "Jiwon hyung's with him, remember?"
           "Oh, yeah..." Soowon murmured in agreement. "So...what we do now?"
           "Go eat!" Miyoung replied in a cheery voice. "Where's Jaejin?!"
           Seonghoon let Soowon and Miyoung drag him off with them once they contacted Jaejin and Jaeduk.


           Jiyong stirred as the boat thumped to a halt by the dock. He slowly opened his eyes and saw masses of people moving ahead. He gently shook Chomee awake as more people from the back poured through the cloth that hung over the doorway. Chomee stiffled a yawn as she pried her eyes open.
           She was home.
           Jiyong helped her up and they shuffled along with the crowd, everybody eager to jump off the ferry. They were all tired, hungry and their bodies ached. Jiyong and Chomee held onto each other as late noon began to settle. Jiyong looked around for a clock and asked for the time. It was four.
           "We have to hurry," Jiyong told Chomee, who was still looking around her. "Chomee?"
           "Huh?" Chomee uttered, her eyes flying to Jiyong. Her mind was still a million miles away, thinking of her mother's reactions to all this. She felt guilty without discussing it first with her mother and now...
           "What's wrong?"
           A breeze lifted Chomee's bangs from her face, clearing her mind as it drifted by. She shook her head and turned to Jiyong. She smiled meakly at him and brushed her hair aside. "Nothing. Let's go."
           Jiyong looked around him, noticing people were still hanging around. He followed Chomee away from the people and out to a busy street. She was walking a quite a speed and he had to make long strides in order to keep up. For somebody that has short legs, Chomee was fast. "Isn't there a bus or anything around here?"
           Chomee turned back to glance at Jiyong. She remembered that he never left the boundaries of his home and that he never had access to the outside world. He hasn't walked as much as she has and he probably wasn't used to walking since he had rides to practically everywhere. "There's one that takes up further into the city, but that's too far away from my house."
           Jiyong halted on the sidewalk, his hands on his hips.
           Chomee stopped too once she realized Jiyong wasn't following her any more. She opened her mouth to ask why but stopped short wen she saw him dash out to the street. Her eyes grew wide, a scream stuck in her throat.
           Jiyong ran out to the middle of the street.
           He threw himself in front of a vehicle that stopped only a few centimeters away. The driver was clearly scared out of his mind. Jiyong called out to Chomee and waved for her to go over to him. She released a relieved sigh, realizing he hailed a cab. She quickly ran over to him as he got inside the cab. She climbed in and slammed the door shut as the driver as for the destination.
           "The hospital," Chomee answered without a thought.
           "The hospital?" Jiyong echoed, his eyes full of question.
           Chomee stilled as the driver pulled away, the question hanging in between her and Jiyong. "My mother's still at the hospital. She hasn't been released."
           "Is she well enough to leave?"
           "I think so. She should be. She's been in there for quite a few days."
           "No, wait!" Chomee screamed. "Stop! Don't go to the hospital!"
           "What? Why?"
           "I need to go home," Chomee said. "I need to get clothes for my mother. And other things too."
           The driver stopped at the next light and made a U-Turn and headed for Chomee's house. The rest of the ride home was mostly silent. Chomee carefully planned out a greeting and how she'll tell her mother of the sudden move. Jiyong stared out the window at the scenary that flew by, for once appreciating the ability to see. Chomee was right. He had nothing to lose. He had it all but now he'll lose Chomee if her mother declines the offer.
           He looked over to Chomee, who seemed to be deep in thought. Maybe she was thinking the same thing. He could tell she really wanted the best for her mother. He turned his eyes away and stared out the window again. He could only pray that God would be letting.

Chapter 40

           Jiwon pulled up before the small diner, a popular hangout in the area. His stomach was growling like a bitch and he hopped out of his car, pocketing his phone in his jeans. He hurried into the small restaurant, in hopes of grabbing something to go, but slowed when he heard loud familiar laughter drifting to his ears. He looked around the place and found no one he knew in particular and continued his way to the order line.
           "Shut up!" Miyoung shrieked, throwing strips of fries at Seonghoon. She laughed harder as Seonghoon went on telling everybody about an embarrassing moment she had in the past. "I'll tell them about you running off into the girls' room!"
           Jaeduk and Jaejin hooted with laughter as Seonghoon caught some fries with his mouth.
