Death Contract

Chapter 1

“Mickey, to the left.”

Mickey took a deep breath and tightened her grip on her jeans. The wet, clamminess of her palm lubricating her hands kept her from holding on tightly as fear slowly creeped into her mind.

“Turn, Mickey, turn!”

She narrowed her eyes and glared at the cigar. She was trying her best and still...


It snapped. A sudden seizure attacked her. She felt the temperature in the room drop to a sudden zero. Beyond freezing point. The back of her mind screamed, a sudden pain stabbing through her skull, silent agony piercing through her head, a pump of adrenaline coursing through her veins.


“Noooooooo,” she howled. She couldn’t go on. It was too painful. She collapsed on the floor, holding her head between her knees. “Nooooooooo.”



“Mickey! Mickey! Jashik! Wake up!”

Mickey rolled around on the sofa-bed a while longer before tumbling off it. He continues screaming while Matthew tries to shake him awake.


Mickey stirred, subconsciously aware someone was trying to pull him out of his nightmare.

“What’s wrong?” Brian asked in a huff, running into the living room.

“I think he’s having another one of those headaches,” Matthew answered, grabbing Mickey’s shoulders. “Jashik! Wake up!”

“Slap him,” Brian suggested.

“I wanna wake him, not hurt him,” Matthew said dryly.

“Hold him and watch,” Brian said, stepping over the two struggling men. He raised his long arms and sent a sounding smack across Mickey’s face.

Mickey stilled, still subconscious. He sat on the floor in a messy heap of blankets around him with Matthew and Jiyong’s support. The piercing noise stopped, or so he thought. It now dimmed to a light buzz and he felt himself go backwards.

“Seonghoon!” he heard Matthew’s voice cry.

“He’s going through it again,” came Brian’s muffled voice.

“Seonghoon! You hear me?”

Mickey tried nodding or giving a sign, but he couldn’t move. He willed himself to pry his eyes open, but the lids were too heavy and a force seemed to keep them down.

“Seonghoon!” Matthew shouted again.

“He hears you,” Brian whispered.

“How you know?”

“We grew up together. It’s the ‘thing’ again,” Brian said.

“What thing?!”

“That thing he’s been experiencing since we were kids. It never went away. Yoonji had it before.”

“Mickey Kang Seonghoon! Wake up right this instant!” Matthew commanded, fear surfacing his face.

“It’s no use. He won’t function normally until a certain period of time. He’ll be fine in about half an hour,” Brian informed.

“Half an hour!” Matthew exclaimed. He tried shaking Mickey again, “Seonghoon!”

“Noooooooooo,” Mickey managed to utter.

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