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*~Chapter 2~*

“No! Don’t do that!”

“Aiya! To the left!”


“You’re gonna lose!”

“Forget it!”




The commotion stopped instantly upon the announcement of Jiyong’s name. All six heads turned sheepishly at the loud, authoritative voice and immediately exploded with laughter.

“Whaaaahut?!” Jiyong shouted at the maid.

“Puyin’s looking for you,” the servant informed blandly and retreated to her chores.

“Uh-oh! Jiyong didn’t clean his room,” Seonghoon said in a bubbly voice.

“Shut up,” Jiyong growled, stepping away from his friends.

It was a beautiful Saturday and his five friends - Seonghoon, Jiwon, Jaejin, Jaeduk, and Soowon, all gathered at his house, racing turtles. Soowon grinned wickedly as Jiyong left the basement and spun around to speak to his turtle.

“You’re gonna win for your jjang oppa, right?” Soowon crooned, petting the shell of his turtle.


“With your chingu duhl again?”

Jiyong nodded, keeping his eyes glued to the floor.

“Jiyong ah, oma need you to go out and buy a few things for me.”

“Where’s Yuri and Hana and Hwangsung and Ilchun?”

“They’re all busy with their chores. And don’t even bother asking about the others. They’re busy as well,” his mother replied crisply.

“I’m bringing Seonghoon with me,” Jiyong warned, trying to find a way out of the situation.

“That’s fine. Bring all of them. The more, the better. Maybe they can help you carry the things home,” his mother waved, getting up from her seat.

Jiyong followed his mother into her room, fuming. “Oma, can’t this wait?”

“I suppose so. But I think I won’t be around anymore when your turtles beat each other a few century later.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll have an afterlife,” Jiyong muttered dryly.

“The sooner you go, the sooner you come back. Here’s the list and money,” said his mother, ignoring the remark, handing him the list and money.

Jiyong snatched the items out of her hand and trudged out of her room. He stomped down the stairs he had climbed earlier to his awaiting friends.

“Uh-oh. Looks like Jiyong isn’t too happy about his paycheck,” Jaeduk joked, eyeing the money in Jiyong’s hand.

“Time to make all of you wangja byung pretty. Let’s go shopping,” Jiyong said sarcastically, eyeing Jaeduk in particular.

“Oh, good!” Seonghoon exclaimed, clapping his hands together. “I could always use some new clothes,” he chimed, tossing his hair back as he twirled around like a ballerina.

“You are so fruity,” Jiwon laughed.

“I need to put my turtle in water!” Soowon cried, caressing his pet.

“We both do,” Jiyong reminded him bluntly.

“Put it in his tank,” Jaejin suggested, pointing at the glass box in the far end of the room.

Soowon sauntered over to the tank with both turtles in his hands. He safely deposited them in the murky water with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

They surveryed the dark room one last time and disappeared through the door.


“Unni! Tell me a story!” Jeeya squeaked, yanking on Jiyoon’s sleeve.

“Story? Wuddo you wanna hear?” Jiyoon smiled, looking up from her book.

“Anything! Just tell me one,” Jeeya blurted, jumping to see the contents on the table.

“Uhm...Let’s see,” Jiyoon murmured, pulling Jeeya onto her lap, thinking of a story.

“Jiyoona, Jeeyu needs some new clothes,” Jisoon announced, entering the family room with a basket of wet laundry.

“Ahhhh! Jisoona! Jiyoon was abouta tell me a story!” Jeeya wailed, wriggling in Jiyoon’s embrace.

“You can still hear it. Jiyoon’ll tell you when we go out to the marketplace,” Jisoon vowed, setting the basket down. “Plus, didn’t you say you wanted me to make you slingshot?”

“Yeah! Yeah!” Jeeya shouted gleefully, jumping off Jiyoon’s lap.

“Well, I need the materials. Jiyoon’ll take Jeeyu to get fabric and I’ll take you to find slingshot -”

“Jisoon!” Jiyoon interrupted, her face set.

“What?! I’m teaching self defense here!”

“You’re teaching her how to start trouble,” Jiyoon corrected.

“Am I really that bad?”

“Running around chasing boys with a butcher’s knife isn’t called bad?!” Jiyoon wondered incredulously.

“No. It’s called fun,” Jisoon answered truthfully as she smiled impishly, winking at Jeeya.

“You should be a boy!” Jiyoon finally screamed.

“Thank you for the compliment,” Jisoon beamed, her smile widening by the minute.

“C’mon unni! Let’s go!” Jeeya shouted excitely, slipping her hand into Jiyoon’s.

“Change into your dress,” Jiyoon sighed, giving into the journey.

“I wanna be like Jisoon unni! How come she doesn’t have to wear her dress?” Jeeya pouted, hiding behind Jisoon.

“Because Jisoon’s a boy! You’re not! Oma didn’t teach Jisoon well!” Jiyoon argued, pulling Jeeya away from her tomboy sister.

“Then I’m a namja too! I wanna be like Jisoon!” Jeeya declared, struggling with her eldest sister.

“I’mma tickle you if you don’t go change,” Jiyoon threatened, showing Jeeya her index finger.

“Aaaahhhhhh! Unni!” Jeeya shrieked, wrapping her arms around Jisoon’s leg.

“Just let her go like this. It’s not gonna take long,” Jisoon cut in, blocking Jiyoon.

“You! You’re always spoiling her! When she grows up to be a kkang pae I’m gonna come after you with a butcher’s knife! No! Make it an axe!”

“Aish, Jiyoon. You don’t look so pretty when you’re mad,” Jisoon commented, peering into Jiyoon’s flushed face. “Heh...we’ll see. Maybe by then you’ll even thank me for teaching her how to fight!”

Jiyoon stuck her tongue out.

“Will you people stop all that bickering?!”

The three sisters looked in the direction of the Jeeyu’s voice. They gaped amazingly at the girl who was dressed in her finest silk grament and her hair pinned with such craftiness. Her handkerchief dangled from the small opening of her shirt, showing the little stitched hibiscus.

“Jeeyu!” Jisoon was the first to speak. “We’re going out to buy fabrics for your clothes. Not visiting the dead King!”

Jeeyu blushed at her sister’s outburst.

“Waaaaaa,” Jeeya let out, her eyes shining at Jeeyu's blossoming figure.

“Great. I have one sister that just loves dressing up for the wrong occassions and one sister who like to look like a bum for any occassion,” Jiyoon mumbled to herself.

“Hey! I would rather look like a bum any o’day insteada walking around with an obvious sense of ‘gongju byung.’” Jisoon sneered.

“Who you talkin’ bout!” Jeeyu flared, infuriated by her sister’s rude comment.

“Jeeya,” Jisoon nodded, kneeling down. “Who would you choose to jump? Me or your third unni?”

Jeeya’s hand, like a compass, pointed straight westward at Jeeyu. “She looks rich! And plus, Jeeyu doesn’t know how to fight,” Jeeya giggled.

“Heh heh heh,” Jisoon faked the laugh.

“Stop it. Jeeyu, be careful. Don’t carry any money. It’s Saturday and there will a lot of people out there. I’ll hold it for you if you have any,” Jiyoon said softly, pulling out a small pouch.

Jeeyu handed all of her money to Jiyoon and together, the four sisters exited their house, out to the crowded market place.

*~Chapter 3~*

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