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The Sisterhood of Avalon Web Ring

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This Sisterhood of Avalon Web Ring Site is owned by:

The Sisterhood of Avalon Webring was created to connect together the sites owned and maintained by members of The Sisterhood of Avalon.

If you have a website that is entirely dedicated in part or total, to things Avalonian, or Celtic, but you are not a member of The Sisterhood of Avalon, please submit your website to the Mysteries of Avalon Web Ring.

To join The Sisterhood of Avalon Webring, please follow the steps listed below -

1 - Submit your site to the webring. *At that time you will be added to the RingMaster's "queue". Please note that if you have not added the HTML fragment to your site within 10 days, your submission will be automatically dropped.

2 - Save the graphic "SOABIG1.jpg" on your hard drive. Please do not link directly to this page.

3 - Add the HTML fragment to your webpage. *You will receive an email after submitting your information. Within that email, will be a URL to find the HTML fragment that must be modified by you, to reflect your personal website information, and added to your page. You may also "view source" on this page and copy the ring fragment's HTML and alter it for your use.

4 - YOU MUST email me at letting me know you've made the addition to your site. Please use the subject line of "addition to webring" - doing that will help me to be able to add you to the ring faster. If you don't email me, I cannot just assume that if you are in the queue that you really want to be in the ring. Please try and remember to email me. :)

Within the body of the email please include:

Your site ID#
Your SEP#
The URL for your website
Your email address

After I receive your email, I will review your site for the correctness of your HTML fragment. If everything looks good, I will add you to the ring! If I have any questions, I will contact you.


Submit site to The Sisterhood of Avalon Web Ring
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Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

If you are already a part of The Sisterhood of Avalon Web Ring, and need to edit your site description, password, email, URL, etc., use the form below.

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The Sisterhood of Avalon Homepage

If you have any questions or problems with this site, please contact the Ring Mistress - Blessings!