Women's Football Team Uniform Descriptions
and Team Colors

Team Colors

These are the known team colors of several women's football teams over the years. If you know the team colors of other teams not listed, or if you'd like to offer corrections, please e-mail me, and I will put up the corrections as soon as possible.

Uniform Descriptions

These are descriptions of the uniforms of women's football teams based on my viewing of photos in newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately, since I use the computers at my local public library, which are not yet hooked up to any scanners, I am unable to post pictures and uniform graphics as of yet.

Therefore, if you have any photos (preferably color) from women's football games of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s that do a good job of showing jerseys, pants, socks, helmet logos, etc., please scan those pictures and e-mail them to me for inclusion. Also, if you remember anything about the uniforms of other women's teams that are not listed in this section, please let me know.

Los Angeles Dandelions

Los Angeles (California) Ducks--fictitious team from the 1978 "Angels in the Backfield" episode of Charlie's Angels

Dallas Bluebonnets

Oklahoma City Dolls

New York Fillies

Columbus Pacesetters

Midwest Cowgirls

Toledo Troopers

Middletown Mavericks

Minneapolis Maids (fictitious team from ABC movie, The Oklahoma City Dolls)

Cleveland Brewers

San Diego Lobos


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