           Jiwon turned his head slightly in the direction of the merriment. The laughter and voices were all so familiar, but he couldn't pinpoint who it was. He ordered fries and a burger, along with a large drink. It should be enough to fill him up. He sat down at a nearby booth and sighed. He still had quite a way to go. He began to wonder what Seonghoon and the rest were doing when the loud laughter erupted again.
           His drink came and he thanked the waitress as he stabbed his straw into the cover of the drink. It was six and he hasn't heard from Jiyong yet. He thought about Mrs. Ko's reaction to all of this and smirked. There was a Susan in the story too.
           "Noooooooo!" Miyoung howled. "Dammit! Fine! You all won't believe this gay pervert ran into the girls' room — "
           Alarmed, Seonghoon jumped to his feet and clamped a hand down over Miyoung's mouth. "Shhhhhhhh!!!"
           Miyoung pried his hand away and started shouting. "He ran in there — "
           Seonghoon sat down and kicked Miyoung beneath the table, causing her to scream with pain. "That's what you get."
           "You fuckin bitch!" Miyoung bellowed. She took the remainder of her food and tossed it at Seonghoon, causing the lettuce to come apart and scatter all over Seonghoon and the cushioned seat. She kicked him back and stuck her tongue out, making Jaeduk squeal at the sight.
           Soowon laughed at the scene and calmed Miyoung down as Seonghoon rubbed his legs. He excused himself and headed off to the restroom, halting along the way when he noticed a guy that looked remarkably like Jiwon from behind. He approached the guy, but stepped back when the guy suddenly got out of the booth and turned about.
           They stared at each other in utter shock, crying in unison. "Hyung!"
           "What are you doing here?!" they chorused, pointing their fingers at each other. "Eating."
           Jiwon laughed at the scenario. It was rare having to have somebody saying the same thing as you at the same time. But it happens. "Where's everybody?"
           "They're all over there," Soowon replied, pointing further into the diner. "Where's Jiyong? Is he back?"
           Jiwon shook his head. "I'm going back. He wanted me to drop off his stuff and I stopped here cuz I'm hungry."
           Soowon nodded. "I see. Well, we're almost done. We might as well all go together. We all got tired of waiting at the hospital so we left and went to eat. Then we were hoping that Jiyong would be back soon and we were gonna head off to his place and wait there."
           Jiwon nodded. "Sounds good."
           "I'll be back!" Soowon ran off into the restroom, leaving Jiwon behind. The waitress showed up with Jiwon's wrapped up food and Jiwon thanked her as he picked up his drink. Soowon returned shortly and they went to the noisy booth occupied by everybody else, thinking of how to get back to Jiyong's house.
           "Jiwon!" Miyoung cried, surprised. She looked around him for signs of her roommate. "You're here! Where's Chomee? I thought you and Jiyong went to get her."
           Jiwon shook his head again. "Jiyong did. I didn't."
           It took a few minutes for the words to register. "B-B-But.."
           "How's he gonna get back?!" Jaeduk hooted, spinning Jiwon around. "Haha! You didn't see me, did you?!"
           Jiwon shrugged. "I dunno. And would it have mattered if I did see you? Your big ass's everywhere I go!"
           Jaeduk's grin brightened. "You like my ass, don't you?
           Jaejin laughed. He got up and left with Soowon to pay for the bill while everybody else chattered on. They got ready and left the small restaurant together, all eager to get to Jiyong's house. Jaejin and Jaeduk followed Jiwon to his car while Miyoung and Seonghoon followed Soowon. Everybody piled in respectively and Soowon led the way to Jiyong's house. He raced with Jiwon for a couple of miles, other times, just riding along with the evening traffic.
           The ride to the mansion was mostly silent (in both cars). Miyoung fell asleep in the front seat, her head lolled off to the right side of the headrest while Seonghoon stared out the window at the scenary that flew by. Soowon sighed every now and then, bored throughout the ride. Occassionally, he'd look out the window over to Jiwon's car to see what was going on with the other three. He could see Jiwon was in the situation as he was in. Jaeduk fell asleep in the back and Jaejin just kept his eyes on the road.
