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My dear friends

Here are some of my friends - i don´t have many friends but the one I have are realy great and close to me. I like that we can say anything to each other.

Friends at my birthsday

Here are some of my friends at a barbeceau on my 40 birthsday. We had a lot of fun that night.

from left:
John - a socialworker i Hirtshals.
Kaj - a real trucker.
Hans (the lower man)- a guy between jobs right now.

Friends at my birthsday 2

It was a very funny night - and my friends had also invitet a stripper and that was really fun... those guys...
She was´nt very pretty but she was a very good dancer and she said a lot of dirty jokes. I can´t remeber one of them because she had copyright on them.

In the background you can also see Tove and Lars - she works as a social worker and Lars is also between jobs right now.
In the front of the picture you can se Linda - she is very nice and one of my closest friends. She owns a shop i Ålborg and she is also a pendler in the train each day. We have a lot of fun together - she is like a sister to me.
My real sister, Karina, is smoking and you can see her fingers and cigaret in the lower right corner of the picture.

Frank Lassen

Here we have a picture o´f my best friend ever. He is death right now died on the ocean for 10 years ago, but he means very much to me still.
I have been on the ocean with him many times and he took care of my when my mom and dad was away on travels as buisnessman and -woman. He thought me about poems and red a lot of danish novels for me. I ow him a lot.