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*My World of Academia*


The University of Central Florida is a school that I have always dreamed of attending.                          Hopefully, it is within my reach and I can someday play basketball for the knights.

It looks like Amherst is going to be a safety school of sorts.  Things look good to play basketball there while receiving a good education.  The downside is that it is only D-3 and I have always dreamed of playing at a higher level.

My father is a professor of macro and micro economics at Babson so I am guaranteed a free education.  But you know how it is when you're not happy and you're just doing it for the free ride and your father.  I don't want to have to fall into that trap.

Merrimack is in a pleasant part of Massachusetts and seems like one of my favorite schools in this list.  I used to play AAU ball for an assistant there and things look good for me to play D-2 at Merrimack.

Oglethorpe is in my old home town of Atlanta, Georgia so it would be nice to trek back to the roots.  This university is a definite possibilty.

                I have family in Michigan so I could retreat to one of their homes if I attend Kalamazoo and the Great Lakes overflow.  The coach there took a look at a highlight video of me and was very pleased with what he saw.  Hopefully, he got the right idea.