           When they arrived at the mansion, the sun was still shining bright and mighty. It was late in the afternoon and the sun's close to ending its hours. Soowon gently shook Miyoung awake as everybody in Jiwon's car got out and helped with Chomee's things. Miyoung stumbled out of Soowon's car with Seonghoon helping her and they all approached the silent house. It was awkward entering a home without its owner there to permit entry. Miyoung hugged herself and gave the huge door a glance. She nudged Seonghoon and nodded at the door. He stepped closer and rapped loudly on the hollow door.
           Everybody waited for a servant to appear and it seemed a lifetime later that Ajuma appeared at the door, holding it at arm's length. Once she saw it was the children, she opened the door all the way. She stuck her head out, looking for signs of Jiyong.
           "Where's the master?"
           Miyoung yawned. "Don't worry. Chomee's taking good care of the young master. We got orders from him to move in. So, we're here."
           Ajuma stepped aside and allowed the kids in, closing the door securely behind them. She followed them to the guest room, where they left Chomee's things in the middle of the spacious room. "Aren't those Chomee's?"
           "Yeah. Jiyong wanted me to bring them back. Where's her room?" Jiwon asked, stretching.
           "B-B-But..." Ajuma trailed off. She pointed in the direction of Chomee's room, her mind going in a million directions. She didn't argue and retreated to completing her chores. She assumed Jiyong must've told them to stay until he returns. But when will he return? His mother phoned time after time, asking if he came home yet. She didn't know what happened earlier and didn't bother asking. It wasn't her business to question what happened so she left it at that. "Are you all hungry?"
           One by one, they all shook their heads. They smiled politely and thanked Ajuma for asking. Miyoung answered her and told her they had eaten before coming by.
           "You might as well watch some tv. There isn't much to do here," Ajuma said frankly, looking about. It was true. Since Jiyong was blind, there wasn't much for him to do. He couldn't watch, wouldn't listen...the household was mostly quiet. "If you're tired, you could sleep in one of the rooms upstairs."
           "It's okay. We'll wait. We want to be the first ones to know when he's ready to come home."
           Ajuma raised a brow, yet didn't ask a question. She was right. She knew right when she first laid eyes on Chomee, Chomee'd be the one to save them all. God had sent the girl to them. To Jiyong most of all. "I suppose you all will be staying for dinner?"
           Miyoung and the rest of the guys traded glances and shrugged it off. "Yeah, I suppose..."
           Ajuma nodded and went off to the kitchen. For once, she was actually glad the day was going by slowly.


           Jiyong tipped the driver and stood upright, watching the driver drive off. Chomee stood behind Jiyong and watched the tail lights fade away before pulling Jiyong after her, leading him towards her home. Jiyong followed along, gripping Chomee's hand tightly in his as she continued on before him, bearing off to her left. Jiyong pulled back slightly, his face masked with bewilderment as he looked directly before him, where Chomee was about to walk into.
           Chomee looked back and smiled. She pushed forward and walked into the thick mounds of bushes, slowly walking down the trail. Jiyong hesitated, not given any options, he quickly dove forward before anybody could spot him. He winced at the sudden scratches that came in contact with his bare skin, the branches close to stabbing his eyes out. He bit down on his lip and stepped through the small path he spotted as he looked down. Ahead, he saw Chomee a few feet away and closer to getting out. He quickened his pace and rammed into her as they stumbled out into the clearing. He held onto Chomee, preventing them from falling to the ground.
           They brushed off their clothes and hair, freeing themselves from twigs and leaves. Chomee helped straighten out Jiyong's hair before starting off in the direction of her home. They walked in silence. Occassionally looking about them at the birds and trees, other than that, nothing happened. Jiyong stole sideway glances at Chomee, wondering what she had planned. Shortly he was engulfed in his own thoughts, Chomee halted a few steps before him, peering at the low concrete buildings before her.
           "What's wrong?" Jiyong asked, glancing at the ugly tanned color building.
           "I forgot which one my mother lives in," Chomee confessed, frowning. She pointed a finger to the building on her left and then moved it to the right. She moved it back and forth several times before spotting something that was invisible to Jiyong's eyes. "C'mon!"
           Jiyong nodded as he went after her to the building on the left. Chomee dashed through the door, gently tapping on the inner door that lead to the insides of her abode. She fished out a set of keys and selected the correct one and inserted it into the key hole. With a turn, the door swung open, dull walls greeting them. Chomee hurried in, leaving Jiyong behind in his own world.
