*~*~ L o v e i s B l i n d ~*~*

Chapter 28

           "What's that?"
           "What's what?"
           "That's what?"
           "Jaeduk..." Jiwon growled menancingly.
           Jaeduk giggled childishly and fingered the curly ribbons one final time. "A present."
           "Jiyong, you silly poop."
           "Oh, damn, ya dickhead! We're just gonna go see him, it's not even his birthday!"
           "I know. But I feel bad for him."
           "What did you get him?"
           "A new car," Jaeduk shouted with a bright smile.
           "New car?" Jiwon repeated dumbly.
           "Yeah. Remember how we got him one before and it's completely f-ed up now?"
           Jiwon had to chortle. Jaeduk may act like a dumb ass but he is one mighty fine gentleman. "Yeah."
           "So, I got him a brand new car. That way, no accidents, no injuries. Even if there is one, it'll be minor," Jaeduk finished with a squeak.
           "Oh, is that so?" Jiwon managed to let out through subdue laughter. "I see. I thought you got him a real car for real."
           "I did!" Jaeduk cried. "And it's in this very box!"
           "Okay, okay. We'll see when we get there."
           "But I didn't get Chomee anything." Jaeduk said with a frown.
           "I'm sure she don't mind," Jiwon replied, slipping his celluar into the pocket of his khakis.
           "You think so?" Jaeduk asked hopefully. He picked up Jiyong's present and held it with both hands, following Jiwon.
           "Of course. Just give her a big, wet kiss."
           Jaeduk halted in his tracks, looking uncertain.
           Jiwon chuckled under his breath and pulled Jaeduk after him. "Let's go!"
           "You serious about kissing her?" Jaeduk finally squeaked moments later.
           But Jiwon held onto that mischievous smile, leading Jaeduk towards his car.


           "C'mon, c'mon!" Seonghoon shrilled. He chased after Jaejin with a towel in hand. "Hurry, hurry! Yiya, yiya, yiya, yiya!"
           "Stop snapping me with that thing!" Jaejin yelled, spinning around to a halt.
           "If I hadn't climbed in through your window, come after you with this towel, you'd still be on that toilet! Reading this-this-this...this stupid comic!" Seonghoon sputtered.
           "It'd be nice if you had rang the bell," Jaejin answered dryly.
           "Well, it would have been nice if you had come to the door," Seonghoon argued. "If you weren't so engrossed with this stupid comic, you would have heard the bell."
           "Oh..." Jaejin said sheepishly. "Well, if I may, then..."
           "No!" Seonghoon shouted, hitting Jaejin with the towel again.
           Jaejin shrugged and limped his way back upstairs.
           "And for God's sake! Wipe your ass!" Seonghoon hollered after him.
           "Say what?!"
           "Wipe your dirty asssssssss!" Seonghoon hissed.
           "You just said no, you freak!" Jaejin screamed, changing into a different outfit.
           "What?!" Seonghoon muttered, throwing down the towel. "I'll be outside."
           Jaejin prepared himself for the trip to the hospital and hurried outside when the phone in his room rang. As he locked the door, Jiwon's car pulled up before his house and Seonghoon was getting in the back. Jaejin hopped down the stairs and entered after Seonghoon.
           "Did you wipe your ass?" Seonghoon asked, inching away from Jaejin.
           Jaejin paused. "Uhhh...I forgot?"
           Jiwon froze. "What?"
           "Hyung! You didn't wipe your butt?!" Jaeduk shrieked overly dramatic. "Then that means you didn't wash your hands?!"
           "Hey! It wasn't my fault! Blame it on the manhwa!" Jaejin cried. "Besides, this pervert climbed in through my window, chasing me out of the bathroom before I could even pull my pants up!"
           "Ewwwwwwwwww!" Jaeduk wailed.
           "Could you shut up?" Jiwon shouted.
           "Could you tell him to go clean his ass?" Seonghoon retorted.
           "Don't have time! He can do that when we get to the hospital. I'm pretty sure they got Baby Wipes there," Jiwon sneered.
           Jaejin and Seonghoon exchanged glances before sticking their tongues out at each other.
           "Hey! Guess what?!" Jaeduk chirped.
           "What?!" Jaejin and Seonghoon chorused.
           "I got Jiyong a car!" Jaeduk replied with a goofy smile. The smile remained on his face throughout the entire ride. Seonghoon and Jaejin bickering like an old couple, Jiwon rushing through the crazy afternoon traffic as Jiyong and Chomee departs for their trip.

