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The Greek mother who was the first to exist, gave birth to Chaos.

The Roman goddess of summer.

Irish Goddess of Midsummer Night.

Celtic Goddess of Healing.

Originally she was probably a Greek mother goddess. She was the wife of Amphitryon, but he condemned her to be burnt at the stake after she slept with Zeus and bore him a son, Heracles. Zeus however rescued her before she could be burnt.

A Greek birth Goddess whose name translates as 'She Who Makes Grow'. She was the wife of Oeneous and with him she gave birth to the hero Meleager. She had an affair with Dionysus and with him she gave birth to Deianeira.

A Greek sea goddess who was patroness of the Amathites.

Anagke, whose name means necessity, was a Greek goddess of destiny.

A Roman goddess who is always shown holding her finger to her sealed mouth. She may have been either a Goddess of silence or possibly a goddess of the hidden name of Rome.

Anna Perenna:
A Roman Goddess of the year and of the succession of years. Because of this she was also honoured as being a provider of food.

Personification of the source of the Nile. Her partnerings with various Gods brought about the annual flooding of the Nile.

A Greek Goddess who had a cult centre at Aegina. She is believed to be a form of a pre Greek mother goddess.

A Greek sea goddess who was the daughter of Oceanus but also in some tales said to be the daughter of Nereus. She was the wife of Poseiden and mother of Triton and Rhode.

Greek Goddess of Love and Sex. Roman name Venus. Correspondences: copper, emeralds, turquoise, roses, clovers, doves, swans, and sandlewood incense.

Greek Spider Goddess, Weaver of fate.

Italian Goddess of the Witches. Daughter of Diana, goddess of the oppressed, an extremely powerful entity and a protectress of Witches in general. Correspondences: moon,13.

Celtic Star Goddess.

Greek nature and moon goddess Invoked by women at childbirth, bears are sacred to her, fertility goddess.
Correspondences: quartz, moonstone, pearl,mandrake, damiana, mugwort, hazel, moonwort, elephant, dog, centaur, horse, jasmine, bow and arrow.

A Greek goddess who was the wife of Iapetus and the mother of Atlas and Prometheus. Astarte:
Greek. Fertility Goddess. Whether you wish to bear children or have a magnificent garden, she will asist in your desire.

A Greek goddess of justice and purity who left the earth at the end of the Golden Age because she was disgusted at its violence. She then became the constellation Virgo. She was the daughter of Zeus and Themis.

Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare, and the crafts. depicted in full armor, with shield and spear. Her sacred breasts are owls and spiders. Roman name Minerva.

A Greek hunting and nature goddess who would only marry the man that could win against her in a race. If that man lost the race then he would be killed. Melanion won the race by causing Atlanta to pause to pick up three golden apples, Atlanta then married him.

The Greek daughter of eitherZeus. She was a goddess who was into trouble making and Zeus banished her to Earth.

Baba Yaga:
Baba Yaga is a Slavic Crone of ancient Russia and the Baltic Regions. Baba Yaga is often seen as the gruesome Witch, who has a reputation of scaring forest dwellers and eat children for trespassing. Her house, like any good place of worship is said to move on its own. Her lawn is covered in skulls and these were all who did not approach her with proper respect. Baba Yaga is a Goddess of Life, Death, and ultimately Rebirth, as she tested those who came to here. As a harvest Goddess, she plants us, raises us, cuts us down, stores us through the winter's night, and finally replants us. She represents that which is feared and that which we fear.

Badb, also sometimes spelt as Badhbh, translates as 'crow' or 'Scald-Crow'. She was an Irish goddess of battle who was one of a group of war deities who had the ability to influence by inspiring people to courage or fear. She was the wife of Net who was a war god, and she was the sister of Macha, Morrigan and Anu as well as being the daughter of Ernmas and Delbaeth.

One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann.

Egyptian Cat Goddess; depicted as a cat or a woman with a cats head.
Correspondences: cats, a goddess of the sun, of joy, music, and dancing.

Goddess of Pleasure & Love.

Ancient goddess shown with the horns of a buffalo or cow. Her face appears on the Narmer palette, showing an early association with kingship. Her character and powers were absorbed by Hathor.