           Jiyong leaned against the doorframe, observing the tasteless room. It was very, very gray and still. He waited for Chomee to reappear and whistled quietly to entertain himself. After a few minutes later, Chomee appeared before him, her expression one of worry.
           "I can't find it," she said softly to herself. She looked around her, her eyes not catching sight of the key. She crouched down and placed her head in between her hands and rocked herself.
           "What can't you find?" Jiyong asked, watching Chomee think.
           Chomee remained silent with her eyes closed as she thought of every possible hiding place her mother could think of. She shook her head, her hair flying freely as she moaned. "Where is it?!"
           "What are you looking for?" Jiyong repeated.
           Chomee looked up. "My mother's car key."
           Jiyong raised a brow. "I didn't know your mother has a car."
           Chomee nodded. "She does. It's a Lexus."
           Jiyong whistled. "Shall we find the key?"
           Chomee hopped to her feet as she followed Jiyong outside, answering his questions as they walked around aimlessly. She told him where the car was parked and led him to it.
           Jiyong eyed the lock. "I say we hot wire it."
           "No!" Chomee shouted. "I can't!"
           "I will. I'll pay for the damages."
           "Still can't!" Chomee said stubbornly. She blocked Jiyong's view of the car and shook her head vigorously. "I'm not supposed to know it's here. And most of all, I'm not supposed to touch it, let alone drive it."
           Jiyong peeked at the car. "I can see why."
           "Just help me find the key!"
           Jiyong stepped past Chomee and walked around the car, feeling her eyes on him. He dropped to his knees and faced the door of the passenger seat. He placed his hand under the car, feeling for the key. It was a trick he had learned way back when he was a kid. He saw Jiwon's older brothers did it with their cars and picked up on the trick a few years later. People who usually abandon their cars usually hide their keys within the car or somewhere on the car. He pawed around a while longer until he felt something of a strange pattern around the rear tire and ducked his head under the car.
           Surely, there is was. The key.
           He yanked the key out and stood up, waving the key at Chomee. She jumped and ran over to him, checking to see if it was the real key. She quickly nodded her head as Jiyong hurried over to the driver's end of the ride and opened the door, unlocking the passenger side for Chomee to get in. He started the engine and they soon left for the hospital.


           "Oma!" Chomee greeted happily.
           "Chomee?" Jinjoo whispered, her eyes fluttering open at the voice. "Chomee?"
           "Oma!" Chomee repeated, hurrying to her mother's side. "Oma! I'm home!"
           "Chomee.." Jinjoo whispered, unable to believe her eyes. Her daughter was standing before her...with a gentleman.
           Chomee followed her mother's gaze and introduced her to Jiyong. "Oma, this is Ko Jiyong."
           Jiyong, well taught with manners, bowed before the woma. "Ahnyong haseyo."
           Jinjoo blinked. The...rich kid? "Ko...Jiyong?"
           "Hi, ajooma," Jiyong replied.
           "Chomee...what are you doing with him?" Jinjoo asked abruptly.
           Chomee hesitated. "We're here..."
           "To take you home," Jiyong finished.
           "The doctor said there's nothing wrong with you. You're just exhausted from overworking. Oma..what did I tell you about working?" Chomee scolded.
           "You need money for next year," her mother protested weakly.
           "But Oma! I told you not to worry. I'm working in school. They offer us summer jobs," Chomee explained to her mother again.
           "It's not enough," her mother whispered. "It's never enough..."
           Chomee remained silent as her mother closed her eyes to rest. She looked over to Jiyong, regretting she ever took the job.
           "So, when do we leave?" Jinjoo inquired moments later, her eyes still closed.
           "Whenever you're ready, Oma."
           Jinjoo pried her eyes open. Chomee...so small and tiny...such a pain to watch her daughter grow up without all the things other girls had. She was so..giving and obedient, two things Jinjoo's most grateful for. She loves her daughter, she'd give everything away just to keep Chomee by her side. "I'm ready."
           Chomee smiled. "Oma! You're gonna love our new house!"
           Jinjoo froze. New house? "What?"
           "It's a new place, it's closer to school and the area's quiet. Beautiful scenary, the place is nice and peaceful. Oma, you don't have to worry about me all the time now. You can live with me!" Chomee said all in one breath.
           "Oh..." It was too sudden, but she was happy. She could see Chomee everyday. That was all it took, she agreed.
