Welcome to Fred's UnNamed Site as of Now

Welcome to Fred's UnNamed Site as of Now, the Retirement Version!(FINAL Ver. ~ Update on: 2.21.01)! I know you guys are all upset, but Fred needs some time to come up with New Ideas on a site. I am kind of sick of, as great as they are, no doubt, ToeJam and Earl. I am tired of Jojo the Piano Playing Monkey, and I am sick of all the dumb music on this so called website. Thank You all for Supporting me in the 6 months Fred's Island Paradise (TM) has been in existence(3,330+ hits!)But now, it is finally retireing. I am going to think up a new name for the site. Keep checking back! I am going to cut down on some of the java because its just slow to load. Thanks and Keep Checking Back for Updates!

Happy Birthday to Me March 10th...

~Fred(click here to send me e-mail, comments, etc.)