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Sarah Hodgin

Sarah Hodgin in her football uniformI recently received an e-mail letter from Miss Sarah Hodgin about her gridiron experiences.?Here is her story in her own words:


Hello!  My name is Sarah Hodgin, and I just completed my junior year at my Elmhurst High in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I have attached two pictures one is of my sophomore year when I played football, and the other is a photo I took for the local newspaper, when they did a story on me because I play football and participate in weekly ballet classes.  I have a quite a few more pictures of my various activities.  I just had another photo shoot for the local newspaper, about the anniversary on Title XI.  I just wanted to write to you informing you that girl's can not only play football on a physical level but they can also win prom queen. 

    I play volleyball, basketball, track and football for my high school.  And last year, my junior year, I got a pretty nice amount of playing time.  I was the third leading scorer for my team, being the extra point kicker, and I also had a qb sack.  Which was an enormous deal here, because a girl has never played line in Fort Wayne.  As a sophomore I played left offensive tackle, but this year, (junior year), I most often played defensive end, and that position was really fitting for me.  I also played a lot of special teams, and about every other position I gave a try to at one point or another.  I have a video of when the local news station did a little segment on me, and it is awesome, it shows me in drills and getting hit.  Just incase u were interested.  There is so much more I would like to tell you about, but I am not even sure if you are interested. 

I also went to state this year for track throwing the shot put, after I won both sectional events in discus and shot put.  I also won the class presidency for my senior class next year, after being class prez this year, which is really awesome for me, because I get to make a speech next year at graduation....  Winning prom queen this year, filled me with a pride that was beyond imagination.  It went to show me that even if the popular kid's didn't approve of me, I mean a lot more to all the people that the popular kid's tend to forget.  So just knowing that I am appreciated for what I do fills me with pride.  And I just wanted to share that with you. 


For the first time ever, I saw Quarterback Princess this weekend, and it just hit so close to home. 




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