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Lonely Soul

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“Gongju! Gongju, wake up! You’re late for school!”

Yoonji threw her arms up in despair. “Five more minutes, lemme....” she moaned

“Yoonji! You don’t have five minutes! You’re gonna make me late! Yoonji!” Seonghoon shouted, shaking his sister.


“YOONJI!” Seonghoon screamed.

“Huh?! What?! What happened?!” Yoonji jumped.

“Wuz going on?” Mrs. Kang asked, running into the room.

“Oma, wangja byung....” Yoonji yawned.

“Wangja byung, wangja byung. Could you stop calling your brother that? Told you to go to sleep last night and you won’t listen. Go put on your clothes! You’re late like always, hurry!”

“Aiyahaaaaa! Oma...” Yoonji whined.


Seonghoon rushed to her closet and pulled out her school uniform. “At least you don’t have to worry about wutto wear when you’re late.”

Yoonji glared at her brother.

“Hurry! Seonghoon, go on to school. You can still make it on time. I’ll drive Yoonji to school,” his mother offered.

“No! I wanna go with oppa!” Yoonji pouted.

“Go Seonghoon,” his mother said sternly.

“Oppa!” Yoonji cried.

“I’ll pick you up at three. Wait for me at the front entrance of your school,” Seonghoon said hastily and ran off.

“Oppa!” Yoonji shouted again, this time, ten times louder.

Seonghoon dashed down the stairs that led to the lower level of the house and quickly jogged to his car. He glanced at his watch and moaned. He was supposed to pick up his best friend, Jiyong. Today was his turn to chauffeur them to school and so far, things aren’t going his way.

“Took you long enough,” Jiyong growled as Seonghoon pulled up in front of his house.

“Sorry,” Seonghoon apologized.

“Gongju again?” Jiyong asked, looking into the backseat of the car.

Seonghoon nodded in reply.

“You dreamt of her again. Didn’t you?” Jiyong asked after a pause.

Seonghoon nodded again, pulling out into the street.

“I think you’re jinxed,” his friend finally concluded.

Seonghoon fixed his eyes on the center of the road and let out a deep, “Mm-hmm.”

“Your girl in the dream’s name’s Yoonyi and your gongju byung sister’s name is Yoonji. Are you sure you don’t have anutha sista?”

Seonghoon slowed as the traffic light switched to red. “Why do we have to go through this every morning? No! I don’t have another sister!”

“Just checking, jeez. Bite my head off.”

“Did you do your homework?” Seonghoon asked, switching the subject.

“Why do we have to go through this every morning? Yes! I did,” Jiyong mocked tartly.

“Shut up,” Seonghoon laughed, slapping his friend’s arm.

“And to think it was another day of PMSing,” Jiyong said, clicking his tongue.

“I have to deal with Yoonji later. I dunno wutto do with her,” Seonghoon sighed, tilting his head back on the head rest.

“Too bad. I would have taken her out shopping, but Jiyoon took the car,” Jiyong tsked pitifully.

Seonghoon snorted at the reminder. Jiyong, who came from a well-to-do family, always had to share things with his sister. Five months his senior, Seonghoon felt like he was younger than his best friend. They practically grew up in each other’s houses and their parents became the second parents of each other. Now, growing up into manhood, Seonghoon still felt the closeness between the two.

“Go,” Jiyong commanded.

Seonghoon gazed up at the green light and zoomed past it. The school soon came to view and students by the thousands scurried about looking for friends and classmates before heading off to class. Seonghoon cleverly maneuvered his car and glided easily down the school ramp. He found an empty spot next to a familiar, luxurious silver BMW.


He and Jiyong hopped out of his silver Beemer simultaneously and found a series of excited screams extremely deafening to their ears. Then they realized it was the group of girls that hung around them everyday in school. Seonghoon quickly crouched down to look at his reflection in the mirror before anything else happens.

“No need to look, pretty boy. You’re already beautiful whether you’re dressed or naked.”

Seonghoon whipped his head around at the quiet voice and found himself looking up at Soowon’s towering figure.

“Tell me that’s the reason why you’re late,” Soowon smiled sarcastically.

“No, unfortunately,” Seonghoon started, standing up. “Yoonji took my favorite Vicky bra without telling me, so I went around the world looking for it after my usual morning shower,” he finished crisply.

Soowon chuckled at Seonghoon’s daily outrageous excuses.

“It’s the girl again,” Seonghoon complained, slinging his bag over his shoulder.


