Engaged Soul

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Yoonmi was shaking her brother. Hard.

“Noooooonaaaaaaaa!” Yoonbi wailed, his head hurting. “Stooooooopppp!”

“What do you mean I’ll die?!” Yoonmi nearly screamed.

“I saw it! Nuna, I saw it!” Yoonbi shouted, breaking free from his sister’s tight grasp. “It was scary, nuna! You went to the future!”


“You went to the year 2003!”


“Really, nuna! And you were still engaged to Lee Jaejin!”

“What do you mean ‘still engaged’?! Who’s Lee Jaejin?!”

“Nuna, I’m so scared,” Yoonbi whimpered. “Nuna, don’t go.”

“What’s going on?” Yoonmi was furious. Things weren’t sounding right. Her obnoxious brother was acting strange, his gibberish was mad, the sky suddenly didn’t seem bright anymore.

“Nuna...can I sleep with you?” Yoonbi whispered. “It’s scary sleeping in my room. Oma won’t let me out. Nuna...why did you move all the way out here? I can’t even call you when I want you!”

“Yoonbi...” Yoonmi started. “Come. I don’t understand.”

Yoonbi hurried to his sister’s side and together they ascended the stairs to her room and she sat him down. She bolted the door and spun around to face him. “Who is Lee Jaejin?”

“Why...don’t you know, nuna?”

Yoonmi shook her head.

“He’s your husband!”

Yoonmi gasped. The forgotten letter in her hand drifted away from her, the room took a sudden spin on her. “My-My husband?”

Yoonbi nodded. “Oma just made an arrangement last week. You two are engaged!”


“Nuna...please...don’t go. It’s scary. The both of you died and met again in the future.”

“Where are you getting all of this from?”

“I dreamt it, nuna.”

“You saw this in your dream?”

“First you died, then he did and the both of you came back...”

Yoonmi shook her head, none of the gibberish making any sense.

“Nuna, please don’t promise Oma. She’ll make you marry him!”

“I won’t...” Yoonmi murmured, placing a cool hand on her forehead.

Yoonbi smiled sadly. “But you will.”


Eunjoo picked up her rag doll that sailed over her head. “Oma!”

Her mother jumped at the wail, the cry short and sudden. “What is it?”

“Oppa threw my doll at me!”

“Snitch bitch,” Jaejin muttered, shoving his sister aside.

Mrs. Lee sighed, setting down her sewing. “Can’t you two get along for just one day?”

“No!” Jaejin and Eunjoo chorused, for once agreeing to something.

“Oma! Why can’t I have a unni! I want a unni!” Eunjoo pouted, stomping over to her mother.

“You will, you will,” her mother cooed.

“I will?! When?!”

“Soon. When your brother marries her,” Mrs. Lee said proudly.

Eunjoo snorted. “Ha! Who would want to marry that pig?! I feel sorry for the girl.”

“And I’d wanna commit suicide if I was the guy marrying you,” Jaejin retorted.

“Oma!” Eunjoo cried. She took the doll in her hands and flung it at Jaejin, missing him a whole mile.

“Haha! Sucker!”

“Jaejin,” Mrs. Lee chided. “Be nice.”

Jaejin stuck his tongue out at his sister.

“Well,” Mrs. Lee said, standing up from her chair. “I have to go get ready.”

“Where are you going, Oma?!” Eunjoo shouted, turning around to face her mother.

“I’m going to visit your unni,” Mrs. Lee replied. “Come, Jaejin. Go prepare yourself.”

“Unni?” Eunjoo gasped. “Can I come, too?!”

“No, it’s adult matters. There will be times when you can see her.”

“Like when?! When she marries Jaejin?!”

“I suppose. We’ll be back shortly. Run along.” Mrs. Lee shooed her daughter away. “Jaejin, go put on something nice.”


“We’re paying a visit to your future wife.”


Mrs. Lee nodded.

“Wait...when did this happen?”

“Last week. I’ll explain to you when we come back.”

Jaejin shook his head, confused. “No, Oma! I don’t want an arranged marriage. What if she’s ugly?!”

“She’s not. Which is why we’re going there. You can see for yourself.”

“No! Oma, this is so unfair!”

“Unfair? Jaejin, we’re giving you two the option of getting together and you know that is forbidden.”

“Option? What option?”

“You’ll like her. Trust me. Too it’s not Eunjoo you’re marrying,” his mother said pitifully.

“I’d rather marry Eunjoo!” Jaejin cried, agreeing.

“Boys. You all just never grow up. Remember when you were only six and you said you wanna marry your Oma? You said you don’t wanna marry? Ever?”

“I still don’t!”

“Oh, you will. C’mon.”


“I promise you! You’re gonna like Yoonmi.”

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¸.·¤*´¨`´¨`*¤·.¸ C h a p t e r   5 ¸.·¤*´¨`´¨`*¤·.¸
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