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*~*~» L o v e · i s · B l i n d «~*~*

Chapter 1

           The window was left open and dampness of the rain drifted in. He sat in his favorite chair, staring ahead, listening to the light taps of rain touching everything it came in contact with. He let out a sigh, not a bored one, but a lonely one. He stood up slowly and made his way towards the kitchen, taking cautious steps, yet, big ones for being so familiarized with his big house. Then he let out a bitter sigh.
           Guess you’re not so rich when you don’t have every essential thing in life.
           Sweet aroma danced into the cool room and upon hearing the shuffling of feet, he knew it was one of his many hired nurses exiting the cooking room.
           “Young Master, it’s time to eat.”
           He ignored the tired voice like he did every other day since he moved to live here.
           “Young Master, your food is getting cold,” the servant informed dutifully.
           “I’m not hungry,” he snapped.
           “But Young Master, it is Puyin’s orders that you are to be taken care of....”
           He drowned out the rambling voice. Sure, it was his mother’s orders that he gets special attention and care in this holed up place, but she didn’t care. Ever since his incident, he was unable to see. Shunned by society, his parents forced him to move out of the grand house they owned and into another one they purchased some years ago which was vacant. His sister, Jiyoon was off in the States, studying, never came back to see him. Having to live in luxury didn’t satisify his needs, although he had more than enough necessities supplied.
           Somewhere in the house, the phone rang.
           “Master, it’s for you.”
           “Tell whoever it is, I don’t want to speak to them,” he growled.
           “But it’s Seonghoon sir.”
           “I don’t care. Tell him to not call again.”
           Not only had this incident changed his parents but him also. He stayed away from society. Rejected phone calls from his closest friends.
           “C’mon! Lemme talk to Jiyong!” Seonghoon’s small voice whined.
           “My Master asks that you are to not ever call again,” a servant mocked tartly.
           “He didn’t say that! C’mon! Lemme speak to him! You’re not his mother! You can’t control his life! Give him the phone!”
           Jiyong reluctantly gave into hearing Seonghoon’s shrill, whining voice and ordered the servant to bring him the phone.
           “Jiyong?” Seonghoon smiled, amazed that his friend would speak to him.
           “Wuddo you want?!” Jiyong barked.
           Seonghoon winced at the response. “How are you?” he asked timidly.
           “You called me just to find out how I am doing?! I’m very well, thank you. If there’s nuthin else - ”
           “Jiyong, meet me.” Seonghoon blurted.
           Jiyong let out a bitter laugh. “Meet? Really Seonghoon. At a time like this, you still manage to be your funny self.”
           “No, Jiyong. I’m not trying to be funny. I’m serious. It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen each other and I want to see you.”
           “But guess what, Seonghoon? I don’t. Even if I could see you, I still wouldn’t want to. Have a good day.”
           “No, wait!” Seonghoon shouted.
           “Wut?” Jiyong snapped impatiently.
           “Wut if I came to see you?”
           A silence came between the two and Seonghoon thought he had won the argument. Only to be let down by a gruff ‘no’ took all the happiness he had started to work up.
           “But-But...why not?” he protested.
           “Really, Seonghoon. You just dunno when to stop, do you? Don’t call me again. I’m thoroughly annoyed with you. Bye!” Jiyong thundered, slamming down the phone.
           Damn kid. Why won’t he just get a life?!
           But Jiyong couldn’t blame Seonghoon for being annoying, afterall, he is his best friend. It’s just natural for Seonghoon to be that was when it comes time for him to find things out. He’ll work his way through annoying your nerves and strikes you in your weak spot. He’s a caring kid, but right now, Jiyong just wanted everybody to leave him alone.