A Roman Goddess of Battle who is either the wife or sister of Mars.

A Greek Moon goddess who was wife of the sun god sabazius.

Goddess of the River Boyne in Ireland. She mated wth The Dagda on the 1st of November, although he was not her husband and she was instead married to someone else (possibly Nechtan). The offspring of her mating with the Dagda was Aengus mac Og who was the God of love. His name translates as 'Son of the Virgin', meaning in the older sense of the word, that Boann was a goddess in her own right, and not dependent on any man.

Bona Dea:
She was a Roman Earth goddess of fertility. Her name means 'Good Goddess'. She was worshipped by women only and no men were allowed present during her rites. The Romans even went so far as to cover up statues of the male gods when her rite was performed.

Manx. Wales. Sister of Bran the Blessed and wife of the Irish King Matholwchh. Venus of the Northern Seas; daughter of Llyr (Lir); one of the three matriarca of Britain; Lady of the Lake (cauldron) Goddess of love and beauty.

Celtic/Irish Triple Goddess, also known as Brigit, Bride and Bridget. Goddess of Poetry, healing and Smithcraft.

A fertility goddess from ancient Greece. 'The noble goddess has born a sacred child: Brimo has borne Brimos.'

A valkyrie who was banished from valhalla because she offended Odin.

The Fairy Queen.

Great Goddess in her Destroyer aspect; called the Veiled One. Disease, plague, cursing. Wheat.

Muse of epic poetry...Head of the muses.

A Greek Moon goddess whose name means 'most beautiful'.

A Roman goddess who some say was originally a predatory goddess who destroyed children when she was in the form of a bird or a beast.

A Roman goddess of fertility and the subsequent childbirth. With her two sisters Antevorta (looking forward) and Postvorta (looking back) ahe was a triple goddess.

The Chimaera:
Translates as 'She-Goat'. She had the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a serpent. Her parents were Echidne and Typhon.

An otherworld Goddess of beauty. She had three magical birds who sang to the sick and doing so sent them to sleep and cured them as well.

Roman. Goddess of the Harvest.

Celtic/Welsh Goddess of Wisdom and Death, associated with sows. Mother, moon, and grain goddess. She owns a bottomless cauldron of inspiration and knowledge, as well as life and death.

Greek Goddess of Sorcery.

Muse of History.

A goddess of peace and harmony, worshipped in Rome.

Wales. Daughter of the sea God Llyr. Connected with Beltane and often called the May Queen. Goddess of summer flower, love and flowers.

A Greek fertility Goddess.

Greek Great Mother of Gods. Leading deity of mystery and religions. Consort is Attis who is also her grandson. SYMBOLS: Bees, Sickle, lions, pomegranates and the scourge.

A Greek goddess known as the wise one of the sea. She was the daughter of Oceanus and the mother of Eleusis. Daiera was said to be identified with Aphrodite.

Ancient Irish mother and moon goddess. Goddess of nature, fertility, among many other things. Not much is known about this Goddess. Other names for her are Danu, Anu, Danae.

Dea Dia:
A Roman Goddess of Cornfields.

A Greek goddess who was the wife of Heracles. She was also the daughter of Dionysus and Althaea.

Greek Earth Mother. Roman name Ceres. Greek goddess of the fruitful earth.
Correspondences: Wednesday and Friday, star sapphire, pearl, cat's eye, opium, poppy, barley, sunflower, women, lions.

Roman Goddess of Hunting and the Moon. Mother of Aradia. Correspondences: Monday, full moon, crystal, moonstone, pearl, elephant, dog, mugwort, hazel, damiana, bow and arrow.

A Greek goddess seen as either being an Earth goddess or a nature goddess. She was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia.

The Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Eris. She was a goddess of discord and strife.

The daughter of Tethis and Oceanus. She was the mother ot the Nereids.

"Queen of the Druids"; Mother of the tree calender; Fir Goddess. Fertility, passion, sexual activities, trees, protection, knowledge, creativity.

Greek. Feminine spirits of trees.

A Greek winter snake goddess. She was mother of The Chimaera.