           "I'll get the doctor," Jiyong offered. He left the mother and daughter alone, in search of a doctor.
           Once Jiyong disappered, Jinjoo asked," What are you doing with him?"
           Chomee stared blankly at her mother. "Well..we're here to take you home, Oma."
           "Chomee, you know what I mean. How'd you get involved with him?"
           "Involved? Oma, it's not like that!"
           "He goes to school with you?"
           "How'd you meet him?"
           "Through Miyoung."
           "How long have you known him?"
           "For a couple of months."
           Jinjoo nodded. She trusted her daughter and she knows Chomee wouldn't lie. Would she?
           A doctor entered shortly with a clipboard and asked a few questions. He quickly scribbled down the replies and announced, "You're free to go." He departed, tending to his other duties.
           Chomee helped her mother out of bed and out of the hospital gown and brought her downstairs to meet with Jiyong. "We're going home first."
           Jinjoo nodded.
           "We're going to pack up first and then leave. Oma?"
           "Don't we need furniture and such?" Jinjoo wondered as Chomee and Jiyong led her to her Lexus. "What's...isn't that our car, Cho..."
           "Yes, Oma. I let Jiyong drove it because we didn't have any way to get here. I found the key under the tire. I'm sorry, Oma," Chomee apologized. She knew her mother kept the car hidden, in fear of the past.
           Jinjoo patted Chomee's hands. "It's alright. As long as you're safe." They all got into the Lexus and Jiyong drove off, racing through the small streets. Night was close to falling and Jiyong pulled up in front of the small, raggedy apartment building.
           "We're home, Oma," Chomee told her mother quietly.
           Jinjoo, who had her eyes closed, opened them with surprise. "Already?!"
           "Yes, Jiyong drives fast," Chomee answered with a proud smile.
           Jinjoo observed the smile. It was one of true happiness. She nodded and allowed the two children to help her out of the car and into her home.
           It was small, very empty. Since Chomee attend school in Seoul, there wasn't much need for furniture or any other accessories. It was a one room apartment, other than the kitchen, there was a bed and television and a phone right over the top of the set. A clock laid on the bed, ticking away softly, remind them they had to hurry back into the city.
           "There isn't much to take," Jinjoo started as she entered the room. "But..but.." She headed to the closet and fumbled around the bottom of the closet.
           "But what, Oma?" Chomee asked, kneeling beside her mother.
           "This," Jinjoo whispered, holding up a small box.
           "What is it?" Jiyong asked curiously.
           Jinjoo held the box close to her heart and turned to Chomee. "Still remember your father?"
           Chomee nodded vehemently.
           "He asked me to give this to you. Your father wasn't a bad man. He wanted the best for all of us. Don't hate him for leaving us," Jinjoo said, cupping Chomee's adoring face. "Your Appa loves us. He lost his life because of this. Not because he owed money."
           Chomee's wide eyes grew wider. "What?"
           Jinjoo handed the box to Chomee, who accepted it eagerly. "Don't open it."
           Chomee looked up. "Why not?"
           "Your father asked me not to give it to you till you're twenty-five. Hopefully, you'll forgive him for leaving us."
           Chomee was confused. "Appa..knew?"
           Jinjoo could only smile. "Jiyong, dear, could you help me with that?" She pointed to the suitcase by the far end of the closet.
           Jiyong raised a brow. "Sure."
           Chomee watched Jiyong pick up the suitcase and left. "Oma—"
           "You always have to be ready," Jinjoo replied, cutting Chomee off. "You always have to have backup."
           Chomee smiled and looked at the white gift box in her hands. She'll forgive him. As long as what's in the box was worth the suicide. She turned to Jinjoo, her arms stretched out to walk her mother out the door. Out to the world again, out of hiding...moving one last time.


           Jinjoo slowly recovered and learned of what happened during that summer when Chomee was away. It pained her to have found out that her daughter was a servant and had to stoop so low just to earn money for her medical bills.
           Chomee continued school and Jiyong moved back home to live with his mother. However, his servants stayed under his command to serve Chomee and her mother. Miyoung moved in with Chomee shortly after Jiyong moved out and got back with Soowon.
           Susan left for the States, embarrassed now that Jiyong's made up his mind about her. He wanted to be with Chomee. That was that.
