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Est 2002

Larry Little

Age: 27

Married? no

Children? no again, if I was married and had kids I know I wouldn't have time for playing in APBA Leagues!
Well maybe one...

Occupation: Independent Contractor

Favorite Sport: Baseball/Football tied

Favorite Team/s: Philles/Orioles and Steelers

Favorite player/s: Mike Schmidt, Mark McGwire, Lance Berkman, Curt Schilling

How long have you followed baseball? Let's see when was I born?.........
Since I was old enough to walk.
My dad was a little league coach.

DH or no DH? No DH

APBA experience……

Started playing board game (year): 1983

Started playing DOS game (year): 1987

Started playing BBW game (year): As soon as it came out, couldn't wait!
But can't remember what year that was.

Started playing in leagues (year): 1999

How many leagues are you currently in?
Texas League, Outlaws League, COBL League, LOBA and WMSL

What’s your favorite thing about APBA? The realism

favorite food? Pizza

favorite dessert? Carvel Ice Cream Cake

favorite vehicle? Hmmm....69' Chevy Camaro

favorite tv show? 24 and Survivor

nickname? JR

best/most significant baseball games you've attended?
A no hitter in Baltimore and also a Brawl filled game between Seattle and Baltimore.
That was some good entertainment!

best/most significant concerts/other events you've attended?
Jimmy Buffett, ZZ Top and Allman Brothers Band to name just a few.