Lennon - McCartney Quiz

Intermediate Quiz

1. In which city was 'Can't Buy Me Love' recorded in, in January 1964?

2. What was the name of John Lennon's first book?
'A Spaniard In The Works'
'Book Of Nonsense'
'In His Own Write'
'Through The Looking Glass'

3. What song was written by Lennon & McCartney and given to the Rolling Stones?
I'll Be On My Way
I Wanna Be Your Man
I Saw Her Standing There
Not A Second Time

4. Who stood in for the ill Ringo Starr during most of the 1964 tour of Denmark, Holland, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand?
Pete Best
Mal Evans
Jimmy Nicol
Derek Taylor

5. In which year did Love Me Do top the US charts?

6. What significant thing happened to John and Paul in the Beatles' 1964 visit to Sweden?
They both received electric shocks
They were both involved in a car crash
They both threatened to leave the Beatles
They both shaved their heads

7. Andy White was the stand-in drummer for the recording of Love Me Do, the first Lennon - McCartney composition to enter the UK charts. On which other record was he the drummer?
Twist And Shout
P.S. I Love You
Please Please Me
I Saw Her Standing There

8. What was the last Lennon - McCartney composition to reach number one in the UK?
The End
The Ballad Of John And Yoko
Come Together

9. With which release did the famous 'Lennon - McCartney' credit become standard, before previously being 'McCartney - Lennon'?
She Loves You
Please Please Me
A Hard Days Night
From Me To You

10. Which of these Beatles songs was not a Lennon - McCartney composition?
Glass Onion
Honey Pie
Savoy Truffle
Wild Honey Pie

11. Who had a hit with the Lennon - McCartney composition 'World Without Love'?
Gerry & The Pacemakers
Dave Clark Five
Freddie & The Dreamers
Peter & Gordon

12. Released in 1967, which was the first Lennon - McCartney single (since 1962) that failed to reach number one?
Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane
All You Need Is Love/Baby You're A Rich Man
Yellow Submarine
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

13. Who introduced Paul McCartney to John Lennon at Woolton Garden Fete in 1957?
Pete Shotton
Colin Hanton
Ivan Vaughan
Len Garry

14. Which famous actor influenced the song 'She Said She Said'?
Dennis Hopper
Peter Fonda
Marlon Brando
Peter Sellers

15. What was the last Lennon - McCartney song to reach number one in the US charts?
Let It Be
Come Together
The Long And Winding Road
Across The Universe

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