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Everything is more nice when you have someone to share it with. One i good but two is twice that good - or even more.

I am lonely and on the search for the girl of my life. And it is never too late - "the train is not driving without you" my dear mother said when she was alive. But I think that I have so much to offer...

Who am I? I am nice, caring guy with good job. I like going in the movies and to read about the famouse people in magazins like "Se og hør" ("watch and listen"), "kig ind" ("look into it") and "Ugens Rapport" ("Weekly Rapport").
I also like to go at the beach and listen to your lovely voice.

You are
You are a lovely girl whith bone in her nose - you can easely smile and you like to listen to a joke once in a while. It is not important what you do for a living. Your looks You have a mysterius smile and a lovely look. I don’t have something against East european woman or people from Thailand in particular Do you feel lonly at night - do you feel lonley when you are sitting friday evening and waiting for monday to come? Maby itīs you iīm thingking about... When you have seen my page maby you are thinking - what is he like - realy? Letīs meet - send me an email and letīs write together first.