Chapter 29

           "Youre cold," Jiyong said quietly, holding Chomees hand.
           Chomee nodded. Although it was midsummer, the sun blazing bright over the city of Seoul, she felt cold and frozen.
           "Would you like for the AC to be turned off?" Jiyong asked in the same quiet tone.
           Chomee actually wanted the heat to be turned on. "It's ok."
           "Are you sure?"
           Chomee nodded again and turned to look out the window. She left her hand in Jiyong's, unmoving. It didn't occur to her that he was holding onto her. She watched as other cars drove past theirs. Jiyong's mother's car for one. She could feel herself grow colder, the situation now in a mess.
           "What are you thinking about?" Jiyong questioned gently.
           "My mother," Chomee murmured, not taking her eyes off the traffic.
           Jiyong sighed and kept his unseeing eyes straight ahead. It was hard to keep still. He wanted to know what Chomee was thinking about. How she looked like. Why she was so quiet. It's hard to imagine a girl like her...single? Of course, Chomee isn't shallow or materialistic like Susan. She's...human.
           "Jiyong..." Chomee whispered absentmindedly.
           "Yes, Chomee?"
           "Why can't I be rich?"
           Jiyong didn't know how to answer. He kept a straight face and left the question hanging.
           Chomee leaned back in the seating and closed her eyes. Her mother. Jiyong. Miyoung. Money. School. Tuition. So many things to worry about. She leaned towards Jiyong and rested her head on his shoulder. "Love is so blinding..."


           "Is that her luggage back there?" Mr. Ko asked, glancing behind him.
           His wife grunted as a reply and took another drag from her cigarette.
           "I thought she was gone. Or at least you said she was."
           "But our precious son doesn't want her gone. She's in the other car with him."
           Susan sat beside herself, thinking in her own world. Jiyong chose the poor bitch over her. How was that...possible?! The little girl don't match him. He was tall and she was...tiny. And they're in the same car...TOGETHER! This infuriated her. Jiyong was hers. Chomee had no right to interfere.
           "There's no way we can get rid of her now," Mrs. Ko said, surrendering.
           "Why not?"
           "Jiyong'll know how she looks like."
           Susan felt her ears prick as a thought came across her mind. "Unless..."
           The couple fell silent, waiting for Susan to continue.
           "Jiyong has to undergo a few hours of surgery, right?"
           "Two hours, yes," Mrs. Ko replied.
           "During the two hours, he has to be unconscious, right?"
           Mrs. Ko gasped as it dawned on her. "We have her luggage."
           "She can still leave while Jiyong's in surgery," Mr. Ko finished.
           Mrs. Ko smiled. "What would do without you, Susan?"
           Susan returned the smile. "You would do just fine."


