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Fun Spells

***Come To Me Love Spell***
Rather than targeting a specific individual, this spell calls out into the universe to bring the individual to you who would be best for you at this time in your life. You must specify a human, because someone can cast this spell and get a cat. If you're looking for a lovable pet to match your lifestyle and energy pattern, the simply subsitute the word "animal" or "pet" for the word "person"

Use your yes/no stones before casting spell. Check to see if this is the right time in your life to do the spell. If you have changed the wording at all, use your yes/no stones to make sure the changes you've made will not harm anyone or yourself.

Do this spell only within the confines of a magick circle. Don't forget to do your altar devotion.

Moon Phase: New through full
Day: Friday
Planet: Venus
Colors: Red and White
Supplies: Two candles, 1 red, 1 white; a ball of red yarn; red and white rose petals; white sugar; your name written on a piece of white paper in red ink; a small bowl; a needle or pin

Place all supplies on your altar. Cleanse, consecrate, and empower the items. If you like, you could ask for the blessings of Aphrodite or Venus (both love goddesses) on work you plan to do, or you may wish to work with Spirit or you guardian angel. Hold your hands over your supplies until your palms begin to tingle or get warm.

Light the red candle. Put the white sugar, the rose petals, and the paper with your name in red ink in the small bowl. Gently stir the contents seven times, saying:

I stir
I change
I manifest
The human love from the universe that will suit me best

Take the end of a needle or pin and carve the words "love" and your name on the white candle. Hold the candle tightly in your hand, and repeat the chant seven times.

Remove the piece of paper from the small bowl and place the paper underneath the candle holder in the center of your sltar. Sprinkle the rose petal and sugar mixture around the base of the candle in the shape of a heart.

Focus your eyes on the candle flame. Think of yourself happy, safe, and in the arms of a caring person. Don not, I repeat, do not target any particular person. Hold this thought as long as you can. When you lose the thought, open your eyes and say:

Spirit, I ask the universe to send me the person
who will suit me the best.

If you're thinking of just a friend, state that. If you want a deeper relationship, the say exactly what kind of relationship you are looking for. Take the ball of yarn, hold the loose end in your receptive hand, and begin unraveling the ball, repeating the chant above, until you come to the opposite end of the yarn. As you pull the yarn toward you, envision yourself happy and loved.

Now roll the yarn back up again, repeating the chant, and envisioning yourself happy and loved. When you have a complete ball, set the yarn aside (do not throw the ball of yarn away until the love you have called comes to you). Thank Spirit, then snuff out the candles. Release your circle. Repeat the candle lighting part of this spell for seven days, always within a magick circle. At the end of the seven days, place the remains of the candle, the paper, and the heart-shaped sugar and rose mixture into a plastic baggie. Keep the baggie in a safe place until you encounter the love you asked for, then sprinkle the mixture in you backyard. Ask Spirit that, as the sugar and rose petals disintegrate, love grows in you life.

***Beach Baby Sun Spell***

At the beach and no sun? Try this quickie. You will need a bottle of suntan lotion and a pair of sunglasses. Draw a circle in the sand with your finger. Put a dot of suntan lotion at the center of the circle. Set your sunglasses in the circle up above the dot of lotion. Say:

Sun and Sand
Skies of blue
Beach Baby Weather
The whole day through!

Close your eyes and visualize blue skies and lots of warm sun. Repeat the spell until you lose the visualization. This spell could work in 5 minutes, or take up to an hour, depending on weather condition.

***Un-Ground Me Spell***

Spin a frisbee counter-clockwise on your finger and say:

Let me loose,
Let me out,
Swing around and turn about.
Sentence lifted.
Spirit gifted.
Grounding over without a doubt!

Keep repeating the spell until the Frisbee drops. One warning: If you haven't learned your lesson, within a very short time you'll find yourself in deeper trouble than you were in the first place.font size="6">

***Little Bo Peep Spell to Find Lost Objects***

Objects can be returned to you if they have not been destroyed and they want to come back. Objects carry energy too, even if they don't "think" in the way we do.

On a piece of paper, write a description of the object you have lost. Hold the open paper on the palm of your hand. Say the words "Little Bo Peep" three times, then crumple the paper in your hand, as if you've just caught a fairy-which you just did! Keep the paper closed in your hand. Search for the object you have lost. Dont let the fairy out until you find the object.
(And you thought fairy tales were just kiddie stories!)

Sometimes the energy of the object would be better off somewhere else. If this happens, the object will not return to you. If you can't find what you lost within a week, be sure to let the fairy go.