Seonghoon nodded.

“Who is she?” Soowon wondered aloud, asking nobody in particular.

“I’m guessing it’s his other sister, but he says that he only has one,” Jiyong chimed.

“Alright, hand me all the homeworks,” Seonghoon cut in, extending his hand.

Jiyong and Soowon dug in their bags and gruffly handed him the assignments as the threesome sauntered to the sidewalk lined up against the school.

“Seonghoon! Drive me to the mall today?”

Seonghoon glanced at the figure that bounced into place beside him. Joosa.

“Uh-huh. If only Jiyong don’t take up all the space in the car,” he replied, acknowledging his friend.

“I’ll ask Jiwon just in case,” she said casually, skipping away.

“Dayam, that girl made you lost interest in everything,” Soowon whistled.

“I’m not in the mood,” Seonghoon cried, annoyed with everybody at the moment.

“I’m glad I’m the younger one,” Jiyong smiled proudly.

“Oh, no,” Seonghoon moaned.

“What?” Soowon asked, alarmed.

“Yoonji,” Seonghoon breathed.

“What about her?”

“He has to confront the little devil,” Jiyong whispered loudly.

“I’ll pick her up if you want,” Soowon offered.

“You will?!” Seonghoon cried hopefully.

“As for Joosa....”

“She’ll go with Jiwon. I’ll make her go,” Seonghoon declared.

“Wuteva. Your life, your business,” Jiyong shrugged.

The young girl stared at her reflection in the long mirror that hung in her grand bedroom. She leaned toward her image in the mirror and made faces to humor herself.

“Shim shim hae,” she sighed loudly. She tugged gently on her shoulder length hair, toying with her bangs that nearly covered her dark brown, almost ebony eyes. She smoothed out the wrinkled that ruffled up her jeans and once again averted her attention back to the mirror.

“Aigooooo,” she pouted.

She spun away from the mirror and to the center of the room, where she twirled and twirled until she was dizzy and collapsed on the floor. She closed her eyes, trying to still her mind as the room spun crazily in her head.

“Uh...I wanna throw up,” she moaned.

The room finally stopped spinning and she opened her eyes to the world again.

I’m hungry, she thought to herself. She sat up, blinking at the sudden brightness that took over the room. Her stomach growled like a lion and she looked down, patting it as if trying to comfort it.

“I’m hungry!” her voice echoed. She stood up and danced to her mirror. She peered into it a final time before heading out the house. “Ah, wuz the point? You’re ugly, chick. U-G-L-Y, you’re ugly,” she sang scornfully at her reflection. She waltz out of her room and skipped out of the house.

It was a beautiful, warm Spring day and Yoonyi skipped along the sidewalk, gazing at the flowers that assembled in the front lawns of neighboring houses.

“Unni!” a childlike voice called out.

Yoonyi, shielding her eyes from the sun, turned to the cheerful cry.

“Unni!” the voice called out again.

“Hi!” Yoonyi responded, waving with her free hand. She strolled further down the street and soon came to an opening that led to the roads. She glanced at the traffic and to her amazement, she found it light and pleasant.

She continued her way, making turns and cuts. Finally, reaching her destination, Yoonyi smiled at the shikdang that stood before her. She gently pushed the door open, which sounded immediately with the clanging of bells and was greeted by a brief, “Ahnyonghaseyo!”

“Oppa!” she breathed.

Yoonjang peeked from beneath the counter. “Yoonyi?”

“Oppa, I’m hungry.”

“As always.”

“Got food?” she asked, ignoring the remark.

“Now this wouldn’t be a shikdang if I don’t have food here, would it?”

“Where’s Oma?”

“She’s in the back.”

“Oma!” Yoonyi called.

“We had ramen. Eat that.”

Yoonyi shrugged. Whatever they cooked was fine. She was famished!

“Here. I’ll get the chopsticks,” said her brother, setting a bowl full of noodles in front of her.

Yoonyi tiptoed, pulling the bowl closer to her and carefully lifting it off the counter. She settled in the booth close to the counter as her brother trudged over with her chopsticks.

“Here,” he grumbled, thrusting the chopsticks in her hand.

“Yum!” she sniffed, her mouth watering with anticipation.

“You have no life. I swear. Who would want to marry you?” Yoonjang asked, shaking his head.

“I don’t care! I’m too young to be thinking about marriage,” Yoonyi slurped at her noodles.

“You’re sad.”

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