A.G.'s Cavern- Not Canadian
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Hi! Welcome to my site! Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

Updated: 7-22-03

Wonder of wonders, my Angelfire account works again! Since Side 7 is down while they update, I haven't been able to post ANY new art for a while. Those two factors combined means I have a crap load of art for the main page. About time!

The new site design may be getting trashed. There's still a lot more to do, and I don't update my site enough to justify spending so much time on it, unfortunately. However, I'm still waffling over it, and should I decide to nix it, I can promise that a different (but hopefully just as good) change will occur. *so secretive* Until then, do as my friend Katt says and have fun storming the castle!

Oh, and speaking of secretive, there's a new hidden section somewhere. I've put my less family-friendly artwork in it. See if you can find it; it shouldn't be too difficult.

9-8-03 I fixed the broken thumbnail links on the main page. And then Jesus came and said, "That's really swell." No lie.

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