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Let's Help Each Other through Adoption

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Meet Tara
Hi - I'm Tara and I am the very proud single mother of 2 beautiful children. My daughter Madison is 6 and my son Hunter is almost 4. I have been richly blessed twice through the gift of adoption. I am financially stable and I have the incredible opportunity to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom -- I wouldn't trade this experience for the world! I hope to complete our family with another wonderful Open Adoption - from experience, I feel it is the happiest, healthiest choice of all. Please read my Dear Birthparent Letter if you would like to know more about my family, my values, and my beliefs in adoption.

Our Home in Maryland
I recently built our 5-bedroom home in the Maryland countryside. We live in a small neighborhood nestled between 2 horse farms. We're surrounded by horses, deer, families with young children, green grass, blue skies and plenty of room to RUN! I have so much room in my heart and in my home, and I want to share it all with one more child!

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