Guys are Easy
-:- Chapter 3 -:-

“Your yuja chingoo stood you up?” Soowon greeted, treating Seonghoon to a bottle of beer.

Seonghoon glanced up, his voice caught. “Y-Yeah.”

“What’d you expect? Cute girls like her are always preoccupied. Drink up.” Soowon tipped his bottle at Seonghoon and swagged at it, not stopping till he finished the very last drop.

Seonghoon forgot about Lee Jin and stared at Soowon’s throat as he gulped down his drink.



“Are you alright?” Soowon asked sincerely.

“ know what?”


“Come over to Jiyong’s house.”


Seonghoon nodded, not daring to utter a sound.

“Uh...I gotta work.”

“It’s not like you have to! Ask your mom.”

Soowon nodded and disappeared to the back of the bar. Seonghoon waited for him to come back with a ‘yes’ so he can just grab Soowon and run.

“Who’s gonna be there?” Soowon asked, returning.

“The usual crew.”

“Which is...”

“Me, Lee Jin. Jiyong and Yuri, Jiwon and Hyori.”

“Am I the only guy that’s gonna be single there?”

Seonghoon shrugged. “Who knows who else is coming over. I’m inviting you, Jiyong’s inviting others...”

“What’s this, a house party?”

“More like a slumber party. We watch the girls get naked and we fuck them.”

Soowon let out a nervous chuckle, not quite sure if he wanted to go. “Uh...”

“It’ll be fun. I’ll share Lee Jin with you if you really feel left out.”

“Nah, it’s okay. Thanks for the offer.”

“You sure you’re not going?”

“I meant sharing your girlfriend.”


“Lemme go tell my mom I’m leaving.” Soowon disappeared once again and Seonghoon’s eyes followed him.

“Does that cupcake know you like him?” Hyori asked, slinging an arm around Seonghoon’s neck.

Seonghoon jumped out of his skin. “Hyori!”

“I wanna fuck you, too,” she drawled, kissing Seonghoon’s lips. “But you’re not as fun as Jiwon.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Watching you get some booty. So this is what you do, cheating on my Jiwonie.”

“What are you talking about?!” Seonghoon cried.

Hyori pressed herself closer to Seonghoon. “I promise not to tell.”

Seonghoon narrowed his eyes. “What’s the catch?”

“If you admit you’re gay.”

Seonghoon’s mouth fell open.

“Awww...” Hyori seized her chance and threw herself onto Seonghoon’s lap, kissing Seonghoon as if he was Jiwon.

Seonghoon tried pushing Hyori away, but she held on tighter, her arms squeezing his neck.

“You know you want me,” she murmured through the kiss. “Just like Jiwonie and all them guys.”

Seonghoon put his hands up, forcing Hyori off him.

“I like the way how you touch me,” she continued. “Why don’t you take me home with you so I can join you and Jiwon at night? I’ve always wanted a threesome.”

Seonghoon finally had it. He placed his hands on Hyori’s cleavage and squeezed them like squeezing the juice out of an orange. Hyori howled in pain, and slid off his lap, falling onto the floor.

“You bitch!” she growled, rubbing her two precious breasts.

“Well, I guess that makes you the whore.”

“We’ll see. Your secret about picking up this honey here would...let’s see...”

Seonghoon’s mouth fell open.

“Seonghoon!” Soowon called, coming out.

Hyori sat up straight, her hands pausing over the opening of her tank. Her eyes grew wider and she crawled away before Soowon spotted her on the floor.

“I guess we can leave now. My mom was illing though. Oh, well,” Soowon said with a shrug.

“Soowon!” Hyori shouted, running into the bar from the front entrance.


“I need a hook-up,” she whispered. “Can I get some on credit till next week?”

Soowon looked around him, feeling uncomfortable. “ know...”


“Take her by her shirt and turn her around, give her a kick in the ass and out the door she flies,” Seonghoon instructed.

“It’s a tank top, dummy!” Hyori corrected, glaring at Seonghoon.

Seonghoon rolled his eyes.

“Where’s Jiwon hyung?”

“Yeah, where is he?” Seonghoon chimed, looking around for his friend.

“In my pants,” Hyori replied dryly. “Look, will you?”

“Sorry...” Soowon said softly.

“Fuck you, too, bitch.” Hyori threw a final dagger glance at Seonghoon and stormed out of the bar.

“Guess she should let Jiwon hyung out,” Soowon muttered.