           "Okay, great!" Jiwon bellowed, kicking his tire.
           "See! I knew we should have came in two cars!" Seonghoon exclaimed, waving madly at Jiwon's car.
           "Does that mean we're not gonna see Jiyong?" Jaeduk asked, his expressions of a little boy.
           "NO!" Jiwon screamed. "We're gonna see the damn bastard, alright?! Now stop whining!"
           Jaeduk gave Jiwon his pouty lip and sat on the curb, toying with the ribbons wrapped around the gift box.
           "Damn! I just had this car in the shop the other day!" Jiwon continued in his angry voice. "Fuck this Beemer! I should have stuck with a Jaguar!"
           Jaejin giggled as Jiwon went on rambling. He sat down next to Jaeduk, comforting the disappointed grown up baby. "We'll get there."
           Seonghoon pulled out his phone and started pressing all sorts of buttons, bored with Jiwon's ailing. Jaejin, stared off into space, watching Seonghoon's thumb move smoothly over the keys. Then it hit him.
           "JANG SOOWON!"
           Jaeduk dropped the box and covered his ears, Jaejin's sudden outburst blew his eardrums out.
           Jiwon paused in the middle of his ranting and stared quizzically at Jaejin as Seonghoon looked up from his phone, his brows raised.
           "Soowon! He's not with us!"
           Jaejin's friends exchanged glances, not quite catching up.
           "Yeah? So?" Seonghoon said, leaning against Jiwon's car.
           "Call his ass! He gotta car! He DRIVES!!!" Jaejin finally screamed.
           "Oh, yeah," Jiwon cried, realizing what Jaejin said was true.
           Seonghoon punched in Soowon's number and waited for someone to pick up the phone.
           "Tell him not to bring Miyoung!" Jaejin reminded Seonghoon. "Her big ass takes up the whole backseat!"
           "Yeboseyo?" a husky voice mumbled.
           "Soowon!" Seonghoon hooted. "Where are you?!"
           "Well, what number did you dial?" Soowon asked.
           "Oh, you're at home. We need you to come down and get us. Jiwon's car broke down."
           Soowon sighed. "Didn't he just had that thing fixed?"
           "Apparently not," Seonghoon snorted. "You busy?"
           "No. Was getting ready to pick up Miyoung," Soowon replied, pulling on his socks.
           "Speaking of her. What's with you two?"
           "What's going on with you two? Getting back together?" Seonghoon teased.
           "Fuck no," Soowon growled.
           Seonghoon, taken aback by the response, didn't reply. Changing the subject, he asked, "So, you're gonna come now?"
           "After I get Miyoung," Soowon answered, picking up his keys.
           "Soowon, how are we all gonna fit?"
           "Hmm? You can go in the trunk. You're small enough."
           "I'm coming in my dad's van. Don't worry."
           "Van? The UHaul thingy?!!" Seonghoon shrieked.
           "No, hyung. There are seats inside the van. I'm leaving now."
           "Fine. We're by the exit."
           "What?!" Soowon shouted.
           "Great place to break down, huh? Hurry! We're the second to the last one by the hospital!!"
           Soowon groaned. "You bums! You could walk there from where you're at!"
           "Hey! Jiwon's driving a BEEMER! We can't leave that here," Seonghoon reminded Soowon.
           "Okay, okay. I'm coming. Laters," Soowon mumbled.
           Seonghoon pushed a button and turned to his awaiting friends. "Soowon's coming."
           "Miyoung in his dad's van," Seonghoon finished.
           "How did I know?" Jaeduk piped.
           "Now we gotta sit out and wait," Jiwon said to no one in particular.
           Jaeduk frowned. "I'm gonna die."
           "Why?" Jaejin asked.
           "I can't stand the sun and I'm bored."
           "Oh, then...try standing on your head," Jaejin suggested.
           Jaeduk's eyes lit up. "That's exactly what I'm gonna do!" With that, he handed the box over to Jaejin and immediately started on the task.
           Seonghoon grunted at the silly boy and continued playing with his phone. "Make sure he don't bust his head open. We already have Jiyong in the hospial. Can't have a Jaeduk in the hospital. Let alone a normal hospital."
           "Shut up! I don't see you doing anything as entertaining!" Jaeduk retorted, standing on his hands.
           "Huh!" Seonghoon stuffed his phone in the pocket of his white jeans and puffed his cheeks out. "Like what?!"
           "Walk from car to car in your boxers, asking for phone numbers!"
           Jiwon's mouth fell open. "You don't seriously consider that entertaining!"
           Seonghoon's evil grin. "Watch me." He jumped into Jiwon's car, unbuckling his belt.
           "Goodness, you dyke! Not in my car!" Jiwon screeched. "Get the FU...WHOA!" He spun right around, not wanting to drag Seonghoon out anymore.
           Seonghoon leapt out of Jiwon's car, shirtless with boxers. His socks pulled all the way up to his knees. His scruffy sneakers untied, his jewelry all inside Jiwon's car. "Wuh wuh?!" He screamed at Jaeduk.
           Jaeduk fell over, the sight painfully hilarious. "You boner!" he yelled. But it was also a horrible sight. Seonghoon was nothing but bone. He looked like he was just released from a concentration camp.
           "Oh, my virgin eyes," Jaejin muttered.
           "This should be interesting to watch," Jiwon mumbled, still facing the other direction.
           "Paper and pen, please?" Seonghoon squealed. He snatched a notepad in Jiwon's car and rummaged around for a pen. "Aha!"
           "I want you to skip from car to car, knock on windows and get numbers. Let's see how many you can get without your pretty clothes," Jaeduk dared, an evil grin plastered on his face.

