Guys are Easy
-:- Chapter 2 -:-

“It’s okay!” Hyori assured, unbuttoning Yuri’s shirt.

“No, it’s not! Hyo - ”

Hyori placed a hand under Yuri’s skirt, her fingers gently gliding over the laces of Yuri’s underpants. “I missed you,” she whispered.

“Hyori!” Yuri gasped.

“So much...” Hyori continued to stroke Yuri’s leg, gently tugging open her shirt. “Jiwon...he can drop dead and fuck me in the ass...Yuri...”


“Shhh...” Hyori kissed Yuri’s lips passionately, pushing the younger girl down on the bed. She took her hand away from Yuri’s leg and ripped open her own shirt.

“Hyori...” Yuri moaned. This isn’t right. Jiyong’s supposed to be on top of her, not Hyori with her shirt open. “Hyori...”

“You like this, don’t you?” Hyori murmured, fingering with Yuri’s bra. “Jiyong isn’t all that great. I bet he can’t even give you an orgasm.”

“No...” Yuri shook her head. It was weird, she felt weird. She felt light-headed and cold. But down under her skirt it was burning hot. She felt herself grow to want Hyori’s hand touching her. Her long, thin fingers touching her everywhere. “Hyo...”

Hyori kissed Yuri again. “You want me to touch you? You want - aaaaahhhhhhh!” Hyori rubbed herself against Yuri, feeling herself burn with anticipation. “Oh, God! Jiwon!”

Yuri cried with Hyori, her throbbing sex pleading for more contact. She felt a sudden breeze and felt her breasts freeze. She reached for Hyori. ”Aaaaahhhhh...”

Hyori undid the buttons to Yuri’s shirt and yanked it off her. She threw her own shirt onto ther floor and took Yuri’s hands to her breasts. “Touch me, Yuri. Grab me!” She slid Yuri’s skirt off her waist and ripped away her wet underwear. She placed her cool hands of Yuri’s flat belly, massaging her, feeling herself yearn for Jiwon.

Yuri gasped. Her hands slid down to Hyori’s waist, desperately jerking off the girl’s skirt. Once both girls were stark naked, Yuri dug her hands into Hyori’s long hair.

Hyori lowered herself onto Yuri’s small, trembling body feeling herself soar with every rising sensation rippling through her body. She rained kisses on Yuri’s baby-like face, lingering on her lips.

“Yuri,” Hyori moaned. “Yuri...touch me...”

Yuri kissed Hyori back, pressing herself against Hyori. She cupped her breast, feeling it ache with loneliness.

Hyori traced a finger around Yuri’s small breast, toying with her nipple. She gently sucked on it, pushing her fingers further southward.

Yuri gasped and squealed with pleasure as Hyori’s protruding fingers dug into the wet folds of her sex, elevating her desire of wanting to be touched. She took the breast Hyori was sucking on and crammed it further into her mouth, feeling her hot tongue flicking over her hard nipple. She shrieked over and over again as Hyori twisted her fingers, toying with the insides of Yuri’s sensitivity.

“Uh...” Hyori cried. “”

“Hyori,” Yuri groaned. She grabbed Hyori by the shoulders and turned her around, slamming her on the bed. “Damn you, Ko Jiyong!”

“Yuri! Hurry! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Hyori whimpered, covering her breasts.

Yuri kissed Hyori from head to toe, not missing a single inch of her. She took the blanket that was tossed aside and threw it over their heads. She took her burning sex and placed it over Hyori’s, their screams of excitement rising with each growing minute.


Lee Jin dropped her books on her desk, fatigue wearing her out. She loosened her tie and took off her school uniform, dumping them at the edge of her bed. She slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, feeling much more comfortable.

The phone in her room rang loudly, startling her as she reached over to answer it. “Hello?”

“Jini?!” Seonghoon shouted.


“You’re home already?! I was looking for you!”

“Where were you? I was with Hyori.”


Then silence took over.

“Whacha doin now?”

“Just changed.”

“Wanna go out?”

Lee Jin bit down on her lip, deciding. She was tired and felt the need to sink into her bed. But the thought of Jaejin coming home frightened her awake. “I guess. Where?”

“Anywhere. I’ll come and get you.”


“Bye, honey.”

“Bye,” Lee Jin whispered, replacing the phone.

“Hi,” a deep voice murmured in her left ear. A pair of strong hands snaked around her waist, one placing over her groin.

“Jaejin!” Lee Jin gasped, feeling herself weaken at his touch.

“Jini,” Jaejin whispered, rubbing his erection against her soft tush.

Lee Jin moaned with pleasure as Jaejin stroked her weak spot. “Oppa...”

“Stay home. You gotta study.”

Lee Jin pawed at Jaejin’s arm, not wanting him to stop. “No...”

“Please?” Jaejin kissed the nape of her neck.

“Oppa...this is wrong...Stop...” Lee Jin said weakly.

“No, it’s not. I love you, you love me...Jini...”

“But not like this...”

“Yes...” Jaejin took Lee Jin by her shirt and threw her onto her bed. He pinned her down and started kissing her, removing her shirt as he went.

“Noooo...” Lee Jin murmured, squirming under Jaejin.

