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Toledo Women's Football Teams

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Women's Football in Toledo before the Troopers

Taken from the article "Girls Football" in the Toledo Blade, Sept. 5, 1978.

In 1930 and 1931, there were two Toledo-based women's tackle football teams that barnstormed through the Midwest playing exhibition games against each other. One team was coached by Herman Metzger and the other by Dick Lazette. These women's football teams wore uniforms previously used by the Shank-Cobley little league football team.

According to the 1978 Toledo Blade article, "The first game was a financial success and the project went in the black." However, there was quite a bit of resistance to the idea of women playing tackle football. One scheduled game at the University of Detroit was canceled due to objections raised by university officials. Finally, the two Toledo women's football teams were disbanded when First Lady Mrs. Herbert Hoover sent a scathing letter accusing Mr. Metzger and Mr. Lazette of exploiting womanhood. It would be until 1971 before another women's tackle football team was attempted in Toledo.

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Toledo Troopers




1971 Toledo Troopers Roster

No.     Name           Ht.     Wt.     Pos.
        Deborah Skiles
        Pat Farrell                    K
73      Pam Schwartz   5'10"   170     DT
76      Lynn Burrows                   
10      Lee Hollar     5'10"          QB
24      Sh. Marinfield                 
74      Karen Kelley                   
        Debbie Brzozka                 
        Carol Kurtz                    
        Pat Westwood                   
        Jackie Allen                   
        Denise Vance                   
42      Nannette Wolf                  
50      Sheila Browne                  
62      Diana Skiles                   
30      Judy Verbosky          120     HB
22      Lynni Jaress                   
32      Peggy Dauer                    
34      Connee Miller                  
40      Sharon Browne                  
82      Carol Finn                     
        Mar. Robinson                  
        Terry Dale                     






Toledo receives the opening kickoff. Sunday Jones fields the kick and runs for the sideline before giving a reverse hand-off to Linda Jefferson, who then runs the ball in for a touchdown. Columbus fumbles the ensuing kickoff and Toledo recovers. Running back Ramelle Smith then scores for Toledo on a 20-yard run. After less than five minutes, Toledo leads 13-0.

Columbus finally runs its first play from scrimmage, an unsuccessful up-the-middle carry by Lisa Perez. Sunday Jones gets the next Toledo score, and it is soon 20-0 in favor of the Troopers.

Following a Columbus fumble, Linda Jefferson scores on a sweep play. (Toledo 26, Columbus 0)

After another Columbus miscue, Ruth Zuccarell scores her first touchdown. Score at end of first quarter: Toledo 32, Columbus 0.

Writes Tom Lorenz: "The ground game worked so well that Lee Hollar rarely had to throw the ball. Part of the Pacesetters problem was that they just didn't seem to want to get in there and tackle, often grabbing and hanging on while Jefferson drove forward, legs churning, until seven or eight teammates showed up and finally surrounded her and forced her down by sheer weight."

Columbus finally crosses Toledo territory just before half-time when Lisa Perez runs the ball in for a touchdown. But Toledo quickly responds with a fifty yard Linda Jefferson touchdown run. Half-time score: Toledo 51, Columbus 7.

Writes Tom Lorenz: "The second half was much more evenly played. The Pacesetters . . .hit much harder, tackled better, and committed fewer errors."

Columbus scores on a Lisa Perez touchdown pass.

Toledo's Jackie Allen blocks a punt and runs it in for a touchdown.

Linda Jefferson scores another touchdown.

Final score: Toledo 51, Columbus 14.



 Linda Jefferson on the cover of the Toledo Blade Sunday Magazine in 1974

To view a picture of the Toledo Trooper Booster Club’s T-shirt, click here.



1976 Toledo Troopers Roster

No      Name           Ht.     Wt.     Pos.
11      Pam Hardy      5'      100     QB
12      Jennie Jimenez 5'5"    130     QB
21      Dorothy Parma  4'11"   120     HB
27      Ruth Zuccarell 5'3"    125     G
29      Brenda Baskins 5'      130     HB
32      Ramelle Smith  5'6"    130     HB
36      V. Henderson   5'6"    140     G
41      Sunday Jones   6'1"    150     S-FL
44      Virg. Van Hook 4'8"    90      HB
48      Linda Jefferson 5'4"    130     HB
50      Joellyn Opfer  5'6"    135     C
60      Carla Miller   5'2"    150     G
62      Aldah Wilhems                  
65      Pam Nagle      5'6"    140     T
66      Tina Pirtle    5'4"    125     FL
71      Gloria Jiminez 5'6"    200     Tackle
73      Pam Schwartz   5'10"   170     Tackle
79      Iris Smith     5'7"    160     Tackle
80      Eunice White   5'9"    175     Tackle
85      M. Collette    5'7"    150     Guard
89      Brigitte Hartz 5'6"    130     End
        Vicki Seel             220     DL
        Eula Streeter          180     DL







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Toledo Furies


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