Death Contract

Chapter 5

The phone rang, startling Matthew and Brian. Matthew hurried to answer it while Brian still fought to keep Mickey’s shivering down to a control. Mickey’s breathing began to even out, in a more steady pace.

“Hello?!” Matthew croaked.

“Hyung?” Jaeduk hiccupped, wiping away his tears.

“Who - ”

“Hyung...Eunock...” Jaeduk sobbed.

“Jaeduk? Calm down. What’s wrong?” Matthew sighed, yet concerned. Jaeduk, a close friend of his, always had funny reasons to cry. It wasn’t odd nor unexpected. Jaeduk’s a natural crybaby.

“Eunock...she’s...she’s acting weird,” Jaeduk managed to say under the strain.

“Weird? How?” Matthew felt his chest tighten at the news.

“She’s quiet now, but she was screaming earlier. I thought she was having a nightmare, but she said it wasn’t. She had a headache. Like a loud shrill. To make it even funnier, she kept on saying Seonghoon’s American name.”

Matthew sucked in a doubtful breath. “How is she now?”

“She’s recovering. But hyung! What if this goes on? Before she told me she had headaches, but none like this!” Jaeduk exclaimed, his hysterics climbing. “I never believed her until tonight!”

“Calm down. Right now we’re trying to straighten Seonghoon out. He’s delirious himself. He’s shaking uncontrollably at the moment,” Matthew said with an edge in his voice.

“Oh, no! Mickey, too?” Jaeduk squealed.

“Yes,’s on and off. One minute he’s fine, the next he flips.”

“What am I gonna do?” Jaeduk wailed.

“Where’s Jaejin?” Matthew asked.

“I have no idea. I didn’t wanna call him and you know...” Jaeduk trailed off.

Matthew understood completely. Jaeduk wouldn’t call him before he calls Jaejin unless Jaejin’s off the options list. He nodded and chewed on his lower lip before finally deciding to let Jaeduk bring his sister over for the night. “Jaeduk...bring Eunock with you,” he said cautiously.

Jaeduk sobbed quietly and gulped down his tears. “Br-Bring her?”

“With your parents all the way back at home and Jaejin’s in a complete mess, it’s the best for you to spend the night with some people,” Matthew said in one long breath.

Jaeduk hiccupped a few times and covered the receiver to nudge his sister out of bed. “I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

“Don’t knock. You got the keys, right?”

“Yeah, but I may need help if Eunock acts up again.”

“Just gimme a ring and I’ll be out,” Matthew said hurriedly.

“Fine. Bye, hyung,” Jaeduk whispered. He replaced the receiver and helped Eunock get out of bed. He stuffed a few of their garments in his oversized Addidas bag and carried her out to his car. He dumped his cell on Eunock’s lap as she dozed off again, murmuring softly. He returned to the house and checked the windows and doors, locking the unlocked ones. He wheeled his motorcycle into the garage and locked it, bolting the garage door. He slammed the front door shut and jogged to his car, riding off into the deep, dark night.