Guys are Easy
-:- Chapter 1 -:-

“Whoa!” Jiwon screamed.

“Whacha lookin at?” Seonghoon whispered excitedly, pushing Jiwon.

“Right there.” Jiwon pointed at the muscular guy that stood in the shower stall butt naked.

“Tsk-tsk. That’s a cheap peep,” Seonghoon murmured, trying to see through the fog.

“Damn it, Seonghoon! What about you watching - ”

Seonghoon elbowed Jiwon’s side. Hard.

“Ow! Bitch.”


“Damn, he’s foine!” Jiwon muttered.

“Who is he?!” Seonghoon asked, trying to pry the window open.

“Dunno. Gonna go find out,” Jiwon replied. He pushed himself up from the ground, brushing off the dirt on his fleece.

Seonghoon grunted as he stood up from the ground, patting his jeans, the dust flying off. “Gotta go. Meet ya at Jiyong’s house at eight.”

Jiwon nodded, walking away.


“Jiyong ah!” Yuri wailed, trying to kiss her boyfriend.

“Sorry, hon. Gotta go.” Jiyong tried pushing her out of the way, but Yuri kept blocking him off.

“No! Where have you been going? I don’t even see you anymore!”

“Busy,” Jiyong said hastily. He grabbed Yuri by the wrist and pecked her on the lips. “We’ll get together.”

“Jiyong!” Yuri pouted, holding onto his shirt. “I miss you.”

“I do, too. Gotta go.” Jiyong gave Yuri’s behind a slight squeeze and pried away from her.

“Jiyong!” Yuri cried, watching her boyfriend go.

“I love you!” he shouted, running to his car. He dumped his bag in the passenger seat and drove off, leaving his annoying girlfriend to complain to her lesbian friends.


“Dammit! I miss his fuckin cock!” Hyori screamed.

“Whoa,” Lee Jin mumbled, watching her friend fire up.

“We haven’t had sex since two nights ago!” Hyori continued in her loud voice.

“Your namja chingoo?” Lee Jin asked quietly.

“He probably gone gay on me,” Hyori muttered.

“Yeah...” Lee Jin mumbled in agreement.

“What’s wrong?” Hyori asked, realizing her friend isn’t as chipper as she normally is.

“Nothing,” Lee Jin replied, hugging her books close to her.

“Is Seonghoon being an ass again?”

Lee Jin shook her head. “We’re fine.”

“What is it?”


“Well...I have to get to work. Call you when I get home tonight.”



Jaejin stood in the shower stall, soaping himself with the refreshing soap. He reached down to lather his legs, the hot beads of water beating down on him. Images of his sister flashed through his mind as he felt himself harden. He ran a hand through his soaked hair, the images growing more graphical as he remembered the first time he had her.

He heard the door to the shower room open and a series of footsteps approaching his stall, silently wishing it was Lee Jin in her cute school uniform. He turned around, not ashamed of showing himself and let the water splatter onto his back. A skinny guy, rather handsome walked by, a towel hanging low around his waist. Jaejin hurried to wash off the lather and threw his head back to let the water run of his head.

He shook his head and stepped out of his stall, anxious to get home and sleep.

“You, by any chance, got soap?” Jiwon asked, approaching Jaejin. Jiwon took a long look at Jaejin, his eyes taking in every inch of him.

“Yeah.” Jaejin handed Jiwon his soap, eyeing Jiwon carefully.

“Thanks,” Jiwon said with a player smile, his heart skipping a beat.

“No problem.” Jaejin turned to leave, but Jiwon stopped him.

“What’s your name?”

“Lee Jaejin.”

“Oh.” Jiwon stared at Jaejin’s hard buttocks, feeling the urge to grab them.

“You’re Eun Jiwon?”

Jiwon stopped fantasizing and asked, “How’d you know?”

“Hyori talks about your infamous cock everyday.”

“Hyori?” Jiwon repeated dumbly.

“Gotta go. Keep the soap.”

Jiwon bobbed his head numbly, not sure if he should be shocked or delighted. Once he heard the door slam, he said aloud to himself, “Damn, I wanna fuck him!”

-:- Chapter   2 -:-

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