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Me - a nice guy!

Hello! My name is Kurt Madsen and I am what you would call a nice guy. I am a dane! And I live in Denmark in something called Bjergby a little town (translatet into rock-town). I am born i 1964 and therefor I must be about 40 years old. I am very shy but I hop that I can make up with that habbit right away with this webpage.

I work as a teacher in Denmark - the folk School. It is a very important work to try to teach the yung children how to behave in our socerity and learn about writing and reading.
In my sparetime am I a poet and Im writting depressing poems with are very depressing. Because I am still looking for the only on for me.
Please look around and se if there is someting of interest!

pictures of me

Pictures of my friends


Some of my poems (they are in Danish)