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Skateboarding Tricks

Ollie - Is basically jumping up. Your back foot has to be on the tail of the board. In this move you place your front foot as close or as far from the back foot as you want. The closer to the foot, the higher the jump. Press down hard with your back foot. At the same time you press down slide the front foot to the very front of the board. Then straighten out and land.

Kickflip - In this keep your back foot on the tail and the front foot in the low center, kind of on the side. Jump like an ollie, except instead of slide your foot up, kick your foot out to the side that your foot was hanging from.

Pop Shuv-It - It is done like an ollie except move your front foot about an inch behind the screws. Then ollie while you are in the air kick back foot forward and front foot back. Then bring your foot back over the board and land! You have done a Shuv It!!!

50/50 Grind - You have to have some kind of grinding surface. Ollie on to the pipe and land on the pipe with both trucks on the pipe. Slide then get of when you feel like it.

Smithgrind - Ollie on to a grinding rail or pipe. When you land on the pipe, land so that your front truck is sliding on the rail under the outside of the truck and the back truck on the inside. Slide till you dont want to and get of the pipe.

Feeblegrind - This is the exact opposite of the Smithgrind.

360 Air - This is usually done off a launch ramp. Do an airborne 360 degree spin by twisting your arms and torso. While flying, hold the board frontside, backside or mute.

Frontside Invert - Turn frontside, plant your backside hand on the coping, and grab straight down on the front rail with your frontside hand.

Pressure Flip - Balance back foot on tail and front foot just below the screws. Put pressure on the front foot and then jump the board will flick around land when you want.

Heel Flip - Have your feet placed like your going to do an ollie, except place your front foot so all your toes hand off the board. The ollie and kick your front foot the way your toes point. Then try to stay above the board then land it. That's a heel flip.

Frontside Half-Cab - Roll along fakie, and do a fakie ollie. While ollieing, rotate the top half of your body frontside (that's to your left side or right side if you skate switch). Let your body and the board rotate 180 degrees, land, and you've pulled a frontside half-cab.

Frontside Ollie 180 - Position your feet as you're going to ollie. Pop an ollie and as you get to the peak, pull your front foot towards your body and push your back foot out. Turn your body 180 degrees and make sure the board doesn't leave your feet. Land switch stance with style.

Hard Flip - You set your feet up just like you are going to do a kickflip but you don't kick your front foot out until later so the board does a half backflip and a half kickflip.

180 Flip - Place your front foot at about the center of your board hanging off just a little bit like a kickflip. Then pop the board and push backward with your back foot. Then kick that board like a kickflip. And then stomp your feet dwon when you see the board where you want it.