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MurdaMafia -

Whazzup whodiez'n'whodettez,--U have just entered the home-of-those Infamous Murderas....Da Murda mafia....known to all enemiez,friendz,foez,'n' da M~M--Da Trillest.(((('N'YEAH MUTHAFUCCAz WE KNOW DIS JUST DA NET,--BUT DA FACTS STILL REMAIN DA SAME.IF YOU AIN'T DOWN WIT NET CLIQUES D@'z YO DAMN BUSINESS--OPINIONZ ARE J/LIKE AZZHOLES,ERYBODY GOT 1'N'MOST-OF-'EM STANK--SO KEEP YO OPINIONS TO YO'SELF--CAUZE WE GIVES NO TYPE-OF-FUCK,CAUZE WE FAMILY REGARDLESS.))))I know some peeps wonderin'n'sayin to themselves,"I thought that clique once went by anotha name?"Well-if-you was thinkin dat then U was right.But then again you wrong--because it'z only 1 clique on hea who runnin thangz'n'd@'z us....cauze da Murda Mafia iz whaz poppin affect fo tha new century'n'millenium.Due to fakeness'n'people feelin too "superior"-of-what went on in da past--we had to shut da YKS down,--and-I came ^ wit some'n even betta.-If-u've still been around since then,you should know that it hasn't been a clique yet d@ could touch da cliquez d@ any-of-my membaz reprasent.We was membaz-of-da 1st cliques on the net,da REALEST,--so me,MzVee,'n'all my nigguhz is bringin d@ back 200% stronger den what we was.So-if-u wanna be down,--continue to peep da payge,find out the rules,'n'let us know whazzup.

This payge contains alot-of-diffrent things.Since we all into hip hop,r&b,'n'all d@ good stuff,we decided to add a lil'more to the payge den usual,--U can find alot-of-tight links on dis payge.U can find some tight hip-hop'n'down south links on the right side frame.So peep those links.

If you's a hater,--get cha bitch ass out our territory now,--cause fuhk shiit like hatin on us,'n'not congratulatin us,--get cha ass snap,crackled'n'pop--point blank--d@'z just da way it is.I know it's some cliques out dere who can't stand M~M,but we hopin all da bullshiit is ova,but-if-u want war'n'yall like it,--Baby we love it.Murda~Mafia 4~Lyfe baby....We gettin it How We Live It--