Chapter 30

           Miyoung pulled the one strap bag over her shoulder and clasped it shut. She approached the front door to wait outside for Soowon. Since the rest went with Jiwon and she couldn't go until later in the day, she nagged Soowon for a ride to the hospital. Afterall, everybody was invited to this big, special event. Jiyong...he's able to see again!
           She locked the front door and plopped down on the front steps of the house, waiting for Soowon to arrive. She checked her watch and sighed. A gorgeous day. It wasn't too hot in her area of Seoul. Just perfect. Breezy.
           As she drifted further away into her thoughts, Soowon pulled up, honking loudly. Miyoung snapped back to the present and jumped up from her spot on the steps. She hopped down the stairs and skipped to Soowon's car, a bright smile on her face. "Hey!"
           "Sup?" Soowon replied as Miyoung slammed the door shut.
           "Nothing much. Pretty day, isn't it?"
           "Uh-huh," Soowon answered, pulling away. He drove towards the highway, the traffic growing heavy as he approached. "Ughhh..."
           "Why must this always happen?" Miyoung demanded, shaking her open palms at the massive numbers of cars before her. "Why?"
           "And Seonghoon's waiting for us, too," Soowon moaned. He let his head fall against the steering wheel in despair as the words he had just spoken sank into Miyoung's mind.
           "WHOOOOOOO?" Miyoung hooted shrilly.
           With his head still down, Soowon replied, "Seonghoon. Jiwon's car broke down."
           "WHAT?!?!" Miyoung shrieked. "How many's with them?!"
           "The four of them," Soowon said in a muffled voice.
           "Soo.." Miyoung's voice faultered. She glanced around her. "Soowon. You came in your car. Dammit! YOUR car! Where's the UHaul?!"
           "What must you people insist on calling what my father drives a damn UHaul?!" Soowon fired. "To answer your question, I didn't want to drive his van! I like my car better."
           Miyoung pursed her lips, willing herself to be quiet. Five minutes passed and she blurted, "How are they gonna fit?!"
           "They will. Seonghoon can go in the trunk. He's small."
           They slowly moved along in the slow traffic, still arguing loudly about the ride. As they approached the exit where Jiwon's car sit, Miyoung saw a stick figure bounce a few yards away.
           "What was that?"
           "What was what?"
           "That. I saw a scarecrow walk from car to car. A naked one, too."
           Soowon raised a brow. "Are you okay? Maybe you need a checkup at the hospital too."
           "No, I'm fine. I know I saw THERE!!!" Miyoung hollered, jumping in the passenger seat. She stabbed at the window wildly. "You see it? You see it?" she cried eagerly. "He's right there!"
           Soowon squinted his eyes due to the glaring sun, trying to catch a glimpse of Miyoung's scarecrow. "No. I don't see anything."
           Miyoung growled. "How could you have not seen him!? He was right there!" She gave up and fell back against the seat, sighing loudly.
           Soowon scratched his head, not quite catching up.
           Miyoung turned to look out of her side of the window, her eyes just watching the nearby cars. Then...she saw him.
           Soowon scratched his head, not quite catching up.
           Miyoung turned to look out of her side of the window, her eyes just watching the nearby cars. Then...she saw him.
           "What did you say he was wearing again?" Soowon asked, his eyes found bare skin. It was a guy.
           "KANG SEONGHOON!!!!!!!!" Miyoung screamed on top of her lungs. She rolled down the window and yelled again. "KANG SEONGHOOOOOOON!!!!!"
           "That's Seonghoon! Look! He's naked!" Miyoung exclaimed pointing the bony figure.
           Soowon looked in the direction of Miyoung's finger and sure enough, he saw what she was screaming about. "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?"
           "Oh, the torture," Miyoung moaned. "He should join the freak show."
           Soowon agreed without hesitation. "I wonder what everybody else is doing?"
           "One's probably humping a car or jacking one," Miyoung grunted.
           "He's coming over!"
           "Let's laugh in his face!"
           "No! Get down!"
           "Wait...get his number!"
           "Why? I have his number," Miyoung said disgustingly.
           Soowon laughed. "He's prostituting himself."
           Miyoung's eyes lit up.
           "Uh-oh," Soowon murmured. "I know that look."
           Miyoung's lips spread to a smile. "Watch." She turned away and stuck her head out the window. She placed two fingers in her mouth and released a loud whistle. "Hey, you bitch!"
           Soowon bursted out laughing. "This should be good."