“Nah, Jiwon fed her too much cum,” Seonghoon said with a laugh.

Soowon chortled and exited his family bar with Seonghoon.


Jiwon sighed one last time and slid the receiver back onto its cradle. “Where could she be?”

Night was falling and Hyori wasn’t home. He stepped out of the phone booth and headed towards his car. As he opened the door, he remembered he forgot his pajamas. He quickly drove home and packed a few other accessories before heading off to Jiyong’s for the night.

“Damn, Hyori...Where are you when I’m looking for you?”


“Let’s go pick Lee Jin up,” Yuri suggested, waiting for Hyori to settle.

Hyori just nodded and pulled down her tank.

“Hyori! What are you doing?!”

“Inspecting my babies.”


“Seonghoon strangled the living shit outta them! Look!” Hyori pointed to the bright red marks on her breasts left by Seonghoon.

“What the hell did he do?”

“Guess our Jini didn’t give him any pussy. He grabbed me like some eighty year old man having sex for the first time, afraid he’ll have a heart attack if he got too happy.”

Yuri bursted out laughing.

“It’s red now,” Hyori whined. “But God! That shit felt good! Jiwon never grabbed me like that.”

Yuri simmered down and started the engine of her Honda. “We’re gonna go get Jini?”

“Yeah, it’s always fun with her. She’s awfully quiet lately. I wonder what’s bothering her?”

Yuri shrugged. “I guess she’s not taking it well with Seonghoon.”

“What happened?”

Yuri drove off, turning at a traffic light. “I dunno. She won’t talk to me about. It don’t look like they’re having problems. Seems more like problems at home.”

“Home? What problems could she have?” Hyori asked, massaging herself. “Mayan! How can you girls wear a bra?! Shoo! I’m taking this off!” She reached under her tank and yanked off the hook that fastened her bra and took everything off.

“Hyori! Just because you’re in a car, don’t mean people won’t see you!”

“Yeah, but we’re driving, who cares?” Hyori slipped her tank on again, throwing the bra at Yuri. “Merry Christmas.”

“Hyori! I’m driving!”

“That’s nice and I’m giving you a Christmas present.”


“Yes, anyways...what about Lee Jin?”

“I dunno...she’s not into things anymore.”


Yuri made another turn and pulled up by the sidewalk in front of Lee Jin’s house.

“Damn, it’s dark!” Hyori shouted.

“You going?”

“We both are.”

Together, Yuri and Hyori climbed out the car and approached the slient, dark house.

“It’s so quiet,” Yuri whispered.

“I know...” Hyori muttered. “Good spot for me and you to get kinky.”

Yuri looked over to her friend strangely.

Hyori smiled and made a quick grab under Yuri’s skirt.

“Hyori!” Yuri gasped.

“Let’s show Jiyong how to get you horny,” Hyori joked, unlocking the fence.

“He’s doing fine, thank you.”

“Uh-huh...We’ll see when I test him.” Hyori jogged up the stairs and pounded on the front door, yelling on top of her lungs. “Lee Jin! Open up!”

“There’s a bell,” Yuri told Hyori, ringing it.

They waited for the door to open, but grew impatient as the minutes ticked on.

“Lee Jin! It’s me, Hyori! Open up!”

“A window!” Yuri cried, pointing at the window on the lower level of the house.

“It’s open!”




But Hyori walked to the window and lifted it higher. Yuri reluctantly followed, climbing in after Hyori. They tumbled to the floor, making a soft thud as they entered.

“Lee Jin!” Hyori bellowed.

Upstairs, Jaejin sat up with a start.

“Ahhh...” Lee Jin moaned, shifting to a more comfortable position.

“Wake up!” Jaejin said, shaking his sister awake.


“Someone’s here.”

“Lee Jin!”

Lee Jin gasped. “That-That’s Hyori!”

“Get dressed, I’ll be in my room.”

Lee Jin made a desperate grab for something to put on as Jaejin made a swift exit, swiping all of his clothes off the floor.

“Lee Jini! Unni!” Yuri called out.

Lee Jin found her tee and threw it on hastily, emerging from her room. “I’m here!”

“Girl, when’s the last time you paid your - whoa!”

Lee Jin halted, her eyes adjusting to the dark, making out Yuri and Hyori’s figures. She felt a hand touch her and she jumped, falling backwards.

“Jini!” Yuri cried, rushing to her side.

“I’m okay,” Lee Jin managed to utter.

