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Amanda Palmer


I would like to thank her mother for the following information:


 My daughter is 14 years old. She is 6'1 and 300 lbs. Her name is Amanda Palmer. 


Amanda first began practicing with the Pensacola Power Professional Women’s football team this year in January. A member of the WNFA. You can view Amanda’s Picture on the WEB site at Team roster. Also they thought she was a good candidate for High School football and the Pensacola News Journal did an Article on her if you would like to look it up there is a Photo of her in the Paper also.  She also joined the Milton Panthers Football Freshman and is currently on the roster. Please see Freshman roster. I am linking you a picture of her in Uniform. She did play in two games at Nose Guard and stopped the offense cold. Mandy never got published in the Paper on the High School level. She will not play at the High School Next year.  She will continue to work with the Pro Women’s league until she is 18 and can actually play. Mandy is an Honor student. There is a lot more to the story, but the main part I am telling you now is how proud of her we are as her parents that she competed with dignity and with courage.


Amanda Palmer’s Pensacola Power photo can be found at


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