           Chomee never knew what was contained in the box. She was certain it was the answer to the cause of her father's death. It probably was the cause. But she was afraid of bringing up the past. She still has a few more years till twenty-five, she'll wait. Afterall, curiousitydid kill the cat.
           Jiyong's mother learned that she was blinded by her own love for her son. She thought she had given him everything but then realized all she did was hurt him. In the end, it wasn't Jiyong that was blind—it was everybody around him that was.
           Chomee—her undying love and support for her mother. She didn't realize all and everything she did was because of Jinjoo.
           Susan—materialistically, she was blinded by her love for Jiyong's wealth and property.
           Mrs. Ko—power and her son. She was on top of the world until Jiyong broke it to her: she didn't love him. Chomee did.
           Chomee's father—his love for money killed him. The present he had prepared for Chomee was the very thing that led to his ultimate death and he spent his whole entire lifetime getting it. He wanted to so many things for his family, but in the end, he lost more than gain.
           "Do you think things were meant to be?" Jiyong asked one day while he was visiting.
           "Hmm.." Chomee paused, thinking. "I guess so, why?"
           "Do you believe in luck?"
           "No, not really. Why?"
           "I do."
           "If you hadn't came along, I'd still be blind. Susan'd still be here, my mom would still leave me here and you would still be God knows where looking for a job and your mom would still be sick."
           "Yes, I suppose so."
           "What do you think of..." Jiyong trailed off.
           "Of?" Chomee prompted, flipping a page of her book.
           Jiyong quickly thought of something else and said the first thing that came to mind. "Uhhh..children?"
           "They're lovely."
           "Why? You wanna become a pediatrician, too?"
           "Nah, I hate babies."
           Chomee laughed. "What is it?"
           "I was wondering..."
           Jinjoo sauntered to the door, attentive of the conversation. She leaned against the door, silently watching the two children. She had a feeling this day would come. Her Chomee all grown up, Jiyong not so young himself. Not a bad child, coming from rich folks.
           Chomee closed her book and focused her attention on Jiyong. "Wondering?"
           Jiyong froze. The question right at the tip of his tongue, but it quickly rolled off and another came in place instead. "When's school over?"
           Jinjoo rolled her eyes and smiled. Jiyong was just as shy and timid. She chuckled merrily to herself.
           "Uhh..I believe I still have two more years left," Chomee replied, sitting back in her chair.
           Jinjoo left the doorway and retreated back to her room. "Some day, Jiyong...Some day..."
           "Well..I'm going home—"
           "So soon?" Chomee asked, surprised.
           "Yeah..my mom wants me to be home when my sister calls," Jiyong lied.
           "I see. Drive safely," Chomee teased.
           Jiyong gave her a weary smile. "I will."
           Chomee returned her dimple smile and waved as Jiyong headed outside. In the garden, Soowon and Miyoung were conversating amongst themselves.
           "You think?"
           "I dunno why. He told me he likes her!" Soowon exclaimed, watching Jiyong's tall figure leave the building. "Why?! Why won't he just ask her?!"
           "Hmm..I dunno..why didn't you ask me before?" Miyoung asked coyly.
           "We were different!" Soowon protested. "They have every right to be together! And if Jiyong doesn't ask her.."
           "What!?" Miyoung demanded.
           "Seonghoon might," Soowon answered with a wink.
           They stared at each other, a plan brewing in their minds. It was the same number Seonghoon and Susan pulled on them a few years back. They shared the same smirk when they reached their final verdict. "It's payback time," they chorused.
           Chomee returned to her reading and her mother appeared by her side. "Oma!"
           "Chomee..about Jiyong..."
           Chomee closed her book again and sat up straight.
           "He's not a bad boy."
           "Yes, I know that, Oma."
           Jinjoo cocked her head to one side. Chomee was too naive. "I mean..a very good boy."
           Chomee nodded, waiting for her mother to go on.
           Jinjoo stared at her daughter, debating with herself. Should she tell? Maybe Chomee knows already. Maybe not. She just smiled and patted her daughter's hand. "Some day..some day..."
           Chomee watched, baffled with her mother as she rose out of the chair and left the room. People were talking in circles lately and all she could do is just sit in the middle of it, trying to find a corner of the circle. She sighed and returned to her book. "Yes..some day..some day..I'll be rich and find out what's in the damn box."

*~» The End «~*
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