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Lonely Soul

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Yoonji awoke to the scream that ripped through the night. No doubt, it came from down the hall where her wangja byung brother slept. She tossed back her layers of blankets and jumped out of bed. She trotted down the hall, pausing in front of her brother’s door. She bit down on her lower lip as she listened to the panting and gasps that came from the other end.

“Oppa!” she shouted, kicking the door open.

Seonghoon looked up at his younger sister and coughed.

“Wut happened?” she asked, approaching his bed.

Seonghoon could only shake his head.

“Seonghoon? Seonghoon! Are you okay? Wut happened?” his mother cried, rushing into her son’s room.

“Ah...ack,” Seonghoon croaked, rubbing his throat.

Yoonji watched as her mother mopped the heavy sweat from her brother’s face and comforted him. Seonghoon calmed down and nodded briefly a few times to his mother’s soft voice.

Just recently, Seonghoon started screaming in the middle of the night, causing the whole house to light up instantly. Even when he’s screaming his lungs out, it sounded like he was singing. Every night, the screams would get worse and more desperate. Some times Yoonji would find him murmuring a girl’s name softly in his dreams. Like he was chasing her and she was just drifting away from him.

“Ji ah, get your oppa a glass of water,” her mother called out distantly.

She blinked at the command then realized her mother was talking to her. She nodded dumbly and stumbled out of the bedroom.

“Oma...” Seonghoon panted.

“Shhhh,” his mother silenced.

“Th-This girl died,” he whispered hoarsely.



Mrs. Kang looked at her son strangely before inquiring, “Who’s that?”

“Yoon...Yoonyi...I dunno,” Seonghoon replied sadly.

“Water, oppa” Yoonji announced as she re-entered his room, handing him a glass of water.

Seonghoon took the glass and gulped it down greedily.

“Wut happened, oppa?” Yoonji repeated her question.

“Yoonyi died.”

“Yoonyi? Who’s that?! You don’t mean me right?!” she exclaimed.

“Your oppa’s tired. There’s school tomorrow. Let’s go to sleep, Ji ah,” her mother interrupted.

“But Oma!” Yoonji protested.

“Come, ask him tomorrow morning when he drives you to school.”

“You better!” Yoonji waved a threatening finger at her brother.

Seonghoon nodded, still puzzled by the girl’s identity that died in his dream. Yoonji twirled around and stormed out of his room, followed by her mother. She sat on the edge of her bed, refusing to sleep.

“Yoonji, it’s late. Go to sleep,” her mother persuaded wearily.

Yoonji sighed, giving into her mother’s plea and threw herself onto the cool bed. Her mother leaned forward to tucked her in, pecking her slightly on the cheek.

“Oma,” Yoonji frowned.

“Yes, gongju?”

Yoonji smiled at her mother’s reply. “How come oppa has nightmares?”

“I dunno.”

“Who’s Yoonyi?”

“I dunno.”

Yoonji’s frown deepened, her brows wrinkling at the same time. It can’t be me...right?

“Good night, Yoonji.”

“Good night, Mommy,” Yoonji whispered, watching the outlines of her mother’s body disappear from the room.

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