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Here are some of my favorite Kate quotes that I consider very inspirational and true!


"Acting is about being real, being honest. Ultimately, the audience doesn't love you or want to be with you because of what your face looks like or because of the size of your backside. They've got to love you because of the honesty within your soul."

"Life's not a dress rehearsal, ya know?"

"I'm not a period babe. Not at all."

"I'm a bit famous now! It's a bit strange!"

"I feel my responsibility as a successful English actress is to say to all those young women who are out there in turmoil about their weight: "Life is short and it's here to be lived".

"There's more to life than cheekbones!"

"I've always felt older than I am, and don't really relate to people my own age. They do say I'm mature for my years, and I think it has to do with starting work at an early age and spending time alone, depending on yourself and no one else."

"Sometimes you just want to walk up to people and say, 'Look, I fart, I burp, I don't necessarily shower every day, I don't have any plastic surgery and I don't have colonic irrigation. It is a head mess to me that people think because you are a successful actor in films you are different."

"You know, but I want to eventually have babies, and make cakes and go for nice long walks and all those normal things."

"Just because they lived 200 years ago doesn't mean that they didn't go to the toilet and pick their noses and feel what we feel. Emotions have not changed. They're not aliens just because they're wearing corsets."

"I'm just incredible lucky...I've been unbelievably lucky."

"I love to dance, but I can count the number of times I've been to a club on one hand, because I can't relate to the drug scene at all. You see these people seemingly having a good time and you realise they're on Ecstasy. Drugs frighten me so much. It's partly because I'm a control freak and can't bear the idea of not being in control of myself, that's why I don't drink very much. I prefer chilling out, listening to music and having nice meals. Oh, and I love shopping too."

"I'm more than happy to play a part in a smaller project if I really love the script, the material."

"My dad's ever so funny. He's very laid back and treats it just like a job. Like, when I got Titanic it was, like, 'Dad, Dad, Dad, guess what! I got Titanic!' 'Excellent babe, brilliant... I've got to go, I'm desperate for the loo.'"

"I love to kick around in my Harley Davidson lace-up biker boots. I can't relate to high heels. I'm a bit of a fun chick when I go out."

"I can't wear pathetic little shoes."

"I knew, right from the start, that it was not a matter of putting on red lipstick and tying your hair in bunches and saying 'I want to be a star.'"

"I think it's important not just to see perfect bodies in films. You see these love scenes where there's a 40-year-old woman with the most perfectly toned buttocks ever and that's just not true to life."

"My real hair color is blonde. For Titanic, they dyed it red. But I've been most shades for films & I like the chameleon aspect of the profession."

"And if all did go horribly wrong, I'd go back to the part-time jobs & the sandwich shop. I'd happily do that."

"I think people are more likely to notice you if you're a movie star trying to hide in a baseball cap and sunglasses. I love that people feel they can approach me."

"I never ever set out to become famous or to be rich, well-known, and well-respected or anything like that. I mean, I really do it because I love acting, that's the only reason why."

"I'm injured on every job I do!"

"I'm naturally curvy, like it or lump it!"

"Being a film star is a label and seems to me not to be about whether you're a good actor, but about the size of your breasts, the size of your body, and whether you've had a facelift or a nose job. None of that stuff interests me."

"You don't have to be a stick insect to be a successful actor. I'm the youngest person ever nominated for two Oscars - so there's your proof




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