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Getting to know me...........

My name is Owen James.  I'm a sixteen year old junior at westerly high school.  I'm just a kid waiting for his license (because of that dumb rule) and looking to do his best in life.  I play basketball for the bulldogs squad and have a love for the game that is unparralled.  i've loved it every step of the way since my mom and dad placed the b-ball in my crib.  That was back in the day in atlanta.  Yes, that's right in a suburb of atlanta 10 minutes outside of the oglethorpe university campus.  So my family and i moved here when i was going into the fifth grade.  Ever since, i've bled westerly blue.  so the james family goes something like this:  there's me and my little sister jasmine who i've been trying to get a basketball in her hands but she's more into ballet.  then there's the folks...professor everett james or "pops" as we like to call him teaches economics at babson college in massachusettts.  he married my mom about 12 years after she arrived here from spain.  Her parents, my garandparents, are spanish natives.  so my mom was born just outside salamanca and came to america when she was 11.  so that's it.  that's me, owen james in a nut shell.........and if you ask why about say........................ why not!?       

My favorites:

Basketball player-  Keith Closs, 

             7'4" rising star, LA Clippers, possesses style, class & a whole lot of flava