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Here I have pictures of the Backstreet Boys from the concert I went to in DC on Sept. 18th. The pictures didn't come out very well, but if you didn't get a chance to see them in concert, this might give you an idea of what it was like. I took tons of pictures of them flying and none of them came out. Oh well. Enjoy!

This is after I had been standing outside for hours and hours in platform shoes and FINALLY the bus showed up. You can't even imagine what it was like to finally see them. When they pulled up I could see Howie waving right out the window and Brian had his cowboy hat on making his silly cute smile. I saw Kevin bend over to pick something up or something, but I think Nick and AJ were on the other side of the bus. Just my luck huh? lol. It was really cool though because they were so close and I know they are just people, but it's just weird to see them after only being able to see them on TV. It sucked that they couldn't get out of their bus to say high because I would have gotten to meet them for sure because I was right in front. They probably would have gotten mobbed by the crazy fans though.

That girl is pointing to Brian most likely, but you can't see him because the windows were so dark, the camera couldn't pick up the images inside.

Ok so I didn't take this pic, but I put it up since none of my ones of them flying came out. It's cool huh? They played the "Star Wars" theme music during this time and then they did a whole marching thing before they sang "Larger Than Life." Lemme tell ya, I was going nuts! It was so much fun!!!!!

This was in the beginning of the concert I think and I just had to take a picture of it because it was so awesome looking. I just love when that fire sprays out since I'm such a pyromaniac, lol. Oh and I think that's my hand, lol. I guess I was hoping my arm would do that go-go gadjet arm thing, haha.

This was after one of their encore songs "It's Gotta Be You" where they did a whole dance competition and Nick played the drums like a maniac and then jumped off the stage and fell into the gates. lol opps! hehe I believe they were wearing their adorable monkey PJ's then,too. It was kinda sad thought because they only had one song left, "I Want It That Way" which is when all the fans cried together. Yeah, I know, it's lame, but you had to be there. It was a moment. hehe. *Heaven In Your Eyes* also called *I Need You Tonight* sung by Nick Carter