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Yerishka's 2001 Worlds Photos

Welcome to my 2001 World Figure Skating Championships photo page! I spent a wonderful 13 days in Vancouver, Canada and saw some of the best figure skating in my life....not to mention take over 30 rolls of photos!! LOL, now I am putting them up for sale at bargain prices. I have photos from all disiplines: Mens, Ladies, Pairs, and Dance from all events including: practice, qualifying, short, free, and SkateFest. Feel free to browse through the photos and when you think you know which pictures you want to order, just e-mail me with your name, the names of the photos you want and what size and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Example of the "names" of the photos: Alexei Yagudin 1 or Michelle Kwan 3. Prices are as follows: 4x6= $3, 5x7= $4, 8x10= $5 and shipping depends on what part of the world you live in. All photos on this site are taken and copyrighted by Erin "Yerishka" Truesdale and may not be reproduced for any reason. If you'd like to use any pics on your website, please e-mail me for permission and procedures. Thank-you for looking and stop back often!! It takes awhile on my computer to upload pics, so I will update this site weekly with new ones! Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon! ~Yerishka~ *Above Photo of Evgeny Plushenko in the qualifying round, he skated to "Gypsy Dance"*

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Best things about Worlds 2001

Yerishka and her two favorite figure skaters! Above: Yerishka and Alexei Yagudin sorry about the bad scan Below: Yerishka and Evgeny Plushenko These photos by my good friend, Louise Morton

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This site last updated on June 11, 2001

Please note that all photos are scanned and may look stretched or out of focus, but all photos for sale on this site are perfectly in focus and crisply clear.

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