Death Contract

Chapter 2

Mickey blinked and opened her mouth. It was parched and she lifted an arm, trying to look for water.

“Mickey!” an urgent voice cried.

She blocked out the voice that continued to ramble on. She closed her eyes again and pointed to her throat, “Aaaaahhhhh...”

“Oh, my goodness! Water! Of course!”

The rim of a cool glass touched her lips and she gulped down the refreshing water greedily. She re-opened her eyes and saw a blurry image of a man. “Wh-Who...”

“Mickey! Are you alright?” he asked sincerely.

She nodded, eager to have him stop talking. She batted her eyes a few times to clear her vision and saw a white haired man at the side of the bed.

“Do you remember what happened?”

She shook her head, not wanting to answer questions. Acting stupid was one of her specialities and she excelled at it. She tilted her head to one side and shrugged. The man seemed rather anxious and somewhat annoyed with her. He exited the room, leaving her in absolute solitude. She stared up at the ceiling, sighing in relief, glad he was gone. On the contrary to his question, she remembered everything.


Mickey’s eyes snapped open and saw Jiyong’s and Matthew’s concerned faces peering at him.

“Seonghoon!” Matthew cried happily.

“Aigoo, hyung. You know you had this man worried? See the bald spots?” Brian said jokingly, pointing at Matthew’s head.

Mickey hauled himself up and plopped back on his sofa-bed. “Aaahhhh....”

“What’s wrong, kid?” Matthew asked, worried.

“He’s thirsty,” Brian guessed. It was routine, he went to the kitchen and poured Mickey a glass of water. “It’s the first time this has happened with you, huh?”

Matthew could only nod.

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