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«´¨`·.¸ ¸ .¤º° Five Seasons °º¤. ¸ ¸.·´¨`»

*~Chapter 1~*

“Jisoon!” the three frail voice rang out in unison.

Jisoon turned to her sisters with a radiant smile on her face.

“Unni, can we go home? It’s cold,” Jeeya clattered through her teeth.

Jisoon gazed down at her baby sister and her smile widened. She turned her attention to her mother’s grave and almost immediately, her composure faltered.

“Jisoon. It’s getting late. Jeeya and Jeeyu can’t handle the cold weather,” Jiyoon, the eldest of the four sisters said softly.

“Ma..we’ll come again,” Jisoon murmured, sliding down the tiny hill.

“Unni! It’s so cold!” Jeeya complained, bouncing to Jisoon.

“We’re going home now,” Jiyoon hushed, seizing Jeeyu and Jeeya’s hands.

“Carry me, unni!” Jeeya yelped, reaching for Jisoon.

“Really. A baby always a baby,” Jeeyu taunted, finally saying something for the first time since their arrival to their mother’s resting place.

“Stop that. Leave Jeeya alone. C’mon!” Jiyoon scolded, tugging Jeeyu behind her.

Jisoon lifted Jeeya into her arms and followed Jiyoon down the mountain trail that led them home.

*~Chapter 2~*

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