           "Thanks," Seonghoon said sweetly, flashing his irresistable smile.
           The girls in the car squealed with delight and waved as Seonghoon pranced away to the next car. Behind him, Jiwon and Jaeduk were jeering at him while Jaeduk was on a laughing marathon. Jaeduk imitated one of the girls and swatted a playful hand at Jaejin, giggling feverishly. "You're sooooooooooooo cute," Jaeduk drawled.
           Seonghoon turned to them and stuck his tongue out at them. He kept his head turned to them, not realizing he was so distracted, he paused right before Soowon's car.
           "Thank God you have tinted windows," Miyoung told Soowon.
           Soowon cackled again.
           "Hey, you fuckin whore!" Miyoung barked, opening the window to a slight crack.
           Seonghoon turned his head abruptly at the gruff feminine voice. Uh-oh...
           "Yeah, you! Fuckin bitch! How much you charge?"
           Seonghoon froze. He wanted numbers, not sex. Did he really look that sexy?
           "Hey, dumb broad! I'm talking to you!" Miyoung went on. "Are you fuckin stupid?!"
           "Uhh...hi," Seonghoon said meekly.
           "Get in! Where's your clothes, boy?!" Miyoung demanded, trying to smother her laughter.
           "Did the previous bastard that fucked you keep it?! Boy, are you mute?!" Miyoung blasted. "You can't talk, can you? Are you stupid? How good's your service? Take off your shorts! Let's see what's inside!"
           Seonghoon stood rigid straight, his blood draining from his scrawny body. He clutched his sex, his eyes bulging at the stranger's request. "Uhhh..."
           "What are you doing prostituting on a highway like this? Get in, baby!" Miyoung shrieked, her sides hurting.
           Soowon bit on his lower lip to keep from roaring. "You scared the shit outta him. Look, he's gonna pee!"
           "Why you holding onto your penis like that?! Scared you're gonna lose it!?" Miyoung screamed.
           That was it. All the laughter Soowon had fought to hold back came out like thunder. He belted out with all his strength, as Miyoung shrieked with laughter. Petrified, Seonghoon ran back to his friends, his face masked with fear.
           "Hide me!" he cried, looking from Jiwon to Jaeduk, Jaeduk to Jaejin. "There's a maniac on the road!"
           "What?" Jiwon asked, looking up from his Beemer sign.
           "Some girl wanted sex. She thought I was a prostitute!"
           The three trade amused glances before choking on laughter. They threw their eyes on Seonghoon again, giving him another once over and released it all on him. Their mouths tumbled open, pouring out the most nastiest noise Seonghoon have ever heard. Their hooting laughter.


           "I wonder..."
           "I wonder if Seonghoon's coming.." said Jiyong.
           "Is he supposed to?" Chomee asked.
           "Well, he said he was."
           "Well, we can always call him and find out."
           "Are we there yet?"
           "I have no idea," Chomee admitted. "I think so."
           "We're close. Ten more minutes," the driver replied.
           "Ten minutes..." Jiyong repeated softly to himself.

*~*~ C h a p t e r 31 ~*~*

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