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MR. PERFECT..............Jake

above photo: Jake (left)and brother by: Cassidy Photos

Words from a proud Mama
This page is dedicated to my dog

He was born Dec.26,1991
I rescued him on July 11,1992....That is when my life began
He died in my arms at home on February21,2000

Above: Jake playing with Buddy's brother Shane................. Welcome to my page. I made this page with the help of a special friend,Patty to honor my dog for all he has given to me and the world...... Jake had CANCER, lympho sarcoma ..... Losing him is the absolute most painful thing I have ever gone through. I made this page for all of you who will never know the magic of Jake's presence, I hope I do him justice....Jake was born in New Hampshire. From what I gather,he was a cute puppy that got too big,so his family gave him up to the Animal Rescue League. They were fools,but their loss was my gain. He was a big goofy 7 month old when our eyes met thru the bars,it was instant recognition,our souls had found each other again. So began another life together. He was my first dog,the dog I dreamt of as a child but could not have. He was so perfect that no other dog could possibly compete. I can love all animals,but what I had with Jake is so off the charts there has to be a stronger word than love for it....For 7 years and 2 months he protected me,worshipped me( no matter how much I weighed....ha,ha),consoled me,celebrated lifes treasures with me,he went to work with me,he was always by my side...he loved everyone and everything. He was so big,and so darn gentle,it was an amazing site to see him walk up to a 1 week old kitten and lick it,or a guinea pig or rabbit or any helpless creature that he could easily hurt....There isn't enough room on the internet to hold all my Jake stories. As every day goes by without him,the sting of his absence courses thru my veins and eats away at my heart. I am so lucky to have a large support system of friends ( both in person and on line) and family...... It means so much. He was diagnosed in April of 1999. UGh! What a horrible day. But we did not give in...we fought! He had wonderful Dr's at Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston. Along with traditional medicine like Chemo and Radiation, Jake had been going to a brilliant accupuncturist in Providence,RI. I tried everything.... After 9 months of battling this hideous disease, I stopped Chemo and continued with the Holistic route. The Dr. had to put him on Prednisone to keep his lymphnodes down in early January.... The Prednisone worked for about 6 weeks,then he stopped eating and went down hill in a matter of days. The Dr. came to our house and assisted him in leaving this world and joining his sister Chloe and many friends in Heaven. I held my baby's head in my arms and gave heaven back their angel. He will stay there until he is healthy again,and will rejoin me here on earth in a new healthy body.And another life together will begin. I pray every day it will be soon. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS. Look at his gorgeous face!!!!!

THIS to let the world know there was an angel here on earth and his name was JAKE! Jake was such a unique dog. We had a very special bond. He knew everything I was thinking. Jake was a gentle giant. At a top weight of 113 lbs.. He loved kittens and bunnies. He liked to wash them. He had his own guinea pig,Vinny,they used to sleep on the couch together. Put Jake near water and he would never let you leave! Same with snow..he was a real nature boy- but still appreciated the comfort of a warm cozy couch.

Notice his "happy hair" standing straight up!!! While we lived in N.H. Jake was a Pet Therapy dog. We would visit the residents with Jake's pals, Buddy and Emmett,both of whom he is with now. They brought such big smiles to people . Jake brought love everywhere he went,he was truly an angel on earth. Jake met Buddy and Emmett at Doggie Play Group,they stole all the girls hearts, especially Jake ,with his chiseled good looks and long legs! Jake met the girl of his dreams there, Asia, a Boston Great Dane, they never made it legal, but her heart will never be given to another,it's Jake's forever. Asia literally jumped for joy at the site of Jake.Jake had in infectious howl. He "happy howls" when extremely happy to see me or visitors. The people who got the most happy howls were his Auntie Nancy (who has been an incredible support thru all of this),his Auntie Susie( my sister)and his GRAMMA,she is up there with me as far as importance to him. I won't bore you with a list of all the important people in his life. But let me say, once you have rated "happy howl" status with Jake, you are never the same :). Jake was loved by so many, and loved so many; here are just a few..... Auntie Susie & Uncle Kevin ( Jed too ), Uncle Kenny,Rodney & Lucy, Patty, Asia,Valerie & Jim, C.J., Jeannie & Devin, Cosmo,every Dr. and Nurse he ever saw, the WORLD

above: Jake getting stuck lovingly by his accupunturist, Auntie Stacy

above: Jake and brother Beazer (a.k.a. Nurse Scratchit") with his favorite nurse, Ciara, at Angell Memorial

above:Jake snoozing in Beazers little bed, isn't he just the cutest?

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