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Colleen Follis


Hi, my name is Vickie Follis the mother of Colleen Follis.
Colleen plays football here at Canton High School, Canton, Oklahoma 73724.
She is a 10th grader and her first year to play football.
Colleen has always played soccer from the time she was 4 years old.
Last year she wanted to play but decided not to but took boy p.e. instead.
Her postitions are OL/DL. She is 150 lbs. and 5'5". Her number is 56.
She loves it. You would have to talk with her to ask what all she does and her
feelings about it. Her coach is so cool. I am just a fan and her mom.
Thank you for your time,
#56's mom,
Vickie Follis


Here is a picture of Colleen: