Death Contract

Chapter 3

Tiffany thrashed around in her bed, trying to get rid of the painful screech that vibrated through her brain. “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Yoonji! Yoonji!” her mother yelled, barging into Tiffany’s room.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Tiffany wailed, pressing down on her temples.


“OPPPPPPPAAAAAAAA!” Tiffany screamed.


“Nooooohooooooo,” Tiffany sobbed.

“SEOOONGHOOOON!” Tiffany’s mother screamed. She held on to her daughter, trying to calm her down. Her older son, Mickey, had the same symptoms a while back when he lived at home with them. Now with him gone, her daughter’s condition seemed to have worsen. “Seonghoon, dongseng needs you,” she whispered, rocking Tiffany.


“Oppa,” Eunock murmured. She clawed at the thin air, trying to push away the invisible evil. “Oppa...”

“Eunock?” Jaeduk flicked on the lights and entered his sister’s room.


“What’s wrong?” Jaeduk approached the flailing girl, unaware she’s going through a nightmare.

“Oppa!” Eunock said desperately. The slow, quiet sound of the piercing screech invaded her head. Unwanted tears sprung to her tightly squeezed eyes. “Oppa!”

“Eunock!” Jaeduk rushed to the bed and seized his sister by her elbows. He brushed away the tears and shook her like a rag doll. “Wake up!”

Slowly, the screech increased its volume, shattering the silent peace Eunock had. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“WAKE UP!” Jaeduk ordered, his nails digging into her arms.



“Noooooooo,” Eunock weeped. She pushed away the desperate arms of her brother’s. The tears spilled uncontrollably, rolling down her cheeks, scalding them as they slid.

“Oh, my God! Eunock! Your face!” Jaeduk gasped, he wiped off the tears as they rushed down. “Wake up, dongseng! Wake up!”

“Nooooooo,” Eunock whispered. She shivered as the temperature plummeted down to below zero.

“Oh, no! Eunock!” Jaeduk started to sniffle. He wrapped the blanket around his sister and squeezed her. “Please, wake up. Please...”

Eunock shivered on, subconsciously aware her brother was with her. She continued to whimper as the screech died down to a buzz. “Mick....key....”

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