A Roman oracular water goddess. She used to be consulted by King Numan. She used to tell of what would happen to new born babies.

Wales, Britain. Maiden aspect of the Goddess.

A Greek goddess of fir trees.

Greek, one of the Pleiades.

Eos (Aurora) was the goddess of the dawn. She was the sister of Helios and Selene. She had a son named Memnon. Eos had and affair with Tithonus, the brother of the King Priam of Troy. They had a son named Memnon, but he was killed by Achilles in the Trojan War. The people believed dewdrops were shed by Eos for her son.

Germanic Spring Goddess also called Ostara and Aostre. Sacred beast the Hare and gave her name to Easter.

Celtic Horse Goddess.

Muse of love poetry.

One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Dannan.

One of the Tuatha de Danann. The second wife of the god Midir. Midir's first wife was jealous of Etain and caused her to be reborn as a mortal. Daughter of Dian Cecht.

Muse of flute playing.

Swift-footed goddess of rumor.

Ireland. Goddess of forests, woodlands & wild things; ruler of wild beasts. She rode in a chariot drawn by a deer. Shape-shifter. Flora:
Roman goddess of "everything that flourishes" springtime, fruits, vines, and flowers.

One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann.

Roman goddess of fate, good and bad.

Nordic Goddess of Love. Friday is her sacred day, her number is 13.

Primordial Greek Earth Mother. The spirit of the Earth. Goddess of marriage and abundance.

The Great Sorceress.

Egyptian Royal Sky-Goddess. Her name means 'House of Horus." Her image could take the form of a cow, a woman with a cow's head, or a woman wearing the horns of a cow. As a motherly cow, she gave the king her divine milk, and protected him as a cow protects her calf. Goddess of pleasure, joy, love , music and dancing. Protectress of women. Goddess of make-up (we could all use her in the morning) thus her symbol, Hathor's mirror.
Correspondences: emeralds, turquoise, roses, clovers, doves, swans.

Hebe (Juventas) was a goddess that served nectar to the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. This nectar was believed to keep the gods youthful. Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera (Jupiter and Juno). She was married to Hercules, and was the cup bearer to the gods.

Greek Triple Goddess. Goddess of the underworld, withcraft, black magic and of witches. Goddess of death, magic, the dark moon. Protected sailors and flocks (of birds). She is the daughter of Demeter. She is best known as a torch bearing goddess. At night, she presided at crossroads (which Greeks thought were evil).

Frog-headed goddess of childbirth. Frogs, who produce vast numbers of tadpoles, were popular as amulets to ensure fertility.

Nordic Queen of the Underworld.

Greek: Goddes of Marriage. If Handfasting or some type of commitment is the issue, Hera is the Goddess to seek. She does have a vidictive side though.

Germanic Earth Goddess.

Greek. Goddess of home and hearth. Building a house, remodeling, or apartment hunting. Safety in the home and family unit.

The Hours or Seasons. They weere the guardian goddesses of Nature and Rain: Eunomia (Order), Dike (Justice), Capro (Fruit) and Irene/Eirne (Peace), They ruled law, justice and peace, protected young people.

Also known as Adda. Hindu goddess of the earth, occult philosophy, instruction, speech, divination, devotion, fire, etheric force.

Sumerian. Goddess representation of the Mother (Part of the Triple Goddess).

Major Assyro-Babylonian mother goddess. An earth, moon, fertility, battle, storm, marriage, and divinatory goddess.

Egyptian Great Mother. Later worshipped throughout the Roman world. Wife and sister of Osiris , mother of Horus. Born from Earth and Sky, this Goddess is one of the air and of earthly matters such as Marriage, protection, fertility, magick.
Correspondences: ruby, turquoise, sapphire, pearl, amethyst, peridot, beryl, shamrock, opium, poppy, willow, lily, both man and woman, unicorn, sphinx, ram, owl, eagle, snake, scorpion, lion, wand, sceptre, Crook, horns, energy.

Great Mother Roman, Married to Jupiter, Greek Name Hera, sacred beast was the Peacock.

Hindu, Tibetan, and Nepalese. A destroyer goddess. She destroys the old to make way for the new. death and rebirth. A Major protectress of women.

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