“You look so cute in your tank. Look better in your bra...Better yet, I prefer you naked.”

“Jae...” Lee Jin braced herself against Jaejin, his bulging penis exciting her.

Jaejin removed the tank top and sucked in a sharp intake of breath. “Told you you look cute.” Jaejin gingerly lifted the snap to Lee Jin’s bra and unhooked the front of it, exposing her cleavage. He started fondling with her breasts, feeling her nipples harden under his palms. “Jini...”

Lee Jin grabbed Jaejin’s hands, following their movements of molding her breasts. She moaned and groaned, anxious to feel him inside her. She reached down to unbutton his pants, her hands fumbling with the zippers.

“Lemme...” Jaejin slipped out of his pants, letting them fall to the floor easily. His Nautica boxers stood in the way as Lee Jin sat up, pulling them down.

“Oppa,” she whined. It was wrong. She knew it, but her brother was good. She had never felt this sort of love with Seonghoon, the need of wanting to be touched and wanted this way. Jaejin fulfilled her, his hard manliness exploding within her, taking her to the extremes.

Jaejin kissed his sister, exploring the sweet lips as he did every other night when they made love. He rubbed his leg against her groin, feeling himself harden even more and glided inside her easily.

“Jae...AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Lee Jin moaned. She held onto Jaejin by his shoulders as he shoved on, taking his sweet time loving her. She cried on, never wanting Jaejin to stop. She felt her heart burst with happiness as he withdrew and dove in once again, driving her mad.

“Jini...Damn, you’re too good!” Jaejin yelled, digging his face into her breasts. He kissed her again and again, muffling his excited screams by biting onto her nipples, making her squirm with delight.

“Jaejin...Oh, no! Don’t - ”

The doorbell chimed downstairs but they ignored it. They continued clawing at each other, their screams and cries increasing as they excited each other further. Finally the bell stopped ringing and so did their fun.

Lee Jin laid by her brother, panting for breath. “More...”

With his hand still massaging her inner folds, Jaejin whispered, “Tonight.”


“Shhh...I’m tired.”

“I’m not.” Which was the truth. She was wide awake now and she wanted more.

“You can sleep on top of me.”

Lee Jin shook her head and edged closer. “I want more.”

Jaejin withdrew his hand from her and reached to cup her butt. “Tonight when I’m hungry.”


Jiwon kissed Jiyong’s cheek, the need to do so was irresistible. He gently touched Jiyong’s face, the skin baby soft. He watched as Jiyong slept on in Seonghoon’s bed, the afternoon sun settling into its evening color.

Jiyong swatted the annoying hand away, not wanting to be bothered. He mumbled Yuri’s name in his sleep, his mind blank.

“Good thing you dunno about Lee Jaejin. Or else we’ll be fighting,” Jiwon murmured. He caressed Jiyong’s skin again, this time admiring Jiyong’s beauty.

Jiyong’s eyes fluttered open at the touch, not sure of what to expect. He nearly jumped out of his skin to see Jiwon by his side and not Yuri. “Hyung?”

Jiwon smiled. “Hi.”

“Where’s Seonghoon?”

Jiwon shrugged. “Heard him mention about going over to your house later tonight.”

Jiyong sat up groggily. “Oh, yeah. Slumber party.”

“Slumber party?!”

“Yuri,” Jiyong replied.

Jiwon nodded, understanding.

“Parents are outta town.”

Jiwon nodded again.

“Where’s Hyori?”

“At work,” Jiwon answered. In actuality, he had no idea where she was. She was always saying she’s busy with an afterschool job, but he caught her once getting kinky with Seonghoon. She was drunk and he understood how things could get when his girlfriend’s drunk and his best friend thinks with something else other than his brain.

“Everybody’s coming over. I gotta go get Yuri.”


“What?” Jiyong asked, rising out of bed.

Jiwon started slowly. “When was the last time...”

Jiyong waited for Jiwon to finish. “Last time what?”

“Last time...”


Jiwon couldn’t go on. “Sit.”


“You’ll know.”

Jiyong listened and sat down the bed again.

Jiwon felt his palms sweat and knots tying up in his stomach. He leaned over to kiss Jiyong again - this time on the lips.

Jiyong accepted the kiss and kissed back, opening his mouth to invite the affection he haven’t felt for so long.

“Whoa!” Jiwon cried, pulling away.

“Uh...” Jiyong pressed a hand to his mouth, not sure if he was shocked or struck dumb. “It’s been a while.”

“Yeah,” Jiwon agreed.

“I gotta get going. Yuri’s probably wondering where I’ve been.”

“I think so, too,” Jiwon said hurriedly.

“You coming?”

“Later. I’ll be there with Seonghoon.”

Jiyong nodded. He pulled on his shoes and quickly left Jiwon’s apartment, shivers running up and down his spine.

Jiwon watched from his window as Jiyong drove off to pick up his girlfriend, not sure if he wanted Jiyong or Jaejin to himself. Or Seonghoon and Hyori.

He turned away from the window and pulled on his own shoes, preparing to take off. He’d stop by Hyori’s house and pick her up. It’s been two nights since he last had her and he missed it. “Damn...guys...they are mad easy!”

-:- Chapter   3 -:-

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