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Queen Bees Preliminary Outline
and Character Guide

[Preliminary Plot Outline] [Character Guide]

As I mentioned previously on the Queens of the Gridiron index page, I am working on a motion picture screenplay about players on a women's tackle football team.


Preliminary Plot Outline

Two young women who were friends in high school are recruited for one of two Chicago area women's football teams being formed. Pamela-Chantal Coulter and Dena Stahl are the friends, and their relationship is put to the test by their experience on the team known as the Queen Bees of Evanston (team colors: flame scarlet and white).

Chan, as Pamela-Chantal is nicknamed, is a very determined and dedicated quarterback who wants to make her team the best. Dena, however, is clearly recruited for her sex appeal (although Chan is quite sexy and attractive in her own right) and for marketing purposes and isn't as dedicated a player.

As the season goes on, the conflict between Chan and Dena intensifies, especially when Dena takes advantage of a rift between Chan and her boyfirend and starts seeing him. As the Queen Bees move into the playoffs, things grow so bad between Chan and Dena that a fight is inevitable. Other members of the team are affected by the conflict, most particularly recent high school graduate Lillian Broussard.

Will Dena and Chan settle their differences in time to make a championship run at such teams as the Toledo Troopers and Oklahoma City Dolls?


 NOTE: This plot outline is very much under construction and will be updated several times over the next few months.

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Character Guide


Pamela-Chantal "Chan" Coulter: Early 20s; native-American blood; approximately 5'9" to 5'11"; wide-jawed; lean, shapely build (not too slim, however); great posture (head erect and wide jaw jutting, shoulders back, back slightly arched). In terms of looks, think Bridget Hall with dark hair.


Dena-Brunhilde Stahl: Early 20s; slim, sleek 6-foot-tall blonde beauty; former beauty pageant queen; youngest (and shortest) of four sisters in a family of very tall women. Her runway-style walk will alienate some teammates. Let's say she's like the Anna Kournikova of women's tackle football the way she is marketed.


Lillian Broussard: Shy soon-to-be-eighteen-year-old; slim and slight in build (not unlike model Trish Goff); approximately 5'7" to 5'9"; young model; cousin of Dena; has major conflict with teammate Trish Bullard.

Trish Bullard: Oldest of three very tall sisters; early 20s; stands approximately 6'2 1/2" to 6'3"; large frame; something of a bully a times toward Lillian; does not like Dena

Mathilde Bullard: Less than a year younger than Trish (The two graduated from high school the same year.); 6'2"; plus-size model who keeps herself in shape by working out on the weights; part-time competitive bodybuilder; She doesn't approve of the bullying tendencies of her sisters and is essentially the Bullard family conscience.

Cass Bullard: 18 years old; Lillian's best friend; 6'1" to 6'2"; aspiring Olympic luger. (NOTE: When they were attending high school and college, the three Bullard sisters favored old-fashioned-style grey and white sweatsuits, which usually fit rather tightly on their large-framed bodies.)

Samantha Stahl: Very tall (6'4" to 6'5"), quite svelte and semi-glamorous-looking older sister of Dena; Approximately mid-20s; has a crush on recently-divorced head coach of team.



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