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Allison Poulin

Allison Poulin, a 1995 graduate of Windsor Locks (Connecticut) High School, started her scholastic athletic career playing field hockey. But when budget cuts forced her high school to disband the field hockey team in 1993, Ms. Poulin decided to go out for football.

During her two years on the football team, Allison Poulin played primarily on defense and usually saw action near the end of games her team was winning easily.

Article source: McDonald, John. "Poulin tackles new challenge: Member of Windsor Locks football team." Journal Inquirer. Sept. 26, 1994: 49.

I want to thank Ms. Allison Poulin for sending me a copy of the above article, as well as copies of the accompanying photos.

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This is part of a team photo from Danielle's high school yearbook. For a bigger version, click here.



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