           “Will my son be able to see?” Mrs. Ko shouted hopefully at the doctor.
           “Right now, as of the conditions...”
           “I don’t care about the conditions! Will my son be able to see again?” the ferocious woman bellowed.
           “Honey, let the doctor talk,” her husband said softly, pulling her back.
           “I want to know if Jiyong could ever see again! And you want me to calm down?!”
           “You won’t be able to find out by yelling at the doctor,” her husband chided.
           She glared at her husband before giving the doctor her full attention.
           “Right now, our doctors are discussing with scientists and they are coming up with a way to help the blind see. I think Jiyong has a positive chance of regaining his vision.”
           Mrs. Ko opened her mouth to say something but closed it again, letting the doctor finish his statement.
           “It is new and I can’t guarantee if it’ll work a hundred percent. Do you want Jiyong to be the first patient to test this new technology?”
           “No! Of course not! What are you, crazy?!” the woman fired.
           “Why not?” Jiyong’s father asked, curious.
           “What if insteada curing Jiyong, it worsens his chance of seeing? Don’t you think that’s too risky?”
           Her husband nodded in agreement and look at the doctor for consolation.
           “Which is why I’m asking you. We don’t have enough evidence to prove anything yet, but just to let you know sumthin is bound to come out and help your son,” the doctor said reassuringly.
           Jiyong’s mother beckoned the doctor and smiled for the first time in days.
           Jiyong, there is hope. You will be able to see again, my son. You will love Oma for this. You won’t regret Oma’s decisions or hate me for them because they’re for your own good.

Chapter 2

           It happened right on his birthday of last year. His closest friends - Seonghoon, Jiwon, Jaejin, Jaeduk and Soowon - all five of them chipped in money to buy him a new car. The very car he was desperately in love with. It was a red, chic Toyota Supra he thought only real racecar devils owned.
           Of all friends, who could have known him better? Seonghoon, of course. It was his idea to buy Jiyong a gift that would only mean life to him. His sister who was long gone from his life, missed out on the celebration. Turning eighteen, right on that day, was absolutely the best day of his life. Until he decided to test drive his car.
           Jiyong was a little racer himself. On the highways, he taunted Jiwon about driving too slow and when it was his turn at the wheel...Let’s just say, he’s the main reason why seatbelts were invented.
           Time drew close to 2 a.m. and the party poopers were really pooped, Jiyong escorted them out the door and had one of his servants drive them home. It was deep in the night when Jiyong retired to bed and in his room he grew restless by the minute. Time slowly ticked to five in the morning and as the adrenaline pumped through his arms, he made up his mind to go drive his car.
           It was all silent throughout the house. His parents cuddled in bed, sound asleep and the servants were in their quarters napping their precious seconds away. Jiyong jiggled his keys to the brand new Supra and stoled away in the night. He tiptoed out to the garage and quickly slid into his car. It was just pure paradise. He back out of the driveway and out onto the track.
           His parents built a track for him and his sister. Way back when Jiyoon was only eight or so, claimed she wanted horse back riding lessons. She got her wish. Two years later, she wanted something else and pretty much, the track was abandoned. Up until when Jiyong reached eight.
           On weekends, he’d take his bike outside and race around, goofing off with Seonghoon and Jiwon. Then from bicycles to motorcycles, from that to cars and the chain goes on! It was in his blood...he was born to race.
           He now rounded the car and faced the opened arena. Slowly, he circled aound the track then picking up speed, he skidded to a stop. He sat in his car, shifted his gear and zoomed off again. He skidded again and came to another halt.
           Finally making up his mind, he set forth in his car and drove off, the wind screaming in his ears. Within an instant, he wasn’t even sure if he was still on the track.
           The sensation being too overwhelming.
           Everything went by him in a blur. The sounding screech of the wind pierced his ears, his heart beating rapidly against his ribcage.
           Suddenly, he felt himself flying. He felt himself jerk forward and his brain pulling in the back of his head. He heard a terrible screech of metallic against concrete and raised his hands to cover his ears. Only to find that he couldn’t move them.
           He looked down at his arms, which were pinned to his sides and felt crushed in the car. Glancing out the window he decided he must have crashed into a spider web (due to the cracked window). Then peering through the side window, he saw the most disturbing sight.
           He was upside down!
           But how could this be?! he wondered.
           As he waited for help to arrive, he prayed hopefully the servants heard the loud scrape of his car against the graveled ground. Seconds dragged to minutes and minutes dragged onto hours. His world started blacking out. He batted his eyes to keep himself awake, but he wasn’t tired at all. The first rays of light began to dim and soon, he was engulfed in pure darkness.

*~*~» C h a p t e r · 3 «~*~*

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