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Los Angeles Area Women's Football Teams

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Los Angeles Dandelions


	1st	2nd	3rd	4th	F
Dallas	6	2	0	8	16
L.A.	6	0	0	6	12


Account of 1973 Game between the Los Angeles Dandelions and the Dallas Bluebonnets

Dallas scored first on a Shellie Wall 42-yard end run play at 5:28 of the first quarter. (79 yard, two play drive) Two-point conversion failed.
The Dandelions then got on the board when pat Smith caught a 10-yard pass from Vickie Garcia. The PAT kick failed.
In the second quarter, Dallas' Joyce Morgan tackled the Dandelions' Jennifer Krehm in the end zone for a safety. Dallas led 8-6 at half-time.
At 7:30 of the fourth quarter, the Dandelions' Jennifer Krehm scored on a 5-yard touchdown run. This capped a 42-yard, six-play drive featuring a 26-yard pass play from Vickie Garcia to Debbie DeSalliers. The two-point conversion failed. (Score: Dandelions 12, Dallas Bluebonnets 8)
At 11:30 of the fourth quarter, Dallas took the lead for good when Shellie Wall scored on a 17-yard end run. This ended a 67-yard, five play drive in which Ms. Wall gained 57 yards on four carries. The conversion was good.
(By Dallas coach Rich Benat's estimate, Shellie Wall could run the 40-yard dash in 4.9 seconds.
The Los Angeles Times added this note about the game: "Dallas operated from a wishbone T with a double option, while Los Angeles favored the pro set. (Los Angeles Times, July 23, 1973; Sports: 7.)



Partial 1973 Los Angeles Dandelions Roster

No.	Player		Ht.	Wt.	Pos.	Age
12	Vickie Garcia	5'5"	165	QB	
	Pat Smith	5'7"	122	WR	
	Jennifer Krehm				
	Deb. DeSalliers			End	
	Barbara Patton	5'4"	130	LB	
23	Rose Low			QB/S	
25	Charlotte Raff				
	Gayle Almaraz				
	Joan Dusenbury				
	Janet Grassly	5'11"	175	DT	19
	Gail Werbin	5'8"	140		27
	Sue Hoxie	5'6"	130	FL/DB	
	L. Blaneknship	5'8"	160	DE/TE	
	Ginger Ford	5'5"	125	HB	
70	Linda Danner	5'5"	207	T		




Some additions to the Dandelions for 1974 included the following: Pat Bass; Pam Brown, a guard; Lupe Perciado, a 5'6", 200 pound guard; Kathy Greenwood, a linebacker and center (Said Bob Matthews of her, "the center. . .is faster than two of our five backs." [womenSports, Nov. 1974: 42]); Charlene Turner; Debbie Toms; and linebacker Carol Bird. (This married mother of four children worked as a medical technologist.)




Late 1970s



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Pasadena Roses

Based on the following article: "Here's the Story behind Faded Roses," by Steve Casey. San Diego Tribune, Sept. 17, 1975.

Here are a few facts about the Pasadena Roses.

NOTE: If anyone has any additional information about the Pasadena Roses, PLEASE e-mail me at either or Thank you.


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California Mustangs/Earthquakes

Here are some facts about the California Mustangs/Earthquakes franchise.

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Los Angeles Scandals

The Los Angeles Scandals were formed in the mid-1980s in an attempt to revive women's professional tackle football in the Los Angeles area. Following are a few facts about this prospective entry in the National Women's Football League.

Sources for information about the Los Angeles Scandals were the following articles:


NOTE: I do not know whether or not the Los Angeles Scandals or the American Women's Football League ever actually played a game. Therefore, if anyone has ANY additional information about either the Los Angeles Scandals or the American Women's Football League, please e-mail me at either or Thank you very much.

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