“Are you hurt?” Yuri asked, helping Lee Jin up.

Lee Jin shook her head, a sudden warm feeling washing over her.

“Lemme see,” Yuri said instead, sitting Lee Jin down on the floor.

“How are you gonna see anything in the dark?! It’s pitch black in here!” Hyori exclaimed, setting down next to Lee Jin.

“I’m fine...” Lee Jin murmured.

“Let’s go to your room,” Yuri suggested, helping Lee Jin to her feet.

The three girls sauntered to Lee Jin’s room, closing it firmly behind them.

“The light’s burnt out,” Lee Jin explained.

“Every one of them?!” Hyori shrieked.

“No...just this one in my room.”

“What about the others?”

“We hardly have them on,” Lee Jin answered.

“We? I thought you don’t have family no more,” Hyori said accusingly.

“Unni, stop. Let’s see if she’s alright.”

“I’m - ”

Yuri placed a hand on Lee Jin’s thigh, slowly making its way up. Lee Jin held her breath, not daring to make a noise.

“What’s wrong?” Hyori croaked, sitting down next to Lee Jin on the bed. Her feet found a garment thrown carelessly on the floor, not wanting to know what it is.

“Unni...” Yuri whispered. She slowly pushed her hand forward, reaching for Lee Jin’s groin.

“No...” Lee Jin murmured. First, her brother, now her friends. “Yuri...”

“What are you doing?” Hyori demanded. She squinted her eyes and finally saw what Yuri was doing. She laughed. “I can’t believe you learn so fast!”

“Unni...” Yuri said inaudibly.

“Move!” Hyori commanded.

But Yuri kept her place. Hyori did the same and placed her hand on Lee Jin’s other thigh. “At the rate we’re going, we’ll never make it to Jiyong’s.”

“Why are we...” Lee Jin trailed off, the sensation too overwhelming.

“Because...” Hyori knelt on Lee Jin’s bed, turning to the younger girl. “Because...” She left Yuri to continue her business stroking Lee Jin’s private and reached to pull off Lee Jin’s shirt. “Because...I...” She shoved Lee Jin down onto her bed, spreading herself out over Lee Jin. “Made plans...”

A pair of soft hands worked on comforting Hyori’s aching breasts and before she knew it, she was sprawled over Lee Jin naked, kissing her.

“Jae...” Lee Jin moaned. She felt Hyori’s hands cuffing her wrists down and another one fondling her breast, one pleasuring her. “Jaejin...”

“Who’s...that?” Hyori said through the kiss.


“Man, she’s wack,” Hyori told Yuri.

“Maybe she’s tired.”

“Let’s get her to Jiyong’s,” Hyori suggested.

Yuri nodded. She helped Lee Jin put her clothes on, disappointment washing over her.


Yuri looked up. Hyori attacked her from behind, throwing her body onto Yuri’s. She placed her hands firmly over Yuri’s breasts and tackled her to the bed.

“Hyori!” Yuri squealed as Hyori tickled her. Hyori shoved her fingers into Yuri, picking up speed as Yuri’s moans turned to shrieks. Lee Jin pounced on Hyori, kissing her fiercely.

“So...a come back,” Hyori drawled. “It works both ways.” The girls fooled around a while longer before falling back on the bed, exhausted.

“I don’t think I can make it,” Lee Jin said breathlessly.

Hyori snorted. “You haven’t seen the good stuff yet.”

Lee Jin kept silent, not wanting to tell Hyori she had more fun with Jaejin.

“I miss Jiyong,” Yuri complained, sitting up.

“I know...I miss messing with a guy,” Hyori agreed. “Let’s go. I wonder if the guys are getting lonely without us.”

Lee Jin sat up and pulled on her clothes. While Yuri was getting dressed, Hyori threw the door open and walked right into Jaejin!

“Ow! What the - ”

“Oppa!” Lee Jin gasped, fear rising to her throat.

“Oppa? This is your brother? I thought you said...”

“He’s my foster brother,” Lee Jin explained.

Hyori was confused. “You gotta tell me later. What are you doing, standing here?!”

“Listening to you all,” Jaejin answered truthfully.

“Talking?” Hyori asked.

“That. And more,” Jaejin said stiffly.

“Wanna have some fun?”


“You’ll see,” Hyori replied with a smug.

“What’s this?”

“A game.”


“Guys are Easy.”

-:- Chapter   4 -:-

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