“Well, I’ll be damned...”

( ( Chapter 4 ) )

The sunlight splashed into Min’s room, sparking the dust into a frenzy dance. She tossed about in her bed and finally sat up.

“I give up! This isn’t my bed!” she shouted. She looked down at her clothes and sighed. She didn’t even have her belongings! All she had was the outfit she wore yesterday and nothing more. She have never felt so alone and unwanted. She jumped off the bed and pulled on her boots, carefully hiding the knife. She could play sly if she wanted to. Afterall, her father did leave her his knife. He, himself, never pulled the thing out. Maybe she could convince the silly bastard into letting her go home. Even if it means seeing Kyungchi again. Ugh...

She opened the door and stepped out into the sun. Young men and ugly looking ones ran to and fro, carrying cargo. She rubbed her eyes and casually walked over to the deck. As a wake up call, of all people, she had to see the devil.

“How’s our new cabinboy doing?” Jiwon asked cheerfully, his hand over his eyes.

“Not much. That bed is beyond horrible. I rather be tossed out at sea,” she remarked sarcastically.

Jiwon grew quiet and gave her a scathingly look as if to say, ‘Keep saying that and I’ll make that wish come true.’

“What am I to do?” she asked, squinting her eyes.

“You can just familarize yourself. Go and see if Hyori needs any help.”


“Hyori. My - ”

“Oh! That fianée of yours? Sure! Where is she?”

Jiwon frowned, he didn’t feel like wasting his time and breathe with the boy. “She should be inside. If you see Jaeduk ask him and tell him I’m looking for him.”

Min nodded and scampered away. She didn’t like being with him. He gave her this feeling that she wasn’t worthy of talking to him. All that crap he said about respecting Yoonshi...it was pulling her leg. She continued along the way and found a spacious room. The fianée was in there alright, bending over the little girl on the table. Min cleared her throat loudly, startling the two.

“Yes?” Hyori asked, disgusted.

“He asked me to come and see if you need help with anything.”

“No, thank you. I suppose you can try the kitchen.”

“I do have the right place, right?”

Hyori gave her a blank look.



“Okay, it’s right. He asked me to come to you. Not to have me and ask you to appoint me to work somewhere else. I’m not stupid if you have noticed.”

Hyori decided she didn’t like the boy. He was plainly rude and disgusting. She thought Jiyong had sex problems, but this boy was too pale and skinny. He was a scarecrow. “I suppose you can clean the room. But I really don’t have anything for you to do. This room’s always clean.”

“Excuse me for not being on this ship long enough to know Hyori’s clean. That’s all you had say. ‘But I really don’t have anything for you to do,’ ” Min mimicked, leaving the room.

“Hyori,” Jeejee finally spoke up.


“Why is he so mean?”

“Because he’s retarded.”

“I think he doesn’t have any friends.”

“Who would want to be friends with him?”

“I wouldn’t mind.”

“You brother would beat me to death if he heard that! Now finish your lessons!”

Min sauntered back to the deck. Jiwon was gone with the rest of the cargo moving men. She leaned on the railing and looked out into the sea. She wish she was out there, drifting away, letting the water wash her. Cleanse her. Ease her. Do something to take away her pain and frustration. She let the water spray its greenish driplets at her a little longer and returned to her room.

She sat on the edge of the bed and fell back on it, dreaming of her reunion with her parent. It would take a while before that dream came true. And she wished it would be soon.

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